A message in a bottle
Washed up upon the shore
Wonder where it came from
How many have seen this before?
Open it up and read it aloud
It says “smile and say a prayer for all those around”
Once this is done, return to the water
Send it floating away to send to another
Sending smiles and love to all
When you least expect it this note will send smiles and prayers
When you are at the brink of a fall
So I send to you this message to read
To brighten up your day
Planting a small seed
Of joy and love
Across the world for everyone to see
Its sad to say
     That we all won’t be here
              One day...
    Take chances
         Takes risks
            Live life to the fullest
                     One day...
           We will all be missed
Sometimes the simple things in life
       Are hidden behind a closed door
               For adventure to be found
If some guys are this moody now...
.... wonder what they’d be like if they actually were pms(ing) like woman...
Just a thought lol
Simplicity is key
Like running waters of the sea
You hide away, swim towards the bottom
Until the path is clear, then you take a joy ride
Trying not to be seen, you swim and hide
Keep to yourself but always around
Putting others first but standing your ground
Filter in some of the good air
Facing your fears and giving them a good scare
Having a big heart may not get you anywhere
If your going to stab me at all... stab me in the front
     Not in the back
        I’ll see it coming
             That is a fact....
Sit back
       Collect data
             Wait for it.....

               HELLO KARMA
Sometimes you have to just wait for it and karma makes an appearance
Is the glass half empty?
Is the glass half full?
Different perspectives and opinions may not always be right
To me the glass is full
Even though showing its not
All about looking at things differently
And making room for change and improvement
Even if others don't feel it's right
Wrote this awhile back but still love this piece. Different perspective on how we all look at things differently
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