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mjad Jul 29
My heart was left splattered
The room has been left untouched
Blood has dried on the walls around me
But he walks around scraping it off
My body quivers in fear
His nails drag on the surface
But his eyes stay on me
White paint peaks through
I feel like I'm about to puke
Taking the broom he sweeps
My broken heart right to me
As if his cleaning was helping me
He forgot and forgave, and I was not ready for that mental cleansing yet
Hope is shrinking
Light is dimming
Walls are caving in
and everything seems to diffusing into blue.

It's all heavy and dark
draining and enveloping.

And all I want to do is put a pause on life
to make everything stop moving on
dragging me along with it
as the abyss is plunging me
in like a dark hole.
Laokos Jul 1
"what, you're too good to say 'good morning' to me?"
     she asks me as she slumps through
     the front doors of work.

     I say,
"you didn't hear me say it back?"
     . . . she didn't.

some people try
     to drag everything
into their own collapsing

     but I brush it off and
               walk away, successfully
          escaping her gravitational

later, minding my own
     ****-stick, she fires another
     "you sure have a chip on your shoulder today,  I'm staying out
     of your way!"

this time I don't
even acknowledge
                         her **** bird trying
                         to land on me,
                                                  just smile right
                                                  through her.

I turn my
head to

the smeared
clouds are
rippling in
a smooth cadence
of anticipation.  

a storm is coming . . .
it's gonna be a good one.
Arisa Apr 30
I wanna eat something
but it won't fill me up
only drag me down.
Lee Aaun Mar 31
I wish.
I could drag out
your memories
from my mind
like you did.
nat Feb 17
you believe i am the artist
i am just a dumb baby with an anchor for a mouth
it drags me down
to the bottom of the ocean
i can't get myself out
Xallan Jan 15
I wake with a mango mind.
Brilliant, full of Hope,
without faith. I Rise, and wrestle with the sky.
My arms show no sign of falling off.
I see them,
where they always are, as always,
half dressed in their costume, Weary
at the edge of a of a crosswalk.
Their minds are discolored and contorted,
at odds with their perfect skin.
Their costume, once brilliant as I,
now without Lustre and gleam,

drags in the mud.
They whisper to themselves inside. I never listen, because I have better music.
Their skins peel away, and I shudder and hold mine close.
I pity them in their confusion. Their mind
addled without drugs, just
a mistake, in the massive mechanization of life.
I query the impulses, if they dribble into my pond.
Their cloudy eyes seek mine, their
grotesque hands reach out, their
****** threads threaten to entangle me, their
whispers crash upon my music

and they pump me full of mud.
They beg me to run and warn me to flee,
while desperately clutching at my shoes.
They shudder at my loss
and pity me in my great power.
They state the obvious, screeching
in high tones. They told me
the truth that I knew was a lie, but yet
I couldn't deny. They told me
to take a hammer to my mirror, and then
I might see part of them,
I'll smile today
I'll cry tonight
Cause everyday
Is a constant fight

I fight with myself
And everyone around
I want to be well
But life drags me down
Just a quick piece, enjoy
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