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Stevie 2d
They are screaming again,
Filling up my head,
Feeling like a wolf in pain,
Wishing upon bloodshed,
Counting one, two, three,
Last breath till I am free,
Just leave me upon the land,
While my bones turn to sand,
Don't lend a helping hand,
Resting here in my woodland,
Maybe I am diseased,
Harder and harder to breathe,
Hatred and destruction, you are all appeased,
Let me rot away to see what underneathe,
Maybe I am religious,
Not content of hateful vicious,
Self harm, self hatred stitches,
Maybe am not catholic, christian, protestant,
Maybe am not like all the rest who are incompetent,
Maybe my nature is that of Mother Earths confident,
Maybe I am not Human,
Maybe I am not what the world expects,
Maybe I am not what you presume,
In the eyes of everyone that evil comsume,
Maybe I am just like the wolves,
Howling at the moon,
Seeing the hate, not thinking of themselves,
Not caring about an offensive cartoon,
Here I am, trying to understand,
The feelings, the emotions,
The fear of what I can't grasp,
Trying to hard, fighting stance.
Stevie 2d
I don't like Hip Hop,
Mainstream or street,
See that just subliminal weak,
Crimes and messages at the peak,
They say that Columbine,
Was Marilyn's fault,
Open Wound, here salt,
Barrel Vault, body on Asphalt,
Assault, band thunderbolt,
I don't like Hip Hop,
It just the new pop,
just the new chart top,
where the artist,
that have a message,
Where is Tom Macdonald,
Madchild, Dax, Joynar Lucas,
and where the ** is Adam Calhorn,
Speaking bars not mucus,
Oh that right, Cancel Culture,
Stupid and Useless,
the messages are way to brutus,
Cancel Culture, Subcultures,
Nothing more than black vultures,
Just like demons, smell of sulphur,
Maybe Tom was right, We are all buttholes,
hook, line and sinker, hanging from poles,
Maybe Madchild isn't sober,
just honest views getting older,
Maybe Dax is mentally *******,
his songs maybe be discarded,
Rapping about emotions, disregarded,
Maybe suicide is the answer, Dax's carcass,
Maybe Joynar hit the mark,
Maybe the I'm not Racist, spark,
Two sides to every story, Let hear yours,
complaining cause you have do your chores,
complaining cause it offensive, out in stores,
Maybe Calhorn is patriot,
Standing up for his country,
In disappointment, voiced it,
Messages that put it bluntly.
Maybe it just the Controversial message,
that hits me and truth is seen, Aggressive,
Depressive, Excessive, this is not expressive.
Stevie 5d
wolf that wanders,
Fearful of the human world,
A mystical creature,
Who hunts to survive,
Who strays to thrive,
Fearing those who judge,
The life they life,
They aren't perfect,
neither are we,
Before you point the gun,
In my direction,
My eyes are the feelings,
that your death has in reflection,
so go a head human,
Pull the trigger, Free my only vigor,
May my spirit run free inbetween the trees,
Like the streams and wind,
We are beautiful, your the ugly ones,
We are the essences of Wild Scents,
While under God creature, your the hell sent,
We are gentle creatures, warm and beautiful in presence,
howling under the moons crescent.
Stevie Jan 8
Today's world has lost all in sight,
Freaked out and gone with there minds,
Attacking and screaming, always looking for a fight,
Showing that the world is nothing more than a dead end of humankind.
Simple words, yet also offensive,
Simple gesture, yet also protected,
Simple human morals, yet also hatred,
Simple but in the end nothing stands defenceless,
Screaming black lives matter, So does the whites,
Screaming Equality, when you cannot even put 2+2 together,
Screaming Gender pro-nouns when they are only two that stand,
Male, Female, Female to male, Male to female, Drag queens want pro-nouns as she, her in female form, then him and he in male form, just take a look at this section and tell me, then take a look around and look at the pronouns that medic and others use.
Plenty of other people in the world don't care about sexuality, so why make up new ones,
Same as religious attacks, Blame him cause he Muslim, Blame him cause he's a protestant, Blame her cause she a catholic, Blame her cause she a Christian.
