... but er' of heart.
The arrow flies to
miss its mark.

When love shot thus
makes pain begin
The hurtful shaft
of evil wins.

The arrow's notched
the bow is bent
But think before
that missile's sent!

Is it for love
with great aplomb?
Or does it house
an atom bomb?

Cupid's said to be a god.
But he can hurt
as well as laud!

Be ye careful of dismay!
Marry her!
Or you both pay!

I won't say more.
I won't shout.
I'm going now...

... over. OUT.

"Sin" is simply an ancient archery term for missing the bullseye. We can do this without even being aware of it! But the holy perfection of God reqires it. EVERY TIME!
We cannot be that perfect! EVER!

I'm going to be frank. I have trouble reading because of the kind of poetry posted. Some of these missives of love i can see will end in disappointment and cruel heartbreak for one or both parties! I'm FAR from a prude, but I can't even read anymore due to this and the other tragic postings which grieve my spirit more than I can express! People in SUCH despair! I've reached out to folks, but many times my help has been rejected!

I continually post about the need for a savior. Jesus Christ. I hope & pray these poems don't fall on blind eyes! Please read Alyssa Underwood's posting about the Gospel. It's just under this poem on my site. Thank you!

Please try to understand. I say these things because I LOVE YOU! I want to see you ALL whole, healed & DELIVERED! CHRIST CAN DO THIS! Love is a wonderful thing... but it is NOT A TOY!

PEACE! out.

You helped me heft
My burdens
You shared in all my cares
You also heavy laden
Your own loads in which to bear.

You took me through
The Bible
Through the stormy seas
Of my misunderstandings
You helped me to ease

Through thick & thin
Supported me
A stalwart friend so true
I could n'er find another
More trustworthy than you!

As a supporter you excell
There to lend a hand
You garner no great glory
As by my side you stand.

You're the lifter of my arms
A background tune that sings
You're an inspiring backdrop
The wind beneith my wings.

Please know that I have
Great respect
For you are from above
I will ever cherish you...

You'll always be LOVED.

(C) 11/5/2017

To a very dear friend who has always helped me to understand the Bible and its correlation to every aspect of life. She has been a wonderful support in every way. I believe the armor bearer is more important than the warrior. This lady has a TRUE servant's heart... she is dearly LOVED!

A blanket of cold white.
Covers the landscape.
As nature begins.
Her Winter sleep.
Beautiful white.
Clothing everything in sight.
Yet the sun still shines warm.
With light upon white.
Snow lit up.
Brilliant bright.
God above chose to create snow.
The colour white.
For He is good.
And washes my sin away.
Snowy white.
God above who is wrapped in Light.
Created light.
That we might not stumble in darkness.
For He created all things right.

A blanket of cold white.
Covers the landscape.
Beautiful white.
Light upon white.
Proclaiming the goodness of God.
Who does all things right.
Who does all things with Love.
Like Light.

I remember the laughter
after the rain
The way we were
when younger
Love in your eyes as our hearts
caught fire

The crazy days
When we felt so alive

Staying out all night
Till the sun rose
in our eyes

We walked under the moon's glow
Laughter filled us
Never gloom
Love traveled through us
As the moon filled the night sky
Filling our hearts with life
Touching us with pure golden light
Filled with energy

Memories buried deep inside me
awake in my mind
Through the years love somehow went silent
as we aged
Hiding inside our hearts
Storing our memories

Still holding hands
Touching our hearts within each memory
Our eyes locked
filled with memories of how our love
once was
On the night when the moon glowed
till the sun rose.

By Weeping willow

Old memories of love when young

Pink, yellow, orange, and blue.
Lights up the sky.
With brilliant hue.
Glorious! Glorious!
Through her car window.
Then a deer...
So majestic.
With graceful legs and strong antlers.
Leaps across the plain.
By the side of the road.
So majestic.
So beautiful.
So triumphant.
Glorious!  Glorious!

She is reminded of Truth.
Which pours forth from her lips.
"I shall leap like a hart,
upon my high places.
I shall gallop like a deer,
upon every difficult hill.
Upon every difficult trial.
I shall leap like the beautiful deer.
He showed me along my way.
With His Spirit within me.
I can claim victory."

Strange grief.
One moment it numbs you.
Holding you in denial.
And disbelief.
And the next.
It drowns you in
torrents of tears.
Like a fierce summer
Where you can barely hold on.

Strange grief.
One moment you relish
in your new freedom.
Your new life.
And the next.
You miss them so much
that it feels like a slow death.

Strange grief.
All that you knew and loved.
Is not there anymore.
And in its place.
Is an empty void.
So hard to endure.
Sometimes you long for things
to be.
As they were before.
When you sit alone.
How life once was.
When your family was together.

Strange grief.
Oh, when will come relief?
Can time really heal this great wound?
Perhaps a little.
Yet the depth of the wound,
and the number of scars,
can only truly be healed.
By the Man of Sorrows.

Strange grief.
Will I ever feel whole and complete again?
When it feels like half of me has been
ripped away.
Leaving a gaping hole.

The Man of Sorrows.
Whispers to my soul.
"It is not irreparable."
I collapse in His arms.
And pour out my grief.
Strange grief.
And He makes me whole.

"He is despised and rejected by men, A Man of sorrows and acquainted with grief....Surely He has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows....But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; The chastisement for our peace was upon Him, and by His stripes we are healed." Isaiah 53: 3-5, Holy Bible.
Only Jesus Christ and His Love can heal a broken heart from within, and make us whole again.

Cloudy above us
With the sun shining through
Rising rainbow beams
Commencement of harvest
In the morning dew
Temperature transition
Leaves bidding farewell
To their trees
Their color goes
Copper flows
Traveling in the wind
Blowing to the ground
At nature's ease
Season'  change

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