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Grace Haak Jan 8
I can no longer convince you to be captivated
by late nights filled with nothing
I can not ****** you with my smooth talk
filled with songs of strange sweet something
I can no longer wheedle you with words
that entice you to want to stay
I can not tantalize you with temptation
so I must find somewhere else to play.
dadens Aug 2019
your silence screams my name
captivating my desire

but it's all in my head

because my ears long for the words
that will never be said
rk Jul 2019
i know now
that i get you in phases,
from having all of you
with your ocean eyes
and sleepy hand holds
to having only glimpses,
before you disappear again
leaving me in the darkness
once more
just like the moon,
only you have the power
to captivate me
and send me to madness.
A Simillacrum Mar 2019
your direct,
calm gaze
as if you
see my
just as
I see it.

I've not
seen anyone
with deep eyes
read mine, then
seem to find
meaning. . .

since the last time.

my direct,
calm gaze.
I notice
you see
the loose string.
I see
you pull it.

I've not
seen anyone
with deep eyes
read mine, then
seem to find
meaning. . .

since the last time.
Pyrrha Oct 2018
I dream of you far more than I should
In the day, in the night
I imagine how your arms feel wrapped around me
How our hands would feel linked together
And how our lips would fit against one another
I await the day where you become my everything
I long for your love to wholly and entirely captivate me
It was as if the ghostly hands of his very soul had grasped my two shoulders and shook me till I was numb. A violent whirl of emotions had consumed my entire being and the feeling was so abrupt I almost felt sick. The moment the first sound escaped his lips I was captivated. I was his devoted prisoner, locked in his head. His heart.
His voice was so disturbingly beautiful.
His aura overflowed; the dark passion he dispersed with every note he sang took me to a place only he had been. A place he created. A place where he was alone. I felt so special, so important, to be the first person he had taken to this place.
His lips trembled as his voice slowed to a stop. My soul slowly gravitated back to its rightful place in my body, though I preferred being way up high with the stars, with the power of the universe, the place of which Evan goes when he sings, I knew I would always end up in this shell.
Eddyn Apr 2018
Slowly falling down,
into madness.
For my mind is not my own.
captivating but twisted.
to think i was once sane
just proves my insanity
i'm completely worthless,
my mind destroyed and my heart now cold...

What use am I to this world anyway?
JayceeJellies Jun 2017
I know I tell you how I miss you a lot, but it's not my fault, you just have a way of captivating my thoughts.
Ramsha May 2017
“You don’t like me, do you?’ he asked.
‘And yet, you liked it when I held your hand.’
I stood there, burning with humiliation.
He smiled.
A spark of interest illuminated his eyes.
‘I find that so intriguing.’
‘I didn’t like it,’ I said, when I finally found my voice. ‘I hated it.’
Marko smiled.
‘Shall we try it again, then, just to be sure?”
xmxrgxncy Jan 2016
What we shared today wasn't just a hug....

It was a surprise.

I came into those arms expecting a brief enclosure....
And received stone walls that wouldn't let me leave.

Do I like being closed in, do you ask? You think I'm claustrophobic...because I pulled away?

If only there was more time.

Close those stone arms and take me captive.

I wouldn't mind at all.
The hug I received today- one where i expected just something brief and he tightened his arms around me-made me so happy that I wanted to just forget the urgency of an errand I had to run and just stay there forever......wish I hadn't been in such a hurry.
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