When I look into your eyes
My body shivers
Melts into a puddle
But the puddle
That melted from my body
Waters my heart
Continuing my love to grow for you
Every time I look into your eyes
Sending shivers up and down my spine
Loss of words
In thin air
Bubble thoughts
Start to appear
Is that good
Is that bad
Guess I’ll find out
Since you can
Read my mind
Are you ready
To become a member
Of my thoughts
Brace yourself
For a wild ride
Inside my crazy mind
Let your dreams guide you, like the rising and setting of the sun in the distance
Burning your past
Rising up with the smoke
To embark on your future
To go unnoticed
Without the pleasure
Of your scent
Upon my body
Releasing incense, fragrance of love
Swirling blaze of fire
Miles away
Yet I’m still  not noticed
As I stand right in your way
A burning cigarette dangling from your lips
Your saliva making it stay put there and stick
Ash building on the burning cherry
Flightless as ever was like a dancing fairy
Take a drag, fill your lungs
Toxic waste, blazing guns
One, two, three smokes a day
Calming your soul, your life away
Waking up each day
A Cigogne, spreading its wings
High in the sky of this windy life
Ups and downs
Grateful, thankful to ***
For I’m alive

Waking up each day
Counting the hours, the seconds
Painting each moment with joy
Makes the wrinkles fade
Can't evade
Without using the endless supplies Sow to reap
And embrace the content with both hands
For when we pass on
We leave
Empty vessels
Collaboration done with M-E! Great to work with you and get this awesome piece out of it!
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