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3.3k · Aug 2018
sophia Aug 2018
my hands
                             they hurt

                                              my burdens

                                                        ­          are too much

                                                           ­                               my hands
                                                                ­        have had


                           they can carry

            no longer
2.0k · Jan 2019
sophia Jan 2019
opposite me, a window
a crystal thing I see
on it, a raindrop
just as crystal as before it seems.

i stare, i stare blindly
i wait, i wait impatiently
for it to move just suddenly

changing seats, just me
the raindrop not so active
near it, another raindrop
as crystal as before.

i stare, i stare increasingly
i wait, i wait impatiently
for it to talk more freelt

from the drop, sobs escape
it's almost strange to hear
startled, i cradle it
intrigued, i hold it to my ear.

i stare, i stare dumbfoundedly
i wait, i wait impatiently
for it to quiet minisculely

in the reflection of the water
i let a smile grow
gently i kiss it goodbye
for that was all i know

and that was the end
of our silent conversation
where the raindrop cried aghast
and the memory seems too fast.

i sit, i sit a little sleepy
i wait, i wait
(though patiently this time)
for new company again.
1.7k · May 2019
sophia May 2019
if only he knew
that every time
i look at him
i see a galaxy
a galaxy
too far
1.2k · Jan 2019
leave me alone
sophia Jan 2019
to show you
would harm you.

to tell you
would break you.

the light never gets
to see darkness
because the darkness
is afraid of the light
and so am i
with you.

so please
leave me
1.2k · Feb 2020
sophia Feb 2020
claim my starry soul
until it fades away.
wear my heart in strings
until i snap and break.
fly away with wings i gave
fly into the cliffside
and into the cliffside cave.
break apart my geodes
i hold beauty inside,
fill me with your all
and i'll give you
my most contented
1.1k · Jan 2019
sophia Jan 2019
Can a broken heart,
be compared to a lily field,
where every stem a sword it wields,
their smiles sweet, their words bitter?

Can aching feet,
be compared to footprints in the sand,
from days of old and days of man,
where journeys traveled over yonder?

Can a hoarse voice,
be compared to howls of dark wolves,
cinnamon tasteless and not of cloves,
when taste buds are uselessly used?

Can red dry eyes,
be compared to blazing suns,
ones that do not walk, but do not run,
and never fly faster than the wind?

Can a senseless poem,
be compared to fickle hearts,
where it depends on a person's part
in their imagination?
Can a poem have reason to make sense?
974 · Nov 2018
sophia Nov 2018
the noodles are elegant, lovely and fair,
i see now there's a reason
why you're called angel hair.
buttery smooth, and golden light reflection
it's strikingly radiant
the epitome of perfection.

the sauce is as red as my cheeks
when one is deeply in love,
far higher than a mountain peak.
look, it flies in the saucepan
alluring is not a word to describe,
but truly, it's so hot, it needs a fan.

the meatballs are spheres of joy
what geometry could calculate its area?
though it ignores me, i tell it to not play coy.
how lovely the ringing sounds of sizzles,
light my ear with fireworks unheard,
oh, how my feelings are a shizzling!

oh spaghetti, my love, my joy, my life,
it's unnatural to see my tears fall on the plate.
you are my happiness, my leftover bowl of strife.
i mourn when there is none left
for breakfast in the morning,
but i dream of you when i go to bed.
sophia Nov 2019
i have been doused in gasoline
the moment i fell in love ;
and you took a match to me
the day i fell in love ;
held it over my head ,
teasing teasing teasing ;
now i suffer ashes
oh the burning
burning .
822 · Jan 2019
dear serendipity
sophia Jan 2019
dear serendipity,

i met you under a lilac sky
with herons flying by
just watching cherry clouds blossom
into the horizon beyond
i remember asking you,
'why do i get to keep you?
why are you here with me?'
and you, with blue eyes,
the color of oceans deep
with a hint of green
and joy unbounded
with sorrow wounded
the eyes of stars above
capture your ability to love,
you replied in a voice mellow
the color of sunset yellow,
you said, 'i am your serendipity,
and that's all it'll ever be.'

