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A little out of focus
Helps you focus in
The blurriness of the big picture
Is where the journey and dreams begin to focus in
Ashly Kocher Sep 15
Bad days are just stepping stones to the path that will lead to brighter days!
Ashly Kocher Sep 12
She gives herself permission to have
Days of doubt
Grieve in silence
Just lay around

She gives herself permission to
Not to be herself
Not to smile
Hide and cry

The she is me and I am her
I give myself permission
To let my emotions
Sometimes take over

Give yourself permission to feel whatever it is you need or want to feel without carrying the guilt of not “being yourself”
Ashly Kocher Sep 8
Darkness cascades over us at night
Amidst the chaos in our lives
Beneath the shadow of the moon
Glimmer of hope follows through
Angel wings turn black as black
Protecting us and having our back
Though can not be seen, glowing at night
Darkness falls, yet the real angels rise
In the quiet and still of those dark nights
Ashly Kocher Sep 6
Silent wardrobe hanging from the racks in your closet
Different outfits for each experiences in your life
Some hanging by a thread, wanting to toss away, yet can’t seem to part with them in someway
If they could talk, they’d have a lot to say
Hanging emotions tucked away
Yet the only thing you wear constantly, everyday, is the mask to hide your face
A continuous battle of emotionless energy to hide the pain
Silent wardrobe,  definitely is love to hate
Ashly Kocher Sep 5
Scattered words turn into beautiful creations within the soul that can not always speak for itself
Ashly Kocher Sep 4
Fragmented existence
Broken, scattered pieces, clear as glass
Like grains of sand
Slipping through the cracks
Holding onto something that you can never get back
The past is in the past, otherwise suffocating you
Yet, instantly can be transported back, in time
Like broken hands on the clock stuck in constant  rewind
Spiraling down the unsteady staircase
Falling completely into a hypnotic state
Snapped back to reality, difference of perspective staring you in the face
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