When I thought my life was going to end
You made it a glorious bend
When my back was against the wall
Your strength made me stand tall
When my enemy came and I was about to yield
You showed up as my shield
At the points of maximum stress
In You, I found fortress
When the wind was boisterous and fierce
You showed up with your peace
When there was no one to run to
You were there to see me through
When I felt totally caged and seemed to be no way
You came through and made a way!
When your sure trust and dependence is God, He always come through!
The Way out of my fear
is trusting the Good Shepherd.
One step at a time.
Until my eyes are opened
to see I can trust Him.
He woos me with cords of His Love.
Into a place of rest.
A place of trust.

Yet another step.
And more trust comes.

The Way out of my fear
is trusting Jesus.
One step at a time.
Until beyond my fear...
Walking into my fear...
He shows me a blessing.
Hidden there.
He shows me the Gift.
The Glory.
When I face my fear.
One step.
At a time.
Loss upon loss.
Threat upon threat.
Until fear envelops me.
Trying to pull me under.
I fight back. I push against it.
By His Spirit within me.
I turn my mind from the darkness,
to His Light.
I turn my eyes from the stormy seas of this life,
to my Anchor Jesus Christ.
I. Will. Not. Be. Shaken.
Carry me, Holy Spirit Wind.
I know not which way to take now.
Where to begin.

Carry me, Holy Spirit Wind.
Leaving what I've lost behind,
I am ready to be carried into Your will.
Lost souls to mend.
Even as You mend.

Carry me, Holy Spirit Wind.
I am Yours forever now.
There is no other way to Life, to peace,
than to let You carry me.
Into the new.
Into the Higher plain.
My Heavenly calling.
Until You come.
To reign.
Please reign in me, O Holy One!

Carry me, Holy Spirit Wind.
Blow me where You wish.
Kiss me.
With Your Holiness.

Carry me, oh carry me.
Holy Spirit Wind.
Lover of my soul.
Eternal Husband.
You are my First and Greatest Love.
I am eternally devoted to You.
You have shown me who I truly am.
I am finished walking down a path of sin.
I choose to avoid the snares of temptation.
And I want nothing to ever come between us again.

Your Love is overwhelming.
Healing all my brokenness.
Healing all my scars.
You are my First and Greatest Love.
You alone hold first place in my heart.
You have my full devotion.
You have my complete adoration.
And I want nothing.
I want no one.
To ever come between us again.
Every other love holds second place to You.
For You alone are my First and Greatest Love.
Strolling up green grassy hill,
and through forest in summer breeze.
I come upon two paths
leading both high and low.
One is wider, and the other is narrow.
Like paths of life,
paths of choice.
Before me.

Which shall I take?

The wider, the easier, the popular?
Upon which many shall tread.
The path of comfort.
The path of man's approval.
The path.
Of the soul's dead?

Or shall I take the straight, the narrow,
upon which few shall travel.
The path of self-denial.
The path of suffering.
The Way of the Cross.
The Way.
Of Life.
The narrow path of trial and difficulty.
Upon which few shall walk with me.

The narrow, straightened Way.
The Way of Glory.
The Way of Eternity.
Where my Good Shepherd travels
side by side with me.

Which path shall I choose?
I have already chosen it.
When I lost what I did love so dear.
And replaced it with comparing
all things as loss,
compared to knowing Christ my Lord.

I have chosen the narrow path.
The path upon which few travel.
For me it is the only Way.
To Life.
R.I.P. Clinton Eugene Jarvis
~My father ~

The saguaro an altar
A tree stump a pew
He knelt in the garden
His church all that grew.

Cactus and succulent
Tenderly grown
Were all in his choir
For his ears alone.

From aisles of stone walkways
Stained glass in bright clouds
The sun was his mantle
The stars are his shroud

The lakes holy water
As a child he'd haunt
Skipping stones 'cross a pond
Like a Baptismal Font

Sat he 'neath the willows
To hear their prayer's sigh
The saguaro an altar

His Cathedral the sky.

Catherine Jarvis
(C) 5/31/2018
Yesterday evening at approximately 9PM  my father passed away. He was closest to God being out in, and working with, nature. He was a Master Gardener. A member of the Cactus & Succulent Society.  I will write more about dad later on... Right now it's 5am and I've had no sleep. I'm going to try to rest. I'm handling the grief by writing... Remembering him fondly with words. Isn't that just like a poet...?
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