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M Solav Jan 2023
Sorry but not sorry
For the things that I have done.
Sorry but not sorry
For all the pain under the sun.

 And all the longing to set ourselves apart
 From the will of the masses,
 Though we clearly stand as one.

 And the reticence to play our part
 In building on new bridges,
 Though we clearly need them now.

  Short story long,
  Long story short -
  Sorry but not sorry
  For writing off this song.

Sorry but not sorry
For all the excuses that I make.
Sorry but not sorry
For not owing back what we take.

 And all the mannerism along which we pretend
 To care so much about the future,
 Though we clearly act for our only sake.

 And the conflicting messages that we must send
 As we aim to **** the messenger,
 Though we clearly all covet his fame.

  Short story long,
  Long story short,
  Sorry but not sorry,
  For writing off this song.

Sorry but not sorry
For casting off one more blame.
Sorry but not sorry
For the ills that one must name.

 And all the finger-pointing with no concrete action
 As we forget the final hour,
 Though we clearly hear the call

 And all the conflicts that we set in motion
 As we bow to the god of power,
 Though it clearly draws our fall

  Short story long,
  Long story short,
  Sorry but not sorry,
  For writing off this song.
Written on January 8th, 2023.

— Copyright © M. Solav —

This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
Bluepetal Jan 2022
My mind,
Shaping the melancholy

My heart,
Lamenting in agony

My pride
Rejoicing, claims victory

My self
Succumbing, tired & weary

My downfall
Blaming, nobody but me…
Chris Thomas Oct 2021
I see you glancing at the brush,
But our bristles don't hold paint the way they used to
And for all the folly in our atmosphere, I am sorry
I know I'm the one who exhaled the most

Remember, your father told you,
"We run the most standing still,"
But my stars have remained perpetually frozen
Since my love ceased blushing your alabaster skin

If you cinch the tourniquet too tightly,
To summer's dismay, I may not heal by autumn
And whether you whisper treasons of the universe or not,
My anchor's still aweigh by first light

Broken words taste bitter upon my tongue,
And it's becoming clearer and clearer
That you were my road to Arcadia
But, as I am prone to do, I derailed us both

I see you glancing at the brush,
But our bristles don't hold paint the way they used to
And for this achromatic atmosphere, I am sorry
I know I'm the one in black and white
some things you should really think about
some things you should not think about at all
identifying these
can be one's saviour
or one's downfall
saviour or downfall
Ind Aug 2021
I don't pretend to know why Eve ate the apple
but I know she's not the one who ****** us.

He created Her for Him.
A Marionett made on a whim, discarded.
The predesecor to the ****** Mother.
Mary, I'm so sorry.

I wonder who realised first their limbs had strings?  
A lamb and a shepard
Born for slaughter.

We were all daughters once.

I sat through sermons week in, week out,
never a doubt about where I was meant to fit.

I wonder what my daughters opinion is on having never been born.

I stopped reading the bible before I could discover the word for a Childless Mother but I'm pretty sure it's Women.
What does that make me.

When I eat an apple,
I like to cut it into slices and eat each segment individually.  
I'll throw away the seeds, nibble at the core, discard the skin.
We were told she took a bite
but I often wonder just how Eve committed her sin
and what is taste like.

I do not begrudge Eve the apple.
I begrudge Adam the audactiy to ask for a partner in suffering.
dilshé Aug 2021
Cataclysm at its finest is it?
Catastrophe galore
Crisis & calamity
Beginning of  
humanitys' war
Great nuclear holocaust,
Mother natures devastation
Festering with inhabitants of the era of degradation.
Where we are the parasitic infestation
numbly oblivious to backfiring ruination.
Our world is a gas chamber
with poison - being suffused & saturated.
A toxic wasteland for our toxic souls
heartless ghouls ought to be annihilated -
obliteration sounds tempting...
'mass suicide of this vicious nation'.
Black death couldn't quell us malicious beings
No virus contagion in existence ever would -
eradicate a species, this selfish & grim
Should we blow the world up if we could?
All the Atomic & Nuclear could be put to good use
Escape the mess we made & ignite the fuse
As the grotesque & gory go up in flames
vanquish every origin of mans evil games
Watch Earths inferno,
much better than Hiroshima or Chernobyl
Lamenting on the barren face of Mars,
Of the spectacle 'it' could've been but never will.
selina Jul 2021
i've been running from the truth
running up an empty staircase
yet somehow i keep spiraling down

i've been searching for love
for a droplet of whatever is left
a symbol of hope to answer my prayers

if i reach the top of these stairs
having finally escaped truth's poena
will you be there waiting for me?

or will it be deja vu, another infinite loop
of my heart drowning in deep waters
as you stand there, watching with a smile

my heart hesitates but my steps are steady
i run from no truth, i already know the truth
things are meant to fall apart

and every time, it is the same
and every time, i am always powerless
just a mere bystander to my own downfall
the only experience i have with infinite loops are from ap comp sci a LOL java was a nightmare
Carlo C Gomez Jul 2020
Coddled me into believing
Each step forward was the same,
Measure for measure.

Led me to reason
Every unguarded move was safe,
So new, so pure.

Then all at once,
So Thirty Years' War,
Out the window
I was thrown.
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