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Jun 2018 · 266
Tuesday You
Simon Soane Jun 2018
Finishing work on a Tuesday
often has it's charms,
nearer to the middle and away from Monday's harm,
the roughest hungover part of the week been and gone,
confronted and finished with the verve of aplomb.
As well as those little celebrations this Tuesday was better,
it had you in it.
You got off the train and moved towards me, a equal to all the sun,
making the day
and fantastically won.
Jun 2018 · 132
Simon Soane Jun 2018
Your meterphorical language suggests I'm fake,
a facsimile,
but i can fax you a simile to show you how real I can be!
Jun 2018 · 299
New You
Simon Soane Jun 2018
Seems more than something this,
the way
you're on my mind.
Any good thing reminds me of you;
a dot of sunshine,
a high five in a happy time,
a joyous voice projected,
a touch in connective,
contentment in reflective,
a mean wall
you you you,
you make the sky
all new.
Jun 2018 · 265
Simon Soane Jun 2018
to hear you say
that I might not have thought
you looked beautiful
your stupendous made dally
with all the air,
your best side everywhere.
Jun 2018 · 165
Tons Of Special
Simon Soane Jun 2018
You seem like you'll always
your beautiful head,
all brilliant full
but never led;
knowing steps in deep
winter snow,
and when to wait
in summertime glow;
no-one could ever deem you foe
as the destination is wonder
wherever you go.
May 2018 · 332
Top Girl
Simon Soane May 2018
Your sleepy times rest
on my sofa
as I want to wake you
for another ace chat
but your snooze set form
suggests that is that.
Have a good Land Of Nod and in your tranquil most chill;
sweet steady self for more of your brill.
May 2018 · 163
Right For Me
Simon Soane May 2018
Words I associate with you
jump quickly
off the page,
a collection of letters
making soar my days.
Apr 2018 · 182
Simon Soane Apr 2018
From quite far away
you make me spin on the spot,
and despite the miles engender
my trot:
see your reaching magnificent sends range
to my feet,
and us it is ours
the next time we meet.
Apr 2018 · 197
Simon Soane Apr 2018
That one petal fortitude
blasts through with try;
the grey sea moment
now full of sky.
Apr 2018 · 235
Simon Soane Apr 2018
If there is
a time I don't know you
the world won't stop,
leaves will still rise
and fall
with season
in the park,
and sometimes the scared
will be
called in
the dark.
A small plot of land left as useless
finds a way to verdant
in bright,
and all of petals
may find flight
in the blue
of sweet sunlight.
But it would be incomplete
without you there:
the brilliant breathing
in no air.
Apr 2018 · 112
Simon Soane Apr 2018

Our times never fail
to find the blossom
on a easy spring morning,
all is a chatter with bright and new,
in the midst
of wonderful you.
Mar 2018 · 164
Thank You
Simon Soane Mar 2018
Your enormous heart
has time for me?
I love you.
Mar 2018 · 104
Simon Soane Mar 2018
Between all the light breezes
we could meet,
the spaces where breath
breathes in joy
and be glad that this is it,
and movement now is our thing;
a magic of moment.
Mar 2018 · 128
The Way
Simon Soane Mar 2018
When I leave you
no sorrow in the road;
just the might
blue sky
Mar 2018 · 111
Simon Soane Mar 2018
It was easy to meet you,
we could have happened
on any day of the week;
our love not knew
a hide
Mar 2018 · 208
Simon Soane Mar 2018
Not knowing of the rat race
but races to catch rat,
only works when she wants to does
Poppet The Cat.
Content sat on clothes awaiting a iron,
the creased rest
of a little lion.
Scratching the sofa without care
while brilliantly breathing her tabby air;
see I love you,
I love you,
your running whiskers delight;
you're always
a beautiful sight.
Mar 2018 · 128
Simon Soane Mar 2018
Your boom of fantastic
easily done;
all the ice
a time in the sun.
Feb 2018 · 301
You In Bed Before Me
Simon Soane Feb 2018
The last of the wine
goes down fine
as you start slumber in the room above;
the end of vino
raised to your love.
Feb 2018 · 190
Simon Soane Feb 2018
When you blow up balloon I stare;
what was dead rubber becomes alive
in air.
Jan 2018 · 182
Our Road
Simon Soane Jan 2018
A path seemed bumpy
now knows no slight deviation;
smooth as the groove the run to your station.
