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Festus Boamah May 2020
This Too Shall Pass

"These are not normal times" and
We agreed
Why not say we all are sick
So we seek to heal?

It's our fight to recover
A collective responsibility
What is there to discover
beyond the perimeter of our doors?

The streets no longer teem
Fellowships and gatherings our hotspot
Even rigid cultures have changed
Super nations under attack

Listen! The world is in crisis
It's not normal a time for us
to discover the world around us
Is it so much to contain?

The good news!
We can build on
But not out of danger
Let's keep our anger away from the survivors

One thing for sure,
"The child at the back of the mother
does not know the distance covered by
the weary feets of the mother, until he comes down and equally takes a walk"
Our leaders need us to cooperate and it's our cooperation that will make their work even easier.

Let's listen to our leaders
as we obey and allow the sciences.
Very soon, we shall see the signs
of the morning near because in the
clouds of misery, there is hope from the
rain that cometh forth.

God is our witness and
We'd come to our wits' end
This too shall pass..
Carl D'Souza Jul 2019
Is each of us unique?
And yet,
are we all the same
as deep down
we are all
striving for joy and happiness?

Therefore, can we
to facilitate each others'
joy and happiness?
Simon Soane Dec 2018
The good thing
I recks about being bi polar
is playing God
The Devil on your own mind controller,
and then letting them both fuse sugar with water to create benign Coca Cola.
Bilal Ibn Rabah 5
The love gained product
They got a child
He was black
His father got happy
As his mother was funny
They celebrated with slaves
All got more happy
After the celebration ended
He got up sad
He took the kinder and ran
The mother fumbled his loved
She had not found
She got up
In spite of her pain
After pregnant and got that child
She called at his husband
"Rabah, Rabah"
He continued in running
He was as a ghost
Running far and fast
She ran after him
The sun was still hid
She was lazy to rise
She was fearing of watching
Crime repeated every time
According to poor and slave
According to injustice of man
Who beat his brother, man
Mother of Bilal insisted to run
In spite of her pain
In spite of her weakness
She called at strong
In spite of her weakness
She fell down
She downed to the earth
The falling made sound
Touched Bilal father's heart
He turned with tears
He returned stretching arm
One carrying his child
Other helping his love
She cried and said,"
Why do you try to ****
Our love, our child?"
Is not he our love gain?"
His tears covered his face
They embraced
They entered
He explained
He said," I fear that
He would be taken
As slave and we couldn't see him
love, faith ,cooperate
She said in anger
“I was princess
Living at my land
Every thing I wanted
Was come, was brought
I loved the world
When I went to swim
At the river that
Passed at my land
Carrying happy and good
Beside me my friends
Girls at my age
Some men appeared
And kidnapped me and some
Friends and took us out
We all were sold
Slave was treated
I stayed at that
After trials of escape
I was hurt very heart
I satisfied with that
Till I was sold
To your master that
Hurt you dearest, dearest
He said “what you said?
I am dearest in fact”
She said and bowed her hear head
In beauty, in smart
She said “how do you come?
I was at that land
Called Ethiopia”
She said “that was my land”
They said truly at loud
They laughed then cried
He said “I was the master's son
Leader of many families
Prepared to be the second
Leader at my nations
When I was trained
I was kidnapped
I was taken out
And stayed at that land”
She said “that is bad”
He said “that is bad”
Amy H Oct 2017
Mike Hauser had a brilliant idea to “Pass the pen” and see where it got us.  This, Friends, is the result.

I write of the stars
I write of the moon
I write of the things
That I love to do
I write of the lies
While telling the truth
And when I am through
I pass the pen to you

I read the things
that went before
and add my thoughts
for you to write more
of things we love
and things we hate
so here's the pen,
now contemplate!

I wait like a kid
the anticipation
breaks my quiet
like a train in station
with thoughts
pouring out
like the traveling weary
so here's the pen
"now what's my hurry?"

While looking at this
And studying that
As our poetic peruse
Comes up to bat
With much more in store
From the writer's’ knack
I jot down my last line
Then pass the pen back

and now it get's fun
with my lines and yours
at least it keeps me
from doing my chores!
fingers be nimble
brain be quick
I finished this part
now here's the Bic.

With words tattered and torn
I have you here to mend
Don’t know where I’m going
Brain lights on dim
With little or no warning
Here it comes again
All on a whim
I hand you the pen

*so who will care
if we make no sense
“these poets here
must have the bends!”
but all the same
we’ve had our yen
it was a good run
let's retire the pen
Thanks Mike!  That was fun.  Now maybe some of you can grab a buddy and see what happens.  To put this in context, all the stanzas went round in under an hour.  A dizzying frenzy.
Steve Page Sep 2017
Let's collaborate and coordinate, cooperate and disseminate.
Let's not disassociate or dare to hesitate, rather let's keep going til we reach a state of counterweight that celebrates the gifts our Father freely donates for us to re-dedicate and elevate His name til we resonate with the angels at heavens gates.
Learning how to write with others.  A wonderfully challenging discomfort.
taia Apr 2016
don't apologize
you have your rights and i mine
can't we coexist?
i feel like my haikus ****

— The End —