Alas, I have stumbled upon a brick wall...
Will this stop me or will I fall?
Just scratching the surface with my bare hands
Small pieces crumbling upon where I stand
I will not give up, for this is my fate
Pushing through the pain, until it breaks
Sometimes you can’t go through a brick wall
Maybe climb up and over, just don’t fall
For if you fall, brush yourself off, stand tall
For each mistake will make you grow...

Alas, I have stumbled upon a brick wall
Will this stop me or will I fall?
I will conquer this brick wall
Slow and steady, I will rise above it all...
Taking a moment for yourself
Listening to all the noises from the outside world
As your thinking of nothing in particular you look to the sky and see the suns rays beaming through the clouds
You take a photograph of a still memory that you think "just looks cool"
Later to realize, that something in particular you weren't thinking about, really was something
A loved one from heaven was sitting with you in that moment you took for yourself
Was that warm breeze a hug from them?
Was that butterfly a kiss from them?
Either way you weren't alone and never will be
Your loved ones surround you and will guide you always
Even in that
"Moment you took for yourself"
Today choose joy.
Light up your life one sparkle at a time. Never erase the smile from your face, spread love joy and happiness all over the place.
I’m fully blind in my left eye
Yet I see the world through a colorful design
Partially blind in my right eye
Yet I see everything even though I’m mostly blind
It’s never been a crutch or a handicap to me
It may be hard at times, but somehow I see
See the world just like everyone else
A little distorted and fuzzy
Like looking through a kaleidoscope
But hey that’s life, this is who I am
Nothing has held me back
It’s all part of God’s plan
I wrote this for my sister who legally is blind in her left eye and partially in her right. She’s my hero and I love her.
...It’s easy to judge someone without even knowing them....
....don’t try to judge the cover of the book before you even read the contents.... never know what their story is about until you read the book in it’s entirety...
I know your here, I know your around
I sense your presence from the sky to the ground
Many songs play at random times I still can't believe how much time has gone by
I still reflect on the last week of your life
Holding your hand and saying goodbye
I know it's not goodbye, it's see you again
It's a new beginning to this stories end
We will all see you again when our journeys will end
Please wait for us dad, at the bridge on the bend.
Dad was shining his light upon me today
Feeling very sad since you went away
I looked to the sky, hoping for a sign
The suns rays were shining through oh so bright
I smile and said “I love you dad”
Took a picture, I was so glad
Glad to know he was listening to me
Thinking of me
Loving me
I miss you more then words can say
But I know your watching over me everyday....
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