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Rachel Julia Oct 2015
Billy Collins said "high school is the place poetry goes to die."
I would have to disagree.
High school is monotonous and horrible
and awful and wonderful.
Some do not understand poetry and they may hate to read and write it
and poetry may not be written.
but does it have to be?
We are living high school poetry.
Poetry is exploding onto life's pages.
When else do we have the emotions that we have now?
every teenage love affair,
every essay,
every night of studying until we cannot stay awake,
every audition,
trying to find yourself over and over again,
the practices,
the tears,
and the accomplishments.
That is poetry.
We're busy, and may not write it,
but poetry is lived by us.
Poetry is feeling,
something that matters,
jumping in the lake,
a late night meeting of friends,
staying home alone on Friday,
wondering if we are needed.
We're living our poems.
To let everybody else know all one needs to do is pick up a pen.
Thank you. x
Rachel Julia Oct 2015
Let people tell you that you will fail
Let them try to discourage you and then confuse them and continue to listen to your heart
If your heart says to take a chance maybe you should listen
You may end up a failure
But you may end up a success
Maybe you'll be poor or in over your head from college loan debt but at least you will know it's because you're going after your dream

Being ambitious is dangerous
Taking chances comes with risks
You can choose to play it safe And you can tell me that I should play it safe too
But I've never been much for safety
I've tried to never let the what if's rule my life
So you can give me your advice
but I'm going to take risks and take chances
It's going to be difficult and its going to be scary but I will do it
because my dreams are worth it

Saying no
Saying it won't work
Telling me to do something else
Will only make me push myself harder
Won't you feel silly when you see my dreams become reality after telling me they wouldn't

No it isn't realistic
The chance is slim and the world is full of competition
but the world needs dreamers
I will not be discouraged and I will keep going on
Whether I get what I want
or not
I will just keep going
I couldn't live with myself if I didn't try
Thank you. x
Rachel Julia Oct 2015
Our form is free
Think imagination
You are abstract
Art, subject in color
My life like no masterpiece
Painted through experiment by me
From here we paint passion
Demanding a mess
Thank You. x
Rachel Julia Oct 2015
Sometimes everything in real life can be going really great
but in your mind for some reason on a night when you're alone everything seems to be crumbling.

On a friday night like tonight.

When i went home and thought about the bonfire I was invited to
thought about friends
thought about how I had no idea what my relationship life was right now
thought about how it was so frustrating that I couldn't find my glue gun for weeks

binge watched tv


put away clothes

found some pictures of myself, pictures of an insecure youth who hated her body more than anything in the world. a girl who cried. a girl who was disappointed that she didn't look like barbie now that she had become a teenager. a girl who wore a lot of makeup to look pretty and cover all her acne. it didn't cover the acne just gave her a little barrier from the world. A girl who wore push up bras and straightened her hair every day and sometimes wore a bow in it.  she hoped that boys would notice her or like her. A girl who was upset when they didn't. A girl who had no idea she liked other girls.

put on some lipstick, smeared on black eyeliner, patted on blue to my eyelids, put my hair in a cheerleader bow

tore apart two closets trying to find my ******* hot glue gun

more tv

thought about how i felt dehydrated
thought about the mess i made from looking for the hot glue gun
considered cleaning it up
considered texting someone

glue gun

glue gun
glue gun
glue gun
This poem details the crumbling and out of control feelings which can arise from one simple thing going wrong. This is written in my stream of consciousness and shows the obsession and fixation on the glue gun.
Thank you. x
Rachel Julia Oct 2015
Don't wait for your prince oh princess
For he may never arrive
Get going and grow
Find things you don't know

Run princess run to places unknown
Don't look for your prince
Just look for your purpose
There’s got to be more to make it all worth it

Princess oh princess just listen to me follow your heart
And follow your dreams
Dare to be daring prove you are more
Than the poor little damsel that lives next door

Think princess think
You know all the answers
Shout, sing, share all that you know
Your mind is with you wherever you go

Oh princess be confident
Be all that you are
Love your outside and inside
Show you're a star

Oh princess you see
When all this is done
Your prince may have found you
But your self search is done
Thank you. x
Rachel Julia Oct 2015
I walked in on shaking legs
Hurry away my mind begs

But I decide to leap
Wishing I was sound asleep

Like that last step in the dark
Go ahead do it from the heart

I quietly begin my song,
With luck it will not last too long

After a slow beginning I grow and grow
I smile and soon somehow I know

Their faces are warm like a hot cup of tea
I know they see the improvement in me

They applaud and they smile
Now it’s time to wait for a while
Thank you. x
Rachel Julia Oct 2015
The music wrapped itself around us as
we sang and forgot.
The room had left us.
The paper copies danced away
and we forgot.
Simply perfect music flowed from us,
we were all there together
completely focused and completely mesmerized
and it happened again.
Thank you for reading. x
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