Jan 2018 · 287
Simon Soane Jan 2018
I’ll wager,
if not for thee, I might not have set foot in Alsager,
it could have become another stop I passed through on the train,
in summer sun, or winter rain,
I’d have perhaps thought
“oh this seems a sweet area to reside”
and then forgot all about it and enjoyed the rest of the rail ride,
just a picturesque town of travelled through myth
like Newton Dale Halt or Chapel-en-le-Frith.
I may never have known the names of it’s streets
or what it’s parks are called or where’s a cool place to meet,
never found out where’s a good bang for buck eatery to dine
or which shop has the best deals on two bottles of wine,
never known what it’s like to approach one of it’s doors
and in my tummy feel wings and a soar.
As it is Alsager’s now up there with my most favourite station
I step on to it’s platform with gleeful anticipation,
knowing in 15 mins we’ll be beginning our start,
thank you for Haze for putting this place in my heart.
Jan 2018 · 316
Simon Soane Jan 2018
Chatting with you
is a special delight,
you could turn dark rooms free
with your splendid bright.
Jan 2018 · 222
12th Day Blues
Simon Soane Jan 2018
And now I have to take you down
to seem like you weren't even there;
Christmas I love you,
the once a year fanfare!

Bye bye!

Until next time!
Jan 2018 · 146
Mum's Birthday!
Simon Soane Jan 2018
At all sketches a dab hand,
the touch of deft
drawing safe land.
Dec 2017 · 226
Sync Sam
Simon Soane Dec 2017
Our precision,
the click
of cogs,
knowing what is
and knowing what was;
I recks in the multiverse
from beginning to end
there would not be a chapter when I was not your friend.
Dec 2017 · 626
Love You
Simon Soane Dec 2017
Jigsaw puzzles completed
when you're around,
Rubix Cubes done instantly
as you speak your sounds,
you guide me through a crossword, cryptic
or not,
I can work out any sum
and untangle every knot;
by your side it's easy, you engender all my see,
you're simply amazing
and a place I want to be.
Dec 2017 · 188
You Girl
Simon Soane Dec 2017
All the begin of winter cold
feels less
by your side,
your warmth knows not tundra tide;
building a space to weather what outside may bring;
fantastic zoom
our super sing.
Nov 2017 · 242
Clean Supreme
Simon Soane Nov 2017
Now I never have loads of cleaning to do therefore I wouldn't class it as a chore,
but despite my scrubbing being easy I do find it a tad of a bore,
when I get in I just wanna chill, catch up on television and have a feed,
perhaps put on some Coronation Street and then have a bit of a read,
but sometimes the bin needs taking out and then I'll have a hover around
as there are little bits of dust and detritus embedded in the ground,
I'll get the wipes and shine the surfaces until they have a gleam
or wash every dish in the sink to make them looking pristine,
but however stuck I get into elbow grease I'd rather be doing my own vibe
like reclining with rest on the sofa or if I felt like it having a jive;
but when I knew you were coming to stay tonight I thought  "ohh I want to tidy my room"
not because it was an absolute tip or it resembled a junk heap of doom,
It was as I wanted the best for you as I like it when you share my space,
your presence places more springs in my step and throws another smile on my face.
So although last night was spent vaccing and taking nascent cobwebs from my wall
I didn't feel like I wanted to do anything else, there was no yearning at all;
preparing my boudoir for your arrival is not a graft I rue,
I don't mind doing cleaning when my cleaning is for you.
Nov 2017 · 185
Oh You
Simon Soane Nov 2017
I'm glad when I dispensed with toys
I preferred girls
to boys,
not to say there would have been anything wrong
with skipping down Canal Street  singing a song, with hunky blokes as far as the eye can see,
it's okay for others
just not for me.
If the caprice of sexuality swayed the other way
I believe I may not have woke with you today,
our hand holds lost
in a flurry of men
all giving a toss;
but rather then know a cockatoo I know you, another bird;
my intimate hit,
bringing peace of kit,
a tantalising fit.
Oct 2017 · 253
Purr Girl
Simon Soane Oct 2017
I can speak all day in tongues about Poppet!
Pop! Pop! Popsicle
you're making this time in my life,
the best discoveries towards you, may your joy be rife. When you purr it's nice.
You run to me when my voice does call you noise,
you arrive for our near,
excited for the happy times, I think that's pretty clear.
