A wedding band is a symbol of your love for each other....

Until it is lost....

Husband says to me....
It’s just a ring
We are both still here
I love you...
We will get a new one if it is not found...

Now that’s a symbol of love
I was adjusting my rings last night while sitting on the couch.., the slipped off and I caught my engagement ring and thought my wedding ring slipped into the couch...literally ripped it all apart and nothing to be found... I feel lost without it
Empty chair
Empty wine glass
Emptiness in my heart
Photographs for memories
Broken hearts, missing you
A poem, a writing, a song, a cardinal, a butterfly, a penny, a dream....
All these things remind me of you
A strong and hard working man you were
I have the same traits, as I live for you
I hope I am making you proud in all I do
I talk to you everyday
          Do you even hear me?
In my heart, I know you do!
Even though you are no longer here
Believe me, it’s been a hard almost 4 years
Another day we celebrate YOU
For on this Father’s Day
I send my love to heaven for you
Broken memories will never fade away
I wish I had more time, wish you would have stayed
Unfortunately you were sick and there was nothing left to do
So I told you to close your eyes, relax and just let go
It was he hardest thing I ever had to do
But I am thankful I have many years, so today it’s all about you

An empty chair
An empty wine glass
An emptiness in my heart
Photographs for memories
Broken hearts, missing you...
         Happy Father’s Day Papa Bear
Taking a photograph of an inanimate,              
             but tangible object
                  Can bring you more joy then you know....
In real life....
There is no hatred
There is no violence
There is no judgment
There is no anger
There is no loneliness
                          Love is love
Then I blink my eyes
Refocused the blurriness
But somehow this is
                       REAL LIFE....

Full of
                Welcome to our world full of all these crazy acts called the real life....
Looking at me
In pure silence
Speaking volumes without words
As you filter through
Each and every layer of my insides
Breaking them down
To find the true me
Breaking the silence saying...
“Remember who you are (meant to be)”
As a child growing up in the 80’s and early 90’s
Television sets looked a lot different then they do today
A square box that was bigger then ever with a square glass piece to cover the screen
A dial on the tv to change the very few channels that were available
Being a child you have a vivid imagination and believe in almost anything
For me, growing up was all about imagination and having fun
As for the television......
I believed the square glass covering on the tv could be removed while watching a program
Being able to pull any character from the show directly into my living room
It may sound stupid but to me that was real... especially when I was “able” to pull Punky Brewster out to play with me....

Also, growing up we played outside (a lot)
Mother may I?
Red light, green light
Tv tag
Red butt
Skip it
Jump rope
Riding our big wheels
Climbing trees
Swinging on the swings to see who could go higher
But always remembered
“As soon as the street lights went on at dusk, we all returned to our property”

Why am I rambling on about my childhood?
Unfortunately nowadays children growing up don’t seem to grasp the idea to get outside and play (without a piece of technology in their hands)
Their all to busy with their face plastered inside their phones, iPads, video games etc
Not just children, even for adults (I am also guilty of this) but I also take a step back and revert to my childhood and take it all in
Even for a couple minutes, hours or even a day....
Let’s all look up from our technology and take in the world
With so much hate, anger and animosity throughout our world (because we all hide behind our social media)
Let’s all be kind, love one another and help someone
For you never know when you will need help yourself
You can’t always hide behind your technology
Mother may I pray for love and peace around the world?
(Mother) Yes my child, Yes.......
I can't believe it's been this long
13 years since you have been gone
Not a day goes by that we don't think of you
And treasure the memories we have of you
Even though you were gone before we said "I do"
I still consider you my family too
My father in law you will always be
Forever and always will be with me
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