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Graff1980 May 1
I appreciate it
if you are empathetic
enough to relate to
the pains of others.

But, I have seen such barrenness
in the field of human empathy
for quite some time, and though I
have learned to enjoy my life
despite the tragedy that paints this world,
the pervasiveness of apathy
towards what should be our shared humanity
still haunts me terribly.
Graff1980 May 1
It's so futuristic
and mechanistic
those fatalistic
mystics of nihilistic
that seemed to mirror
the feudalistic years.
Graff1980 May 1
How nimbly I stick my fingers
into the mouth of monsters,
those beasts with all the fury
and sound of playground dictators,
whilst sugar coating sour truths
and feeding them to those
I am aiming to argue into
the enlightened states of freedom.
Graff1980 Apr 28
If you if need your religion
to be kind to those who are different
than I can accept
what I normally reject,
but if you make the decision
to use that position
to treat others with derision
then you can take your faith
and put it in a dark **** place.
Graff1980 Apr 27
It's inherent
that we inherit
what's apparent
from our parents.
Graff1980 Apr 26
Time from before the big bang
has not been seen or measured
in any significant way
that I am aware of.

So, I am wondering,
based on converging hypotheses
did all of this matter and energy
from our universe which appears to be
expanding and is projected to do so eternally
due to dark matter, come from a less compressed state of being,
space that had massive materials swallowed by a black hole
and became the clay and the mold
of our soon to explode
Graff1980 Apr 25
It’s a trade in
as wage men
are trading
their time
and health
to earn themselves
a reprieve
from being
of what they need
to stay alive.

But the clock
is boiling them,
slowly cooking
working men
in a stew of

Good health
and happiness,
is exchanged for
lots of stress,
and a mess
of repetitive
paired with

Body withering
along with
a dithering
mind that
subtracts facts daily.

In aging
the dark corridor
comes closer
and the coroner
is waiting
just outside
the late night
shift life
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