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Orlando D Allen May 2019
am i a ****** to you?
did i break your heart when i couldn't fight my sexuality?
is that why you resent me?
is that why you love me from a distance?
we were cool before i uttered the words "i'm gay"
you had to be blind when i was child
is this why you don't pour love into me?
is this why you don't care if i succeed or conquer?
i wonder what goes through your mind at times...
would you rather me be a drug dealer,
have multiple kids out of wedlock
would you be able to rationalize me being a killer?
you used to see me
we used to be cool
i remember when you loved me
i lied, its been so long since i knew that feeling i forgot
its funny yet sad because i'm numb to it now
but sometimes i still wonder...
would it all be different if i was straight?
we agree on somethings however
you wish you would've aborted me...
well sometimes i do!
writing myself out of my dark place.
Aeryn Mar 2019
A smooth head tilt toward the sidewalk,
he gently gestures for us to cross
When ignored, he snaps a bent leg into place
as naturally as he's attracted to men
soft, intelligent eyes glinting through his rainbow helmet

His cycle stutters like he did when asking Jason out,
breathing out life like he breathed out "I love you",
a mustang anxious to rear up and gallop
He soothes the handlebars with steady palms,
then unleashes his bike's power
as soon as we're safe
on the other side,

off to meet up at a romantic café
with a man named Peter Ryde.
I was crossing the street this morning and saw the most passionate look in this motorcyclist's eyes. I had to write about him.
Aeryn Mar 2019
shoulder to shoulder
psst, hey, see the girl
next to you?
you should hold her

bolder and bolder,
like a butch boulder,
they smile and
glance at my lips.

sweet hugs and
warmness touch and
talk of baking,
future plans.

we'll make all the
rainbow cupcakes.

get all the
genderless clothing.

one look
is not a future
written in ink,
but here's hoping.
Pao May 2018
she fell in love that night
8:12 PM, March 4th 2017
with a latin woman
her curves illuminating
in the ultraviolet lights
of her bedroom

she tasted paradise,
fingers tracing the outline
of her *******
their bodies interlocked in the heat between them
whisperings of 'i love you'
was all each of them could promise that night of
March 4th 2017
Evelyn Feb 2018
You told me
that God is love
oh tell me mamma,
did you lie to me?

I'm good, actually
I met the person of my dreams
do you miss me?

You said things
about being kind
and then you forced me to leave
for the kind of girl I am

You know, dad used to kiss me
before bed
now he doesn't even care
if I am okay

And I'm sorry but I am not
how you can say that
God loves us all
and the call a problem
the woman I love?

Parents should protect
their children at all costs
but when I opened my heart
you both told me it wasn't right
and then falling in love became
falling apart

How dare you blame her?
she doesn't feel ashamed
and she never leaves me alone
how can you judge her?
she wasn't the one that
left at my worst

So I'm sorry but I'm not
and if you still ask me to leave her
I will pray for you

and if you really believe
that God is love
practice what you preach
and maybe one day
I'll visit the place
I used to call home.
Alyssa Torres Feb 2016
I like girls.
Theyre soft and flush, with eyes bright like diamonds.
Theyre sweet and kind, with lips the color of roses.
I like girls.
but the girls, don't like me.
Because i'm a girl too.
love is love
For male children,
strength is emphasized;
aloofness modeled;
athleticism encouraged;
blue, the preferred color.

We, the privileged,
are taught up front
precisely what to like
to avoid ostracism.

Very early we learn
not to show our emotions,
to suffer silently,
wearing personas as masks.

Chin up, chest out, soldier.
Feelings are gay, but hey,
as long as sports are involved
a little grab-*** is

Men have hobbies because
hobbies are an impersonal way
to show love and care
and they become the bridge
to connect with other men emotionally,

There is no other way.

This is desperation
born of the isolation
of our indoctrination.
I am genderqueer.
I have never been male,
but I had no other options.
Categorization by default
is garbage.
Ellyn k Thaiden Apr 2014

And many more
Labels racing through
My head
I can't even think straight
Or let alone be straight

I once thought pansexual
But I don't prefer physical interaction
Maybe bisexual?
But I like anyone and

I've gotten off
I just don't prefer to
Shutting myself off
Is something I can do

Female and male stereo types
But I fit neither one
Sometimes I'm more of a man
Than my brothers could ever be
And sometimes I am more girly

All these labels
And I'm so confused
Does anyone really know?
Maybe I don't fit
Any labels

Maybe I'm just

— The End —