i still love you
and you're still my serendipity

696 · Jun 2019
as wild
sophia Jun 2019
as wild as this ocean beneath my feet
as wild as these waves that calm me
as wild as this flower near the road
as wild as these hands that only hold
as wild as the sky way up above
as wild as these mourning doves
as wild as the wind from out the sea
as wild as the whispers calling me
as wild as this cherry blossom blooms
as wild as this duskblue moon
as wild as the wild spring in May
as wild as the heat from summer days
as wild as a frost during winter nights
as wild as these mountainous heights
as wild as the love in this heartbeat
let us be.
619 · Nov 2018
sophia Nov 2018
love shame and
it will heart break,

eyes hurt and
confusion hurts

lovely falls
and kind cracks.

times broken
and healed clocks.

all lead me
back to you.
595 · Apr 2019
and then i cried to you
sophia Apr 2019
hoping you would hear
the silence i was screaming.
559 · Jun 2019
i want an ocean
sophia Jun 2019
to feed the strength of my storms
into a jar that you can carry
i want an ocean
to see the height of my waves
and find their beauty astounding
i want an ocean
to lift their feet from the sands
and wonder at the depth of me
i want an ocean
that i can be an ocean with
that i can admire too
so would you let it
be you?
542 · Jul 2019
sophia Jul 2019
i can't say i won't cry
because of you
but i can say i smiled
because of you

and i will never
forget that.
even when
you forget me.
540 · Jan 2019
into the ocean
sophia Jan 2019
i fell.

like a rock in the ocean, i fell.

i fell in slow, but i fell in deep.

but you let me scrape my knees

in this ocean

of concrete.
519 · Jan 2019
Think About It
sophia Jan 2019
Think about it this way, love.
I know you hurt bad
and I know they broke your heart.
So. Many. Times.
But think about it this way,
they were just standing in your way.
Because one day, my love,
you will find the other half
of your broken heart
and they knew that they
would never be able to be fit.
506 · Dec 2018
math equation
sophia Dec 2018
you added me to your life
but subtracted yourself from me.

we multiplied our love
but you divided it between me and her.

our force grew less and less
because our acceleration died.

newton's laws no longer applied to us
because we became unequal opposite reactions
to each other.
math and physics people will understand
491 · Mar 2019
sophia Mar 2019
Let us stand, hand in hand
Let the waves ***** wash over us.
You cannot walk on water, love
So stay with me instead.
466 · May 2019
sophia May 2019
you are my
in a
458 · Apr 2019
Train to Busan
sophia Apr 2019
I would love to sit in a seat
In a train to Busan.

I'd have my ear buds in
And music playing in my ear,

And when Magic Shop plays
My beating heart would calm.

I'll have a pen in my hand
And a paper on my lap,

Just writing my heart out
As I ride on that train.

I'll see a mother, her child too
I'll smile at them because they're rather cute.

I'd then start dreaming
As the trees run by.

A window is but a door
A door to an outside dimension.

I'll dream I'm asleep,
alone on the train.

My feet on its soil,
My hands in the air,
My smile spilling
My soul out there.

I'll dream I'm alone
Except me and the train
The pen and paper
Will soon call me again.

I'll sit in a chair, on a train to Busan.
However long that dream takes
It will happen, I guarantee.
This dream is too small
To not happen to me.
436 · Mar 2019
sophia Mar 2019
In order to break the rules
You need to know them first.
So that you can break them,
Purposely and on accident.

Because you have restrictions
You want to break them more.
If you just have freedom
You'll find life a bore.

So us poets break the rules
Because we knew them first.
384 · Feb 2019
sophia Feb 2019
you've got me
forgetting things,
like the key in my door
and my due homework.
you've got me
seeing things,
like your face
everywhere i go.
you've got me
thinking things,
like what'd it be like
to always have you in my arms.
you've got me going crazy
and it's hilarious
that you don't know a thing,
not a clue whatsoever
what you make me do.

they did say only fools rush in
and i daresay that's true,
because i am no wise man
when i'm in love with you.
358 · Mar 2019
sophia Mar 2019
you know they were important
when you shed tears because of them.
347 · Dec 2018
wind flowers
sophia Dec 2018
flower petals
seem to travel
on the wings of birds
on the outstretched arms
of the wind
fluttering like eyelashes
like the rustling leaves
of dying trees
down to the ground
at your feet
if only
i could get to you
just a little faster
341 · Dec 2019
sophia Dec 2019
we might still be ignoring each other,
(is that what we call this silence?)
by the time it comes around.
i might still love you
and you might still not know,
but despite this heartbreak
and shaky hands of mine,
i will still wish you happy birthday.
339 · Jul 2019
sophia Jul 2019
i was born in fire.
i can not deny the heat in my veins.
but i am not ashamed
that every morning
i swallow the sun
so that the moon
can keep pulling
back the tide
and i let the fog
cover the sunrise
i drench myself in night
because i am left
not right.
cold water comforts my soul
the depth keeps me afloat
there is something beautiful
about a black-colored sea
but as fireborn as i am
there is no ounce of love
for the fire in me.
336 · May 2019
sophia May 2019
it's risky to talk to you
because all i can do is smile
and i'm afraid
that you'll know
that i'm
not telling
332 · Apr 2019
flower road
sophia Apr 2019
and the lilies stayed
the roses did too
by the side of the road
with you.

