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Looking into a mirror
Isn’t just a reflection of you
It’s a reflection of your




A glimpse into who you



and who you will


A reflection is more powerful and illuminating than just seeing what is merely in front of you..
The calming sound from rain falling from the sky
Hitting the ground one droplet at a time
It just something that eases your mind
Enlightening and centering the power within
Through the rain, calmness you will find..
To cut all the dead weight off you... like lifting the dead weight off your shoulders....
....letting you feel free and beautiful...
How do you let go of something you never had control over
Constant reminders in everyday life
Feeling of excitement through someone else eyes
Yet, I was left, with an empty heart, and tear filled eyes....
Seeing so many people announcing their pregnancy’s or arrivals of their new baby’s and I’m left here still grieving something I had no control over. How do you cope? How do you let go? How do you be happy when your unhappy?
Our dreams are just an extension of our physical life, allowing our souls to rise, giving us a glimpse of the other side...
A window of gratitude
The smiles behind the mask
The happiness in the eyes
Even though theirs sadness in our hearts
Be grateful for each day
Even though we may be apart  
A window was never so important
Until it kept us safe yet showed us love
Even from 6 feet apart...
Showing us how a window maybe not what we want to see our families behind, but yet having some comfort in knowing we can see them, through a clear window pane safely.
A wondering duck may lose his way but always will find the pond by the end of the day...
Be like a duck...
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