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ella rose Feb 9
she is filled with fire,
yet she fails to glow
that darkness cries out for a guiding light,
and still the fire shows no mercy
in all it's stubbornness,
it permits the absence of a burning flame
and that roaring glow inside of her,
it dies
and so too does her soul.
is a lost flame, truely a lost soul?
Janna Orpa Nov 2020
They tell you to be open-minded yet they narrowed what it means to have an open mind.
“Think outside the box,” they say, yet the outside is guarded.
Everything is a big puppet show.
We live, then we die!
In between, we go through so much agony
only to attain this perfect life; a perfect life that yet to exist.
We all play pretend.
Some people find love, some find wealth, some suffer terribly.
I just want to break that chain of a perfect life
I didn’t ask to be a part of this but I was dragged into it.
They claim free will,
but it’s never free will, they hold you down.
We let them define your happiness
perfectly orchestrated by a wheel of illusion.
Translated by Przemyslaw Musialowski 10/7/2019

O scarecrow, dressed elegantly
- in worn-out shoes, ragged old hat,
on which black crow sits in dignity
and stares off into this distance where forest sad

- you certainly dream about traveling
into these wheat fields, grasses adorned with flowers
that you could lose your scarecrow's soul
running happily towards the horizon...

But you stand here, alas, forever lost in thoughts,
unable to understand where the restriction comes from,
with your straw heart always split
between both powerlessness and want.

Funny thing, my dear scarecrow - to have
so much on your own and not to.

Przemyslaw Musialowski 10/01/2008
Only poems that I've ever tried to write myself come from a time when I was 22 or 23 years old and there are only a few of them. Enjoy!
CLARYT Mar 2019
One day, he found a rose,
Of deepest velvet red,
He brought it home and nurtured it,
He laid it on his bed,

And every day he'd stroke,
And rub those petals so,
He'd smell the sweetest scent from it,
And hoped that it would grow,

But too transfixed in love,
And admiration matter,
He failed to give it what it craved,
Some sunlight and some water,

So, wilted it became,
And started to decay,
It lost its rosy velvet reds,
The edges turning grey,

His eye was off the ball,
Distracted he became,
He killed the thing that he loved most,
Trying to make it tame.........
Sometimes we need to let the ones we love just be who they are, or risk losing them for ever,(c)  2019
Debbie Lydon Feb 2019
I am often in awe of your wild mind,
Despite your defences, I can see you are kind,
I know you believe me to be fickle and blind,
But I see you, and the reason for the wall you hide behind.

There is wonder and beauty that light up your eyes,
Yet everyone falls in love with your careful disguise,
Pain finds its way through your laughs and lies,
And there is sorrow within the man, that like a child, cries.

You can turn all the frowns that you see to a smile,
And upon seeing you, my clouds are cleared for a while,
But who mends the hurt that caused your soul's exile?
And when will you turn to face your denial?

Your cheer does not mask the tragedy inside,
Altruism will not change what you're trying to hide,
Unreachable, unfathomable- two ideas within you, allied,
To win the battle over self and thus deem you fortified.

But this barricade will not defend against flame,
Nature is power and emotion is the same,
We are already on fire, to deny it is insane,
So feel what you will, break the shackles of shame.
Isabella Soledad May 2018
The time has come
The bird must jump from the nest
it's wings fully capable
yet it still hits the ground
Mr Passerby Mar 2018
We're so caught up in the world's rituals
its saddening
We wake up every morning and groan about our jobs and lives yet we don't do anything to change it
We follow the double consciousness of social norms and self thoughts
We keep our true selves hidden
We present what's "acceptable"
We live two faced

Anything that is not considered normal is unorthodox and therefore denied
Anything that is not considered beneficial to the society should not be brought up at all
Anything that is change and not following conventional practices is heretical and sinful

We're too focused on whats normal
However, should an immoral desire stem from this freedom we're all doomed
We should all expand the normal ground for all people
If not we should create haven for those considered abnormal
All talk and no action

No matter where you go
remember one thing
"It is not society that determines people’s future. It is people who determine society’s future"
"It is not society that determines people’s future. It is people who determine society’s future"- ****** Pass
Little Azaleah Feb 2018
like a seedling
shaded from the sun,
overfed with minerals,
stuck in the small *** -
the child couldn't grow out of their comfort,
as they were strictly cared for within the boundaries,
unable to reach out for their dreams.

the seedling couldn't grow beautiful like it was supposed to
despite longing to be like so,
thus they grew wither everyday
with every say of 'nay'.

how was it to grow their roots if its never allowed to move out of the small ***?

let the seedling grow,
for you never know how beautiful of a flower,
how great of a tree it would become into.

Nicx Nov 2017
Fresh baked bread
Layered in death and vegetation
My insides burn with withdrawal
It's been almost 24 hours now
How much longer will it take?
To either cave in unwillingly
Or to die painfully slow?

If I had not forgotten my cash
I'd have given in to my survival drives
I'm happy I forgot it
Because I can't stomach the idea of food
Let alone choke down something so revolting
Only because it pulls me further away from death

Instead I flood my veins with nicotine
Desperately trying to curb these cravings
My legs threaten to give out
With each step I take
Even now, scratching this among global fem notes
Dissociated entirely from class
My hands won't stop shaking

Is it nerves?
Or physical deterioration?
Or the panic lying under the surface?
Deafening screams ricochet through my mind
As I try to drown these feelings
But they won't disappear

I've dropped significant weight
And I don't want it back
I don't feel the need to lose more
But still it falls away
And eventually leaves nothing but skin and bones
Fueled by electrifying anxiety
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