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A Christmas text
the only choice
to a long lost voice.

Loving her so dear,
a child so missed,
I try to send a Christmas wish.

As sweet words inked
the message link,
I felt proud to share my love of her.

About three lines were on the text
just as I write this down
and I burst in tears,
memories rushing back.

I hope she hears
or reads my words,
and knows my love.

I can take anything
she may bring to me,
cause any pain I feel,
is to not see her.
Willard Wells Jul 2018
I have awoken at an early hour, Early morning or earlier than I want, but the gathering has begun. It appears in clusters as they say, as the pain gently taps, almost an absent thought, but if not aware, taking over all focus or any thoughts beyond the pain. I see the dark on the other side of the blade as I look over the edge of the crevasse trying not to go too far into the depth of my pain. It has been many years with a dance of doctors, drugs, along with a little experimentation along the way. A form of self-imposed self-medication. Avoiding the dark on of that side is to avoid the doctor's opiates advise.
Willard Wells Apr 2018
May the teardrops
on your pillow
turn to Stardust,
carrying you
to your love,
in your dreams.
Willard Wells Jul 2017
In years past, young boys became men early. Women were quiet, demur in their outward image.

Today, watching the actions of so many young men, they seem to have trouble developing into grown men, continuing in their youthful ways. Women have taken on a more commanding roll. Slowly gathering the wealth of the world from the young men who failed to become men. Hopefully in the long term, women will also help bring peace to the world.
Willard Wells Jun 2017
Savor each moment, not because it may be your last, but because it may be the greatest moment in your life.
Willard Wells Jun 2017
Life is never what
one imagines,
it is a story
unfolding by the moment.
Willard Wells May 2017
Tread softly as you venture into the dark mist of love and ****.
Searching out that moment of heat that brings passion.
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