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Apr 2020 · 210
dadens Apr 2020
her breathes deepen
her eyes close
her back arches

her fingers grasp the air
and then your hair

she bites her lip
and her gaze meets yours
only for a split second

before her eyes snap shut once more
and she lets out one final sigh
of satisfaction
Apr 2020 · 149
heart in hands
dadens Apr 2020
She opened her heart to you
like a butterfly opens its wings

Gently and with caution
But also full of excitement and hope

You showed her the beauty and strength
she had within

So she put her heart in the palm of your hands
for what she hoped, would be the last time.
Sep 2019 · 249
dadens Sep 2019
she stopped searching for the light

in times of darkness

and instead, set the world aglow

one smile at a time
Aug 2019 · 722
silent noise
dadens Aug 2019
your silence screams my name
captivating my desire

but it's all in my head

because my ears long for the words
that will never be said
Jul 2019 · 185
almost, maybe
dadens Jul 2019
the wounds from life's "almost's"
dissect the heart in ways that are impossible to explain

the sheer concept of a "could have been"
is full of mystery and deep disappointment

a longing to know if one aspect was different
maybe everything would have been
Jul 2019 · 390
until then
dadens Jul 2019
you were
a few sentences
on a page
in a chapter
of her life long book

but those sentences
were compelling enough

to give her hope
that future chapters
could be rewritten

and, maybe, she'd find you then.
Jul 2019 · 376
dadens Jul 2019
in the chaos of my mind
i found stillness in your eyes
Jun 2019 · 209
rise in love with me
dadens Jun 2019
Love isn't something you trip and fall into
not when it's right-

Love should be exhilarating
but calm and steady.

It's not an accident because
it should be purposeful and safe.

When it's really love
you won't ever land-

Because you'll be too busy
rising, to have ever fallen.
Jun 2019 · 1.0k
dadens Jun 2019
she was wiser than most
and overly cautious at times
because of this.

her quiet observations
were the reasons
for her hesitation.

she kept her distance
with all but a few.

a few, who knew the woman
she really was.

the woman of fury and strength
that lived inside-
her outwardly coy demenour.
Jun 2019 · 104
black tears
dadens Jun 2019
as every ounce of confidence she has falls from her heavy wet lashes onto the bathroom floor,
she sits and wonders how someone so strong and beautiful can crumble within seconds
but the emptiness and confusion she feels in her soul is simply her own demons scratching from her core to get out;
for her to free them from weighing her down
Apr 2019 · 312
the other side of love
dadens Apr 2019
from the crack of the door that is closing
i observe your new love blossom

until now i've only known you as two things:
my lover and an utter stranger

i never knew you as you loved another
and i wish i never had to

so with great pain i must shut this door
and wish you farewell
Apr 2019 · 317
dadens Apr 2019
I think the saddest part of it all
Isn't how you hurt me
or how I hurt you

But that when I wake up every day
I wish I could erase all memory of us

Because I would have rather not
known you

Than to know a life without you.

But that's just the truth you'll never hear.
© d.a.dens
you showed me the greatest joy of life, love, and lots of it. but that only means I've dealt with the greatest loss as a result. and, well, some days I'd rather not know what it was like to have that joy and passion turn into pain.
Mar 2019 · 2.4k
spring desire
dadens Mar 2019
as spring awakens
so does my heart

it's been packed away for
the cold of winter

but now my heart is thawing
the soil is softening
and i need someone to plant
their flowers here

because my heart is ready
to be nurtured
to feel nourished

and to flourish into the
beautiful blossoms
that deserve to grow
in my vacant heart
© d.a.dens
dadens Mar 2019
i'm sorry to the people i cut out of my life recently.
it's not your fault you thought i would stick around.
you witnessed me accepting mistreatment left and right.
so of course, you thought i would allow you to treat
me the same way with no reproductions.

but what those of you failed to realize is that i didn't care how everyone else treated me because in my eyes, those closest to me put the sun and stars in the sky.

so forgive me for letting you go when you so carelessly allowed the sun to turn dark and let the stars come crashing into my life like meteors.
© d.a.dens
Mar 2019 · 1.7k
dadens Mar 2019
why does the world drain me of all that I am
but then expect me to fill myself back up like its nothing?
© d.a.dens
Feb 2019 · 320
dadens Feb 2019
we were too much of everything
to just be nothing
© d.a.dens
Feb 2019 · 4.5k
dadens Feb 2019
she was the sun
and the moon

when she entered the room
the rays of her smile radiated
and warmed the skin of everyone
in her proximity

she resembled a light summer breeze
that made the curtains dance when
the windows were left open

but she was more dynamic
than a simple ray of sun.