I never want to own you
as I know you wouldn't like that,
but please stay around
my stupendous tabby cat.
Oct 2017 · 288
To You
Simon Soane Oct 2017
In this happy haze you can appear
and make me smile involuntary;
ferrying me to ace,
the thought of your face.
Oct 2017 · 436
Simon Soane Oct 2017
I imagine well
in multiverse tribes you'd be,
always existing
next to next
with others
in the easy shine you give;
all your moments gilding a live.
Oct 2017 · 209
Make Up
Simon Soane Oct 2017
The essences of amazing
are etched on your face
before beautifying
but please,
if you want,
make up away
until lips touched
with colourful sticks shine
a allure with less
and more.
Oct 2017 · 179
The I In Me
Simon Soane Oct 2017
you say,
with typical
I love you,
& I,
trying to gather my thoughts
without the weight of thinking;
I love you too,
when I wanted summer
you made my sky blue.
Oct 2017 · 283
Simon Soane Oct 2017
A sing of
super ace
amazing beyond measure;
little fantastic you
with all the drops of treasure.
Sep 2017 · 216
Simon Soane Sep 2017
The word on the street is
you're gone,
as seen morning breath will attest.
But in these columns of sunshine
this summer here appears,
and butterfly wings
still have time
to do their things.
Sep 2017 · 235
Simon Soane Sep 2017
After the ordeal
you really make things bright,
replacing tirades of darkness for little skips of light.
Sep 2017 · 229
Simon Soane Sep 2017
Your snore
does not allure
it's clattering cronk drives me mad,
every molecule of it forces me to sad,
I hate it when I think you've stopped and there's
a lull in the house of pain
but then it spluters back into life and invades my space again;
it's obtrusive to my slumber,  it disturbs my beauty sleep,
I try to hold back tears
but I can't help but wheep,
I have no recourse but to nudge you to try and stop the daemon howl,
I need to quell misery's guttural and halt this Hellish growl,
you startle and sit up but soon settle back into the cries of doom: the minions of Belzubub chanting about gloom.
But despite the fact that when you rest you chudder
as a foghorn lacking charms
I am glad when my eyes open I'm near to your arms,
because although you gurgle with terror
and blast a Witchfinder General coo
I'm always pretty happy when I awake with you.
Aug 2017 · 163
Simon Soane Aug 2017
When my breath is your breath
It’s enticing as the assured
of a morning
in a long sunny day.
Aug 2017 · 215
Dad Birthday Cricket Score
Simon Soane Aug 2017
You're right,
your age is a good knock,
made with umpteen strokes
of splendour
and aplomb release;
i'm glad you came to the crease.
Aug 2017 · 166
Sunday Mum
Simon Soane Aug 2017
Around you
defences drop,
ramparts rescind,
blocks become silly things;
you open with smile the fleck of tut,
move all to joy
and end the shut.
Aug 2017 · 203
So You
Simon Soane Aug 2017
Your scintillating self
appears true
to me now;
I tilt my head and you're there
being brilliant,
with a ease
all your own.
Aug 2017 · 169
Simon Soane Aug 2017
but this won’t always happen,
it’s just your time right now,
in a few months you’ll be gone,
no tiny fangs in the cold,
small gnashing lost to season;
as it is you bite
in summer’s sunlight.
Jul 2017 · 189
This Summer
Simon Soane Jul 2017
Saturday morning becomes
with you
by my side,
magnifying the open
with nothing to hide;
you're the bestest surprise,
with the summer in your eyes.
Jul 2017 · 217
Simon Soane Jul 2017
In the house
where fought was known as nothing
i'll gallop up the stairs with a bounding born
of what
you gave
to me;
super strides
to see.
Jul 2017 · 381
Simon Soane Jul 2017
You're starting to represent
something wonderful
to me;
ace as summer
beginning to shine.
Jul 2017 · 174
Simon Soane Jul 2017
You remind me of blue skies
and billowing flags,
signalling a attempt
of something joyful.
Jul 2017 · 195
Simon Soane Jul 2017
Now on days at my desk
I think of you
and your brilliant blue.
Jun 2017 · 181
Simon Soane Jun 2017
In this early summer placement
it's easy to arrive
at your blue eyed station.
Jun 2017 · 206
Simon Soane Jun 2017
with every movement
the world you're mending;
as confident as a fairytale
with a happy ending.
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