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SL Mar 25
Labels, what are they?
You are not defined by the labels of mental health
You are not defined by doctors, or psychiatrist
You are yourself, you are more then a label
Who really cares what labels you have
They are not you
You are yourself, you're the one working
You are the one who is hanging out with friends and family
Not your labels
I am writing a book this poem will be in it. However, it is true you are not your labels what so ever. You are yourself, you are beautiful.
Francie Lynch Mar 2018
Every body,
Micro, macro or ***** Whale,
Whether healthy and hale,
Or weak and failing,
Will die trying to live,
Will bend, mend and maintain,
Suffer and celebrate to sustain
The body.
I am a body.
Not any body, but one of everybody.
I am bending,
I can mend,
I will sustain.
You could say,
I am some body.

— The End —