you've walked a path
dark and crippling
it was difficult journeying
i know i know

the flowers stayed beside you
like lights across the path
the flowers stayed beside you
like i couldn't, like i can't
329 · Nov 2018
raven's cry
sophia Nov 2018














322 · Nov 2018
sophia Nov 2018
you and I
must be balanced
in order to be
by one
315 · Dec 2018
sophia Dec 2018
pointed toes
rounded hands
is their definition

but broken bones
and tears sacrificed
for someone else
is mine
303 · Jan 2019
you and only you
sophia Jan 2019
You have my heart,
in the fragile palm of your hand.

My love for you,
runs deeper than the ocean.

It beats with a purpose,
and that purpose is you.

Stars shine in your eyes,
magnitudes of watercolors dance.

In pools of flowery light,
your spirit of gentleness roams.

Like a gentle lamb,
you love the meadows of gold.

Jumps higher than the sequoias,
you leap with the hope of a child.
296 · Apr 2019
sophia Apr 2019
the soul of this city
        calls me like no other

the lights shine across
         a beacon i long to see

this city has my heartstrings
        tied like thread to its core

i want to see my ancestors
         that traveled that land before

the soul of this city
       calls like a song to my being

but more than seoul would I like to see
in korea itself is where i'd like to be
If you can't tell, I really want to go to Korea.
296 · Aug 2018
sophia Aug 2018
to all those cruel monsters out there

be aware of the hearts

that so easily tear

like a glass prism

filled with color

and so much love

but with little effort

you can easily break them

to all those jealous lovers out there

first ask the other one in your pair

what had happened or what they'd done

don't let your red jealousy

blot out the yellow sun

to all those cruel monsters out there

don't be

a monstrosity to humanity

don't paint your lover red

because it might all be in your head

and you just might hurt them

if you turn your rationality away

and lead your heart astray

don't hurt an innocent

don't break your lover's heart

because by doing so

you tear yourself apart

maybe she's done a bad thing

and broke your valuable trust

but don't measure her faults

with a long string

if she apologizes,

forgive her

if she leaves,

just miss her

maybe he's not as good as you thought

but don't let yourself be bought

by pretty things and subtle things

you should only be sought

if he continues,

leave him

if he stops,

love, forgive, and forget

please, don't be

a monstrosity to humanity

don't have a jealous monster

living inside of you

like it lives inside of me
295 · Jul 2019
words; skin
sophia Jul 2019
you wrote your soul
on my skin
with a silken paintbrush
and sky blue paint––

i'm sorry.

i wrote my soul
on your skin
with a sharpened knife
and blood red paint––

i'm sorry.
288 · Mar 2019
sophia Mar 2019
I am trapped inside of you–
Trapped inside a dream.
A dream you have of me–
Each night by the window
With a breeze cold from the shore.
Each night you sit there to dream
A dream I'm trapped inside.
I mourn your love for wondering
Because you only dream
Of a me I can never be.
I feel like sometimes when we fall foolishly in love, we only focus on perfect situations, not the imperfections that are more prominent.
286 · May 2019
sophia May 2019
the rain came pouring down
the mountains fell to their knees
and you were still here with me
283 · Nov 2018
paper cuts
sophia Nov 2018
you give me paper cuts
small, yet deep
and i still happily,
bleed for you.
269 · Jul 2019
sophia Jul 2019
i am madly in love with you
so please
treat me well
whether you love me back
or not.
267 · Sep 2018
Fading Innocence
sophia Sep 2018
You outshine the darkest night,
your robe the pale moon.
A beauty unimaginable,
a crown of roses bloom.

The tender touch of moonlight,
is the love the sea adores.
A glittering fragrance of starry flowers,
I know they are only yours.

These words were composed,
like music of the richest colors.
For you alone and only you,
would I love like a mother.

