Anticipation building
Excitement unbearable
The countdown is on
10 days til we’re “HOME”
At the happiest place on earth
With the love of my life
Vacation mode is in effect
In a blink of an eye
We’ll be having the best fun yet

Going to Disney in 10 days. Can not control my excitement lol just a fun write...

Clouds roll in upon the night
Snow is falling
Casting shadows through the night
Waking up to snow fallen on the ground
Kids are happy since school is out
Snow has faded away from dawn through the day
Leaving a mess behind for us to clean away
Temperatures keep dropping but look to the sky
Beautiful colors are passing by
Pinks and purples flow magically in the sky
Painting a majestic picture as we settle in and say goodbye
Goodbye to today
Hello to tomorrow
What exuberant future will be given to us when we look
Just once more....

A flower can shrivel up
     Lose it’s color
         Fade away
            Petals fall
The meaning behind it
        Keeps it alive
           Showing its colors
              To those who believe
                   In the Power of Love

Oh look
Here we go
Another round of snow
Falling from the sky
Piling up so high
When will we say goodbye
To winters end
Oh wait
It’s just the beginning
Of winter storm warnings
How many days until spring again?

Broken seashells along the beach
Find a beauty in between
Amongst the broken scattered shells
An untouched one
With a full story to tell

The smell of your cigar and pipe in the air
A glass a wine setting next to your chair
For as long as I can remember I have called you Papa Bear
To this day even though your not there

Working on something special. What do you think so far?

Cue the music
Dim the lights
Palms sweating
Getting stage freight
Stomach in knots
Heart is pounding
Stepping on stage
Feeling the rage
Spotlights blinding

Sold out crowd
Only one I see
Standing up
So proud
Even in a sold out crowd
I mange to find you
Always supporting
Cheering out loud

I dance through music
My passion for it
I dance for you

I come to the end
Strike my pose
The crowd applauds
But I only see

Lights dim
I exit the stage
Tomorrow is another chance
I get to express
This feeling of love
Through dance for you
In a beautiful simplistic way

I used to be s dancer and my husband was always there to support me ( before we were together) I can’t thank him enough for always pushing me to be the best dancer I could be.
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