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Carlo C Gomez Jul 16
Coddled me into believing
Each step forward was the same,
Measure for measure.

Led me to reason
Every unguarded move was safe,
So new, so pure.

Then all at once,
So Thirty Years' War,
Out the window
I was thrown.
july Jan 30
there are just times
when waking up
gets very hard
when getting up on your bed
seems like it would take
all your energy
and willpower to do
sometimes you won't feel
the need to eat
even if you haven't eaten
since the night before
when your eyes land to the windows
there will be times
where you'll find the sunrise
not so pretty
or you'll find the stars
not appealing
there will be a period
where nothing makes you smile
and everything is just
but let me assure you
when things get hard
i'll help you
when you're struggling
i'll struggle with you
when you're in your downfall
i'll stay with you
i'll wake you up
on those mornings you can't
i'll help you get back up again
whether in that bed
or in the feeling you feel trapped onto
i'll be your sunrise
for the days not bright enough
or your moon
for the nights you wished to forget
even if you just don't want to talk
we'll enjoy the silence together
i'll do anything
because i've waited
for someone like you
for so long
i'm willing to bet
everything i have
just to keep you here
just to keep you near
because you,
you're all i asked for.
i'll do anything for you.
nim Jan 6
Baby, the sun is setting down
And I'm done taking chances;
I promise not to make a sound,
Let's communicate with soft glances.

I've been on a run, just like you
A getaway from me,
Just like you.

I'd like to leave a note,
A soft goodbye.

But Fate won't let me,
Said we tied a knot.

You and me,
Versus all of the odds.

Nobody knows,
But neither do we.

For you and I,
We just used to be.

And so, I'll be calm for now
With the knowledge that sings me to sleep,
A sweet lullaby, for just you and me.

This time,
I will let Fate
Do her own thing

And sing me to sleep,
Amongst the salty tears.
Van Xuan Nov 2019
"It's ok, It will pass, you can do it"
Those words are always repeated
Over and over like a broken disc.
I don't need those words
What I need for them to do is
To be there and silently listen
The cries of my downfall
Sienna Oct 2019
Almost a year now,
but my heart feels a way
Almost a year now,
it all aches the same
I think back to my lowest point
The time after split to fight
You moved on so quickly
While the river pulled me down under
Now rejection hits hard again
I feel my chances are slim
Almost a year now,
Come with me and stop this agony
As I sit here with a wish in my heart
Out of reach, can't grasp that far
Drowning in the depths,
of a thickening tar.
Espresso manic Aug 2019
Your morning devil
smile, painting's
bottled message, coffee
on your lips. Hormones
everywhere and I freeze.

The mental image
sends my heat index on the
rise. Locked lips
in a chant pull me to the
pier of my chasm. I fall.
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
Seeing the good in people
was her virtue
and her downfall.
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