From the worries of this world and ungodly fear.
O Lord, deliver me.

From the pursuit of riches and the lust for more.
O Lord, deliver me.

From the fear of man and the desire for recognition.
O Lord, deliver me.

From my own way, my own will, my own comfort.
O Lord, deliver me.

Teach me, O God,
the fear of Thee.
That I might bear fruit.
For eternity.

My breath in icy cloud.
Before my face.
Fingers stinging.
From bitter cold.
Modern carriages at
crawl speed.
On icy road.
Ghostly white
dances in whispers.
Across sidewalks frozen hard.

A flock of humble sparrows
sing joyfully.
As if in gratitude.
And the voice of God.
To my soul is heard.
For He is still here.
In Winter's cold.

She walks on the path set before her.
Through mountaintop of hardship,
and valley of rest.
Through sunshine of happiness,
and storm of trial.
Through refreshing rain of His Presence,
and bitter cold of grief and loneliness.

She walks on.
She walks on.
In weakness and strength.
Through tears of loss
and joy of gain.
Through fear and uncertainly,
transformed into inexplicable peace.
For beside her on the path.

"Where can I go from Your Spirit? Or where can I flee from Your presence?" Psalm 139:7, Holy Bible

God is the giver of life.
and  devil  declared  death.
God rose from the grave .
The devil was defeated

God says I am  the way the truth the life

stuck between fine and coping
i began to drift down memory lane

her streets were quite wet
and my wheels lost their traction
upon her slick roads

while i remained petrified
not able to budge  
the steering wheel not familiar to my grip

so angels sent me sheep
yet they were unable
to coax my subconscious
into sweet lullabies

as I crashed on the sweet roads
of memory lane

Here I sit at the end of eve
Hearing voices sing
Hallelujah !
For the Lord has brought me
thus far
Helping me along life's journey
To greet another new year
With blessings to give
Looking back I begin to see the long journey
I have walked to here
The Lord who thus far has helped me
will help me all my journey through
So I lift my small voice
in praise to thee
For I know thy hand carries
me to travel far.

By Weeping willow

In this New year to come,I know God continues to see me through
in my journey far.

True friendship
Not  bought with  a  price
But  valued

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