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 Jun 2018 Y Rada
Infamous one
 Jun 2018 Y Rada
Infamous one
They always ask me why are you single? Because I'm not good at relationships. Maybe I love the wrong people because they love someone else with no regards for me or my feelings. Maybe I'm not ready since the wrong people are attached to rather than accept me they try to change me or make me out to be someone I'm not. I'm not quick to give my heart to anyone especially after being hurt and broken many times. When I'm committed they run away when I'm not interested they are quick to force their way. I prefer natural and for it to feel right; I do not like forced or rushed because it fails over that outcome.
 May 2018 Y Rada
Michael King
A true story about a woman I love more than anything in the world.
The morning brings fresh waves of pain and truth. An agony burned into her skin as surely as the memory of the blanket which moved away from her small body.

Oh the shame.  The awful pain and knowledge that her once beautiful, determined, hazel eyesnowheld only the cold aftermath of betrayal and corruption.

Memories are a powerful awakening.
The night.  The terror.  The hopes of the future. Dreaming only of the delights of school and friends... then darkness of sleep.

Good dreams.  Good thoughts.  Then half awakened.  The sliding of the sheets.  The removal of outer garments.

She is awake now. Looking into his face.  A face she knows and loves.  But why?  There is a look she has never known before.  An urgent look this 7 year old girl will never understand.

Then hands moving.  Breath seeping like poisonous fumes into her nostrils and mouth. Hands touching.  Groping. Penetrating.

Then a voice.  She opens her eyes and sees a saviour.  Pulling this creature off her.

But too late. Too late. Her body is saved. No longer hurting.  No longer with a burning scent invading her senses.

But her mind is lost. Her beautiful mind full of the potential of innocence.  Stolen away at the hands of a lust filled beast.

A light taken from the world.
Oh... LOVE, Oh... LOVE
The dark Angel of death
Come to my eyes and stay
Empty all your LOVE within me
While YOU make LOVE to me

LOVE gushed from your SOUL into mine
Through the foggy tears of the eyes
Through those fragrance of your body
Through the smiles on your curved lips
Through the pores of your skin into mine
Penetrate into my inner being with force
Make home within my womb & inner core
Let your LOVE flow from our perspiration
And let our sweat mix up into one salt
Let our limbs pass through each other's
Valleys down and through our body curves
Oh... LOVE - Rest forever into my home

Oh..LOVE, make me cry the whole night
Oh..LOVE, keep me awake in your desires
Oh..LOVE, let me stare at the moon, & sky
Oh... LOVE let me count your sparkling stars

Oh..LOVE stare in my eyes with a smile
Oh..LOVE hold my hand with kindness
Oh..LOVE hug me with lots of care
Oh..LOVE - make LOVE to me with passion

Oh..LOVE heal every wound of life
Oh..LOVE let my tears dry in your navel
Oh..LOVE Let us not leave each other
When every season change colors

Oh..LOVE let us defeat birth-death cycles
And stay eternally alive within each other
Oh LOVE, make LOVE to me so much
That I do not ever sleep at nights
Without the thought of being within YOU

Oh... LOVE, Oh... LOVE
The dark Angel of death
Come to my eyes and stay
Empty all your LOVE within me
While YOU make LOVE to me
 Aug 2017 Y Rada
I thought it was bad then it only got worse
I thought that my hunger could cure my thirst
last things last and first things first
thinking about my ride in a hearse

I thought it was bad then it only got worse
the world's been a weight ever since my birth
wondering why I was put on this earth
life is a blessing nah life is a curse
 Jul 2017 Y Rada
Crystal blue eyes,
They remind me of the ocean.

As beautiful and limitless, as breathtaking and devastating.

To set sail is a death wish,
and to never try is a regret.
. one wish.

that all

folk. be

kind to another,

each other.the one next

to the one next, repeating.

a photo challenge.

 Apr 2017 Y Rada
Amory Caricia
Isn't it a strange thing when the sun begins to set?
Like some too-romantic field of dreams that haven't happened yet?

How entrancing when the sun goes down and life just turns to gold
Lying gilded there before my face
--lies blatantly and to my face, just like the myths of old

And that sliver of a second that looks magical to most
To most a golden royal ball, but it doesn't have a host

See, that moment is just sacred, in an awful sort of way
Where the holy and the evil darks have a common note to play

During every other time of day, the light and dark are two
During every other song they play, they play a different tune

During sunset everything deceives itself into a common hue
The vivid reds and blues of midday,
Hidden behind this yellowy lens into a hazy view

And even when the darkness sets, it has two separate parts
One with elegance and beauty, one a cloak for acts of all ****** hearts

But in this moment the angel and the devil do the same
To pull your soul into your mind, your body and your brain

At this time you feel every good you've never done
And all the sickest thoughts you've known? You re-feel every one

The holy self of all goodwill within you breaks
for everything it's missed

While paralyzed in a lustful glow
Remembering every sultry sin you've kissed

For the angel, it's to guilt you,
On the wings of heaven's dove

While the devil tries to win you back
And reclaim all your love

But for me, it's just like the half-second you get
To both step off of the chair, and suddenly regret
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