when she exits the room
and is left in the presence of herself
the shadows of her soul shake
like flowers after the first frost

she becomes an earthquake
as she goes to war with her mind

she was the best of the light
and the worst of the darkness

she lives as an eclipse.
© d.a.dens
Feb 2019 · 10.3k
when the dust settles
dadens Feb 2019
between you and me,
i'm still rooting for us.

maybe not in this lifetime,
but in the end.
© d.a.dens
Feb 2019 · 952
dark blue
dadens Feb 2019
heartbreak has the depth of the ocean-

at first, it is all-encompassing
swallowing you whole as you sink deeper and deeper
everything begins to go dark as the light on the surface begins to fade into blackness

but as you fall into heartbreak, you almost get comfortable while
the darkness and lack of air engulf you.

you grasp for air but with every gulp you take, you begin to drown until you feel nothing but emptiness in every crevice of your body

but to some extent,
you like it.

as the agony and darkness take over, you accept where you are and believe there is no way up now that you've fallen so far.

and when you close your eyes for what feels like the final time, the light breaks the calm surface and you rise up to taste the sweet air once again.
© d.a.dens
dadens Jan 2019
there comes a point when you begin to overflow with love

you've watered your soul so much that you no longer need to receive love to find joy

now you need to give love to feel the light

but what happens if you don't have anyone to love with your overwhelmingly full soul?

does the love inside you begin to go cold?
it can't go unnoticed for too long...

but how can that be? can someone truly harden because they have no way to satisfy their need of giving love?

i guess time will tell
© d.a.dens
Jan 2019 · 1.2k
dadens Jan 2019
I wrote about you for the same reason I photographed you

Because even though we aren't the same people now

You're the same person I fell in love with on the old pages of my journal

But instead of being wrapped in your arms, the words on my pages hold me close and bring warmth to my heart, much like you used to

The photographs of you pull up the corners of my lips to create a soft nostalgic smile, though my eyes start to pool in the corners

Not tears of sadness, but of melancholy remembrance for how much has changed since the ink dried on my pages

Tears that remind me why I write and capture

So that I can relive the moments I held dearest and preserve those who walked down my path with me, no matter where they veered off on their own, they'll always remain the same in my story.
© d.a.dens
Dec 2018 · 723
afraid of the dark
dadens Dec 2018
hour by hour the morning turns into afternoon and the afternoon turns into evening

and I don’t think of you.

the evening fades into the depth of night as i’m driving down a dark empty road.

the memories of us begin to flood in and suddenly i’m drowning;

until dawn saves me again.
© d.a.dens
Dec 2018 · 1.0k
dadens Dec 2018
Looking back, you say that you did everything right and fought for me till the end, but the thing is you fought once I had already surrendered.

You started fighting after I stopped caring.

I checked out and you moved in.

So now we look in the rearview and you think I had impossible expectations but you were just two steps behind my needs, so I had two feet out of the door before you had any inclination where I was going or that I wouldn't return.
© d.a.dens
Dec 2018 · 220
dadens Dec 2018
I thought I'd be okay without you.
I didn't think you'd be okay without me.

In both cases, I was wrong.
© d.a.dens
Dec 2018 · 541
self persuasion
dadens Dec 2018
she wears yellow when she’s sad in hopes that she’ll start to view herself the way the world sees her, happy
© d.a.dens
Dec 2018 · 941
mother nature
dadens Dec 2018
we often forgot how connected we are to the world
she has emotions and expresses them as simply as we do
so when you’re feeling alone, remember the sky cries too.
© d.a.dens
Dec 2018 · 166
to love-
dadens Dec 2018
why do you do this to us
tease us with forever
only to rip it from our grasp

© d.a.dens
Dec 2018 · 2.1k
grey yellow grey
dadens Dec 2018
when you found me, I was shattered inside and out
you slowly filled my cracks with your sunshine
until I was radiating light everywhere I went
but then I started shining too bright
so bright that I outshined you
and you didn't like that
so then you began dulling my light
exposing the cracks once more
until there was nothing left of my foundation
and I crumbled like never before
my happiness and shine turned into ashes
and you left me just as you found me, shattered
© d.a.dens

— The End —