What if.....

We’ve never met....
Never made these memories....

But what if...
We were best friends...
Made a ton of memories....

But you forget...

Me..... your old best friend....
Time does not heal the open wounds
Time simply sews up the wounds
With black, thin string allowing your feeling
To spill out from time to time
But never allowing time to heal the wounds fully
Time does not heal wounds
As time goes on, the scars get covered up
But the wound will always be open...
Every step
Every minute
Every memory
Is another sentence in our book
Creating each chapter to our life’s story
Getting high
Drinking until your hammered
Stumbling out of bars or side alley
3 am, all alone
Barely making it to your run down Apartment
No money for rent
Not answering calls or texts
Losing touch with your life
Forgetting your family and friends
All you think about is getting drunk and high
But is this really who I am
Who everyone sees me as I am
Need to change, get my life back on track
I am on the road to recovery
                    I AM NOT GOING BACK....
     I am a survivor and sober....
I wrote this for a friend who is now sober. I want all to know they have support to help them get and stay clean. Your not alone.
Distance echos
Coming from the woods
As leaves change colors
Falling gracefully to the ground
Piling up
One by one
Hidden by chill in the air
Fall has arrived
Now the trees will all be bare
As distance echos linger
From inside the woods
Without a single care
Don’t remember
             To completely
                            Forget me
Static noise
        Haunting feeling
Pit in my stomach
        Losing control
All alone
Inside my head
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