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The moment when you completely understand the world around you
Silent screams from within
The panic that starts to set in
Fearing the unknown
Adrenaline sky high
Freaking out as each minute passes by
Trying to breath and relax
But these symptoms are panic attacks
Like someone is choking you
Hands wrapped tight around your neck
Dripping and soaking wet
Wanting to crawl into a hole
Burying yourself like a tiny mole
It’s not in your head
It is real
But your in a constant battle of fear
Your not alone as so many suffer
Facing your own demise causing a  buffer
Reaching out asking for help
We are hear to listen in your time of doubt
I must confess why I write...
....instead of me, my pen cries...
I think
I know
More in love
With you
As each passing day
The sun shines
The moon rises
The stars glow
As we kiss
I love you with all my might
Always and forever
You’ll be mine
Hanging on a moment
Wishing on a Star
Looking back at our future
Knowing we’ve come so far...
I am just so numb from the pain
Just waiting for you to snap again
Well hello
Welcome back
I hope things don’t get back off track
This is my outlet
To free words from my mind
I don’t want to see “bad gateway “
For a very long time
Hello Poetry once again
I thought I’d lost my best friend...
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