Cafiifa Jeylani May 2014

Don't label stuff you're not at the supermarket.
don't stereotype people, God created them that way.

Cafiifa Jeylani ©

eliza bonnet Jan 2014

Ive never liked labels
Prep, slut, goth, prude, bitch, fag,
and then there was me
A mix of all of them.

I was over confident,
yet self conscious,
I loved lilly pulitzer
and still my celebrity crush was the lead singer of a post hardcore scream band
I was sweet and sympathetic
but a bitch when I wanted to be
and lastly, I was a slutty drunk
but what people didn't know was that I worried about being gay

So what I don't understand is how a label can define someone
when every label out there defined me.

But maybe that wasn't true.
Maybe the fact that every label defined me,
made me original.
A one of a kind.
I guess part of me liked that,
but at the same time I just wanted to fit in.
Not to be a one of a kind who can relate to no one
yet everyone at the same time

Katie Biesiada Apr 2014

I am an introvert.
Or so they say.
But I don’t know why they say half the things they do anyway…
What is an introvert?
Someone who enjoys the quiet
Page turns of a good book?
Someone who enjoys the
Euphoria of sipping tea?
Someone who prefers yoga
Basked in the candle-light glow
Over a mind full of mary jane?
Why yes, then,
I am an introvert…
…drowning in my own solitude

Charlie Hazels May 2014

language warning

So what.
I am a person, with hobbies

We need labels to understand, but I don't remember anything about labels to discriminate.
How can a feminist be racist? Or any other paradox

They are just labels- to explain and no more. Fuck all of those bastards

So... I'm bisexual

Nothing more anymore
Identity limited- Why the fuck should it be?

To say that just one of my labels defines me, it makes me inferior- well that makes you as a Nazi

The Jewish labelled with their numbers- me with a word- do you see what you do to me
And to yourself.

Im not in any way reducing the holocaust. It was a horrific thing but so is dicrimination because of labels.
orangesherbet Sep 2016

beautiful and kind
smart, funny and divine
words are just labels

beneath all the descriptors is a person
a person is a person
black or white or gay or straight

a person is a person
people are so eager to accept her for being
nice and bubbly

sporty, intelligent and witty
but when it comes to identity
the prejudices darken visions and fear clouds love

fear breathes life to hate
no one hates the one who won all the awards and did as told
it is the same person

a person is a person

People need to stop condemning others because of their sexual orientation   or gender. Who are you to judge someone else thoughts, feelings and identity? This poem was messy, but i needed to get my thoughts out. Hate comes from fear and hate does not make you stronger. It makes you weaker, it makes you the coward. Beneath the labels, the person is still the same person. All seven billion of us breathe the same oxygen, you are not that special. You do not have the right to judge others and think of them as any less than you. The people who are brave enough to accept who they are and share it with the world are so much happier and at peace with themselves and the world, than the sad, pathetic, scared haters will ever dream of being.

Blood, gore
Sex, whore
High, drugs
Thief, mugs
Anger, harm
Cut, arm
Shit, fucking
Looser, sucking
Bitch, cunt
Slutty, shunned
Virgin, ugly
Smart, nerdy
Stupid, dumb
Perfect, come
Gay, handy
Ignorant, trani
Black, Nigger
White, shitter
Lost, dog
Fat, hog
Illegal, immigrant
Immoral, rent


We all give labels to everyone
All of us, let's have some fun
Let's go out and kill someone
Who hurts you, don't let them run

Make all pay for labels begun.

apintofwords Dec 2012

karma isn't the bitch,
It's us.
We're all a little bit fucked up in the head.
karma tries hard to tell us this isn't how it works,
this isn't how life is supposed to be,
this isn't the path that we ought to choose,
karma isn't the bitch,
its us.
we're all a little bit fucked up in the head.
we make the wrong decisions.
we depend on the wrong people.
and in the end, we sit around waist deep in the mess we made,
and blame karma.
but karma isn't the bitch.
its us.
we're all a little bit fucked up in the head.

Lani Foronda Jul 2014

I don't like labels.
Labels mean restrictions.
Oh, you want to do that?
No no, you can't!

Labels mean expectations and
Expectations means disappointment.
Labels mean something has to be
Ought to be
Like this
& not like that.
We'd constantly be thinking if what we were doing
Was what we should be doing.

I like labels.
Labels mean structure,
And structure means order.
If everything was in its place-
Exactly as it ought to be-
We'd be okay.
We wouldn't have to worry about crossing over the lines
That the world has drawn up against us.
We'd know what to expect
And what to feel.

raingirlpoet Dec 2014

peeling off labels is like peeling off skin of a 3rd degree sunburn
i hate how it looks
and it's gonna hurt like hell
but i don't want the evidence there
why do i even care so much?

dear society
i am not "anorexic"
i have metabolism issues

the stickiness gums up
i didn't ask for this
i'm not "antisocial"
but i like being alone

i'm not teen angst
i'm growing up
stop telling me
i have problems
i know i have problems

i'm not canned vegetables
why do you need to know my contents?
i'm not yours to scrutinize
stop staring at my body
stop trying to get into my head

stop slapping shit on me
and expecting me to fit into the little labeled box
i'm not
your labels

Brandon Brazel May 2015

If the label on a bottle of poison were more pretty,
More people would chose it over the ugly antidote.
This is a problem we face,
When the vision is blurry.

I can't stand when others say "you don't look like a regular person" as if there is a way we are entitled to look. We are our own selves.

i don't understand
why all things in this world has labels
to identify?
i think it isn't.


Ellyn k Thaiden Apr 2014


And many more
Labels racing through
My head
I can't even think straight
Or let alone be straight

I once thought pansexual
But I don't prefer physical interaction
Maybe bisexual?
But I like anyone and

I've gotten off
I just don't prefer to
Shutting myself off
Is something I can do

Female and male stereo types
But I fit neither one
Sometimes I'm more of a man
Than my brothers could ever be
And sometimes I am more girly

All these labels
And I'm so confused
Does anyone really know?
Maybe I don't fit
Any labels

Maybe I'm just

Parris Feb 2015

"So you like boys AND girls?!!"

"You must get laid all the time!"

"Which do you like more??"

"So.. What are you any way?"

Stupid questions repeatedly asked because
My sexuality is deemed important to others whom consider themselves curious.
Because since I know that love is equal and
Can be given to any gender or no gender at all,
But all people talk of is


I have been confused as bisexual, lesbian, and straight. I have been called a deviant,
A whore,
A disgrace;
All because I chose love over labels,
I chose happiness.

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