Lurking in the background
Watching your every move
Snapping pictures to add to his collection

Walking in your path
Ready to attack
Please be careful
Watch your back

When you least expect it
He will appear
Coming out of darkness
When you scream in fear

Grabbing you tight
Trying to snatch you up
Kicking and screaming
As you put up a fight

Kidnapping is no joke
Young or old, it could happen to you
Be aware of your surroundings
Don’t be a statistic or end up in a crime scene
Like so many victims do...

When the clouds produce the rain that falls from the sky
Have you ever wondered if it’s our loved ones leaving out a good cry?
Next time it rains and a raindrop falls down your face
Think of your loved ones who are there with you in that moment and place...

What is real
What’s pretend
Go to hell
Come back again

Are we human
Wondering souls
Roaming the earth
Until we grown old

Making mistakes
Fulfilling dreams
Everything around you
May not be what it seems

The grass isn’t always greener
On the other side
It’s all about interpretation
Through someone else's eyes

Crystal waters
Golden white sand
Palm trees swaying
Listening to a band

Looking at something
Believing it’s real
Tangible items
You will always feel

Is it real or fantasy
Either way you look at it
You will see clearly now
When you close your eyes and BELIEVE

Take a moment
Step outside of your body
As though your are your own ghost
Look at yourself
Do you like what you see?
Is this really the person you want to be?

What if we all could revert outside of ourselves
Seeing how people really view you

Would you be
Perfectly happy with who you are

Look deeper within yourself and then maybe people will see the real you...

True ugliness
    from inside
       Greatly outshines
          your beauty
             on the outside

Trust comes from within yourself
      Change your outlook on your life
           Scope out the positive from the world around you
           Everyday is a new beginning of the journey ahead...

The best feeling in the world is
Waking up next to you
Our good morning kiss
Our glancing looks at each other
A kiss on my forehead
Our tight squeeze hugs
And so much more
I love you always and forever my love

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