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Johnny walker Nov 2018
When just a child I'd
look to the sky would
wish birds swoop down
and Carrie me away to
a much warmer place
far away from the cold
climate I lived

Got jealous birds gathering
ready to migrate I wanted
to go with them fly away
to Africa and see the trees
unusual flat trees always
fascinated me
Birds flying take me with you when you migrate let me see the Africa trees
Johnny walker Nov 2018
Awake upon the morning
light to hear the sound of
calling birds gathering In
family Groups preparing
to beat the winter chill
migration they sit and
chat about then to fly
away a warmer climate
only to return hear
when summer decides
to reappear
How do they know to fly away, but fly they do to warmer climates
Simon Soane Sep 2018
Don't migrate yet,
you'll miss summer's going
but your wings do look beautiful,
in fade,
in sky.
E A Spain Feb 2018
All my loves leave
Without a kiss or goodbye
Set focused on their own things
Leaving me struck, dumb wondering why

All my clovers die
And fade away lifeless
There's no luck in love, it's a lie
And I remain still, the catcher in the rye
I’ll stay to myself, humble and glowing
No need to get too close, no need to know me

All my records break
I’ll get stuck on your every word, big mistake
It’s exactly the same love song playing
But I always seem to get it wrong
All my loves leave
Girls just wanna trick and boys thieve
Always had a thing for someone in need
Girls always gravitate to the ***** with the ****
And I think I may have outgrown the ability to make believe

We play pretend with love all the time
Thought it would get better with age like wine
But no, you all just leave me with that bitter taste
And now I realise after how you were merely a waste, love

All my lovers go
Far and away like the birds migrate for the snow
Don’t get too hype, they’ll leave 'yanno
Not today, but you know what they say about tomorrow
written 7/12/17

— The End —