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Payton Feb 24
My dear, you sway with the nervous passion of a thousand

Tell my why you are so anxious, when you carry their wishes on
your eyelashes?
This is a pretty thought or a piece of pretty prose rather than poetry. It was written in 2016.
karly codr Oct 2020
Tears sit on my eyelashes
Heavy breathing
Hearts beating
Fill my ears.
They're mine I think.
No one else is in here.
No one else realizes that I'm in bed
Sobbing into my pillow
Listening to sad songs.
No one cares.
Why would they?
kiran goswami Jul 2020
My eyelashes are shooting stars,
least appreciated for their beauty.
Much trusted for their
'Wish fulfilment'.
Liz Jan 2020
I put on sunglasses
To hide the loss of eyelashes
The tears pull them out
Leaving me in a drought
My eyes are tinted red

I put on sunglasses
To dull how intense the past is
It's brightness blinds me
But God's grace finds me
Even in the dark
coulorfulSmoke Sep 2019
Lone your stupor sits.
What reverie
you declare,
ambrosia never stang like this
since last the rain came stinging.

Ah but puddles my dear,
what fun!
I'll watch your splish splash
but let us not forget
the protection glass affords.

I fear large numbers.
I  confess,
it's true.
It's not the hands per se,
rather the eyelashes
and how they remind me of teeth.
They chew me up
with a glance.

Still, what good
could one decimal eyelash hope for
faced with Napoleon's specters.
I'd wager on scarce.

Even so, eyelashes chewed through
my thatcher.
I'll have to buy
a new one.
One that isn't so fond of how the Swiss
process milk.

Not that it's desired
but it's still nice to have a tally
in the loner's column,
now and again.
as i brush the mascara
on my eyelashes,
i notice the rain outside,
gently hitting my windows.
it’s a beautiful thing
sophia Dec 2018
flower petals
seem to travel
on the wings of birds
on the outstretched arms
of the wind
fluttering like eyelashes
like the rustling leaves
of dying trees
down to the ground
at your feet
if only
i could get to you
just a little faster
voices to me they cried
my tongues tied to an pole
vice like grips on my mind
hammer and nails
she is

her venom

shaking here
these chains
lions back

bear love me
she feels

she caught me
dream walking
to me

drop me
Madhav Mehra Nov 2017
And like someone took millions of years to create you;
Those eyes,
Hiding secrets somewhere under those eyelashes
and rest,
in a split of a second
spilling all the kindness left for the human kind.
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