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Ashly Kocher Jun 2023
You wanna
See the
Whole world?

Look into my eyes
I daydream
All the time

Rivers deep
Oceans wide
Mountains high
Starry nights
Beautiful sunrise
Precious moments
Breathtaking sights

I’ll show you
The whole world
Within my
Daydreaming eyes
Ashly Kocher May 2023
Todays the day
Three years ago
You went away
Never knowing I had you
Until it was too late

I never got to meet you
Since I was saying goodbye as soon as we met....

My arms are empty and my heart is heavy..

Three years since my miscarriage. Stilled not healed and comprehend why…
Ashly Kocher Feb 2023
Flying solo like paper airplanes taking flight
Drifting in the breeze of night
Darkness overtakes, yet guided by  moonlight
Casting shadows like puppets of the sky’s tearful glow
Drowning from the weight of my soul
Quiet voices of untold stories,  
 yet screaming emotions from within
Self doubt stings like a rag doll getting pricked with pins
Feeling alone in this vast universe
Ashly Kocher Oct 2022
Endings are beginnings
Beginnings are endings
Yet, you still embrace the growth of your journey
Even during those difficult stages in your life
Not changing, rather growing
Fulfilling your heart desires with love
Surrounding yourself with positivity and everlasting happiness
Fully embracing one’s true self
Ashly Kocher Oct 2022
In alignment with the moon
When it rises to the fullest, I will too…
Ashly Kocher Sep 2022
A little out of focus
Helps you focus in
The blurriness of the big picture
Is where the journey and dreams begin to focus in
Ashly Kocher Sep 2022
Bad days are just stepping stones to the path that will lead to brighter days!
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