I am not a stormy ocean,
yet feelings unravel as so.
Your untouched heart reverses,
and I hear their tales of woe.

Innocence like the wind,
it blows so swiftly away.
The genuine smile so eager to love,
is now clouded today.
Just my experience of losing my innocent and carefree mind of my childhood as I grow into an adult.
259 · May 2020
sophia May 2020
falling out of love
with this tongue
aches to no end.
253 · Dec 2018
window panes
sophia Dec 2018
the mist is frosty and cold
my finger draws upon it
tales and myths of old
i wonder if they bought it

the lies of loving who i am
slide from off my tongue
i ran and ran and ran and ran
to get away from blazing suns

my childhood calls like a mother
waiting for her precious child
as if she knew the others
had been abusing me with smiles

i told them over and over again
that i was grown and truly an adult
that i truly didn't need my friends
disproved sorely by my childish sulk

the window panes are cold
and it hurts to touch my memories
i felt so young i feel so old
i'm just a heartbroken trilogy

i was a babe and then a teen
i grew into my full grown skin
so hard-hearted and awfully mean
that i couldn't ever fit in

i hated growing pains
they reminded me of my age
that i was always always changing
always always a newly flipped page

it hurts it hurts it hurts
these unbearable window panes
it hurts it hurts it hurts
these horrible growing pains
251 · Sep 2018
Faraway Friend
sophia Sep 2018
A rose of budding blossoms,
Your eyes glitter gold.
The laughter of a meadow,
sounds like yours I'm told.

I hope you're doing well,
even though you're far away.
Just know I still love you
even to this day.

Our bond might break again,
but I'll always hold you close.
I hope you make new friends
more than you needed me most.

Don't be afraid to forget me,
just don't wipe our memories away.
I hope you still love me,
even to this day.

I loved you like a sibling,
but then again I still do.
I will never be able forget
how much I cared for you.

I can't stand distance
because we're far away.
Just know I still love you
even to this day.

Maybe we'll meet again one day,
and we'll talk with kindled friendship.
But that's just a maybe,
it's not exactly definite.

Stay healthy and take care,
even though I'm far away.
I hope we'll still love each other
even into the future days.
247 · Apr 2019
sophia Apr 2019
you're my microcosm,
my small world of dreams,
the love i never earned,
the smiles i need like water,
an ecosystem of wonder,
a factory of cloudy days,
waiting to rain crystals
and diamond droplets.

you are my microcosm,
my little world of dreams
where you and i touch with
no boundaries between us,
my microcosm, my universe
my little world of dreams.
236 · May 2019
sophia May 2019
his smile is the ocean
a roaring wave of life
it stirs awake the butterflies
borne inside my heart
235 · Jun 2019
doubt the rain
sophia Jun 2019
i doubt the rain knows
the sadness in me
but it still makes for
happy company
235 · Dec 2018
sophia Dec 2018
people tell me to be bitter
you broke me after all
but is it bad that all i can do is smile?
you're finally laughing and i'm happy
even if i was never a part
of the happy ending
234 · Jan 2019
friend of mine
sophia Jan 2019
i admire your courage
even your courage to say goodbye.
230 · Jul 2019
sophia Jul 2019
from my mouth
grows a sunflower
with every breath
from my lungs
a vine entwines
itself around
my ears
and i can hear
the whisper
of all my fears
i lay in a bed of roses
silent broken and still
time is an icy wilderness
surrounding me
as my tears
fall frozen
to the ground
and the sunflower
bends it's head
into my darkness
and dwells there
225 · Aug 2019
sophia Aug 2019
FALLING into darkness
SPLASHING in your pools
of murky depths and nightmares
where your ghosts roam free
and feed on your flesh.

LOVING the configuration
ADORING the form you've taken
in a twisted, perverted way;
your eyes called me their own
just to rob me of my dilation.

DESPISING the height I had to fall
HATING the way my skin curled in
when I hit the pools inside of you;
soft and malformed in the north
deceiving astronomy in the south.

WALKING in your atomical views
RUNNING with your wolves
was pleasurable to my psyche
but just a sheep in wolf's clothing
you shed your lies in the darkness.

HERDING the doves in my soul
SHAPING my head to fit in yours;
I am not of the essence of clay,
I can not force my spine to bend
over and backwards, under and forwards.

SO just let me swim in your smoke
—you're cyanide dreams
too poisonous to love
right now.
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