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Mikel Jul 6
I met an angel sent from god

We fell in love, we planned our wedding, our future

But the last mission the angel needed to accomplish

Was leaving me

And I can’t thank god enough
Simon Soane Nov 2018
I was drunk,
you were drinking and well on your way,
for one night we visited again
the apex of us,
a perfect facsimile of those days
when we were ours
for hours.
K G Nov 2016
How long before this has to end?
Unspoken words remain off route
Not only streel in the room, but lean in
You take your head out the oven
To see love decline again
How long before this has to end?
We talk, talk, and ascend
We climb above their upends
They only reach to our chins
Tread lightly over what we’ve maimed
May have put the imago into the flame
You’re down and out, on higher ground
Heaven’s on fire with a lack of sound
There’s things you need to heft
Before they weigh on you
Regardless on how you feel
Rid the ample gossip and gab
When frailty tries to take the wheel
Take the door and don’t look back*
You’ve found your peace of mind
You've found someone new to heal
Until they crack their jaw of glass
Miss ya
I don't know much about Jellyfish, but I do know of a girls biggest wish is to become one of those fish and
oh, she would fit.
The female Jelly of a rare species, one of the most beautiful, divine finds.
A very rare kind, that would ever so shine, there's only one of it's kind,
it leaves me so blind.
The gentle Jelly so breathtaking that it takes away all of my oxygen,
The Jelly's, heart breaking.
She's so damaged, she's dead on the inside with many different strings
loosely draping among with her, it's a representation of all of her past,
so terrible, I wonder if I could  fix that?
I don't know if there's a Jellyfish that continuously changes colors in a glowing manner,
but she would.
This is why this Jellyfish would be the rarest.
This Jellyfish would glow colors of Yellow,Purple,Gray,Black,Blue, and Red.
The yellow would be her happiness, though it may be the rarest of her colors.
Purple, would be her scars.
Black, is her hidden irrationality that I wont ever let her drown in, in her wonderful blue lit sea.
Gray, would portray something like the clouds on a rainy day, something that keeps her happiness hidden.
Blue, a very sad colored blue that would be the color of her tears that I try to wipe and keep away, this blue is more distinct than
the color of the waters she lives in because it represents only her pain and only comes out of her.
Red, would represent her recent scarring's, a recent ****** wound that has just been cut or even a wound that will not disappear.
The Jellyfish being through all that she has been through still continues to float among the sea,
a weak, but also a strong Jellyfish as my bubbles keep her afloat, I wont ever let the waves engulf her.
The persistent sea critter drifts delicately reminiscing, but not forgetting.
Doll Spaghetti Jun 2015
blank faced stone
staring at the lava from which it came
boiling white eyes
crusted, cooling hair
the changing mistress that he once was
her emotions motion the ocean
to break down his defined exterior
and reunite the blue sea with the red lake
for them to create, again
Hollow Bones Mar 2015
You were never much to look at.
Unless it was up close, heavy breathing eyelash kissing goosebumps kind of pretty.
And you laughed at me and i hated your loud laugh and everything else about you that was so loud.
You lived loudly you were loud; but being loud doesn't mean **** if being loud isn't being honest.
And if being loud is being the kind of loud people like to hear then its not being loud its just adding to everyone else’s ******* noise.
I'm talking about beauty, living with beauty and beauty flowing through your hair and your eyes as they looked into mine but then the beauty stopped the second you ran into me accidentally in a crowded hallway and pretended you didn't mean to get that close.
The beauty you might have had if you hadn't have been so ******* noisy.
The up close heavy breathing eyelash kissing goosebumps kind of beauty that you had with me, you could have shown the world in a loud kinda way this beauty, a goose bump chills kind of beauty.
But you said no and all you’ll ever do from now on is add to everyone else’s ******* noise.
Bunny Jan 2015
I do not classify myself as a Becca or Becky because the ‘Re’ is important.

The prefix meaning ‘again’ motivates me when I fail to keep trying again.

Failing *****, but growing from mistakes is a beautiful process that I come by often.
Lenore Lux Dec 2014
I will wear my love for you as you wake
not knowing if I'll be shaken so much today
that I'll let my back out from under support
that I'll let my soul slip sideways and wave goodby
while you look up at the snapping beams
wishing you were still asleep
I will write you a list of words as in our struggle with spoken verse
I am caught with what I mean to say stuck in meaningless whispers
Killing myself again, against your wishes, with cigarettes
spinning the secret notions and emotions in a song
I believe in nighttime you'll find my
praise of you as I sing, deeply

On a winter night,
listen at the window

Cold wind blowing on your face
and through your shirt
let the pressure go
Invite my shyly into your space
feel that I'll be thankful
when I wake
that I surround you
This is for my partner, Rebecca.
IsReaL E Summers Nov 2014
The greatest husband?
sadistic terrorist?
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