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dadens Apr 2020
her breathes deepen
her eyes close
her back arches

her fingers grasp the air
and then your hair

she bites her lip
and her gaze meets yours
only for a split second

before her eyes snap shut once more
and she lets out one final sigh
of satisfaction
dadens Apr 2020
She opened her heart to you
like a butterfly opens its wings

Gently and with caution
But also full of excitement and hope

You showed her the beauty and strength
she had within

So she put her heart in the palm of your hands
for what she hoped, would be the last time.
dadens Sep 2019
she stopped searching for the light

in times of darkness

and instead, set the world aglow

one smile at a time
dadens Aug 2019
your silence screams my name
captivating my desire

but it's all in my head

because my ears long for the words
that will never be said
dadens Jul 2019
the wounds from life's "almost's"
dissect the heart in ways that are impossible to explain

the sheer concept of a "could have been"
is full of mystery and deep disappointment

a longing to know if one aspect was different
maybe everything would have been
dadens Jul 2019
you were
a few sentences
on a page
in a chapter
of her life long book

but those sentences
were compelling enough

to give her hope
that future chapters
could be rewritten

and, maybe, she'd find you then.
dadens Jul 2019
in the chaos of my mind
i found stillness in your eyes
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