Why not go back to ancient tutor time, Beheaded, Divorce, Survived or died,
Why not go back to caveman time, not technology, no cars and no money,
What has become of the world full of spoiled brats and squeak tonne kids,
Acceptance is a thing but yet you lot want to blame those who say words that are hurtful to you, but yet you allow junk food and fast food to enter your body, knowing there is a gym and not even being interested.
I fear for the world of today, cause even now the world has gone to *e, Thinking about all the troubles of Both world wars and knowing that children are dying out in the street, Children in third world countries are having the liquid *s until the organs rush out.
See you can see all these sweet 16th, crying cause there parents brought them the wrong car, didn't get the party they wanted, I hate you dad, I hate you mum is all they scream,
You * and moan cause you don't get laid, you cannot find a decent girl or guy, We all take granted of the little things in life,
But yet still ignore the homeless problems out in the streets,
They are nothing but thugs and tramps, need a clean and a place,
Question is would you spend time to go and buy food and drink, even sit there and talk to them for an hour or so. You don't need to give them money just to make them feel happiness and pleasure of humanity once more.
No The world today is more of a grant than a *
life worth living.
Stevie Jan 5
A world full of lives,
Someone is beating there wife,
Someone ended their life,
Killing nothing but wildlife,
Believing in the afterlife,
some hating and some believing the lies.

A world full of Hate,
Someone ***** by Kate,
Someone belief is Fate,
Gay, Bi or straight,
Rich or Cheapskate,
Body found at the churchyard gate,
No one can have a civil debate.

A world full of Offensive,
Lies are extensive,
Truth is defensive,
No apprehensive,
No comprehensive,
Everyone is Hypertensive,
Black beating others, Senseless,
It all for attention, by aggressive consensus.
Stevie Jan 3
In the night that you slumber,
Something in the woods wanders,
whether it is the winter or the summer,
Alone or in numbers,
In the night when you slumber,
Storms and thunders,
Whether it is the winter or the summer,
Alone or in numbers,
Parks, Woodlands, country sides,
Bodies of Suicides or farms spraying pesticides,
Hillsides, animals hides, hiking guides,
Moonlight shines, Wolves Glowing Eyes,
Banshee's Screams, Another witch has died,
Another coast hit high tide,
Another children fallen on backside,
Another's Mental health has landslide,
Another parents just cried,
Cause there son or daughter,
just been found alive or by the riverside,
Body has been classified and Clarified,
Another strain of Coronavirus,
LGBTQ Plus Community, screaming Arc of Iris,
810, 000 hospitalised worldwide, 61, 000 deaths, Influenza Virus,
20 to 60 Babies deaths each year, Cause Rotavirus,
Humanity is blaming each other, each other disqaulify us.
Stevie Dec 2020
As the veil is growing thin and tired,
the end of the year is here, many have died,
We still stand and fear this pandemic,
Many were Dangerous, Meaningless and Heartless,
We met our shadows, We prayed and we danced,
We meditated, We learnt to listen deeper,
We even learnt to go back to free thinking,
Critically and educated researching,
We lost lives, We gained lives, We healed,
Mother Earth had the chance to heal,
And when the danger ends,
Maybe we can see and transcend,
We were given options and advice,
We choose to make those choices,
Some of us didn't care, Some of us died,
Some of us dreamt of new ways of life,
Some of us beat our wives,
Some of us beat our children,
Some of us took our own lives,
Some people found each other,
Some people found themselves alone,
For some of us, Let us set our,
Spirits of old, Spirits of new Free,
Return back to the ancient ways,
and leave the old year behind,
With all the troubles, all the pain,
With all the things that hurt us,
So on New Year Eve, let's wave goodbye,
to the old spirits, and say hello to the new spirits,
Let the New bring opportunities,
Let the New bring forgiveness,
Let the New bring Happiness and Wealth,
Let the New bring energy and warmth,
Today, My spirit greets you all, and honours you,
Like the first wolf upon the land,
Leading his only pack,
Watching the pups play.
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