As David and Cindy made love
David asked her,
"What do you think of what Trump is doing now, Cindy?"
Cindy replied,
"Do we have to focus on that right now?!"
"Can't we  concentrate on what we're doing?!"
But David continued,
"Cindy, this political situation is really starting to bother me."
At that,
Cindy threw off the covers and stood up naked.
"Let's just get the fuck out of this country already, David!"
"This Trump shit is driving us CRAZY!"
"It would be better to sleep on the streets of Toronto or Montreal"
"Than to continue to pay attention to  all this CRAP!"
At that,
David gave Cindy a hug,
And brought her back down to Bed.
"I'm so sorry, honey," he pleaded.
"I must be losing my mind."

Don't mind me
'Cause I'm sick in the head.
Don't know if I'm better off livin'
Or better off dead?
Ain't got no companion.....
No one else in my bed.
A Nation in denial
Anticipates the future
With dread.

Anticipating the riot
Anticipating the clash
Anticipating the day
When the dope
Can no longer mollify
All the deep wounds
That people try to conceal
And the hatred  and rage
Come out in the open
For all the World to see.

Y Rada Jul 28

Is it twenty - nine an age really?
Seems many are afraid of it - - -
A last stand of something I guess

People tease mercilessly about it
Hanging on the cliff with one hand
And fall from the calendar in a year

Seeing the 2 before 9 brings anxiety
The number is kneeling and begging
for its life from a masked executioner.

29 here I come yohoo.. lels!

the big picture I get,
broad strokes easy enought to
understand, the general trajectory
and the flight plan
but these details
the subtlety
of each small progression
how they link, how they
in tandem to create
a bigger whole....
I get it,
basically, just so
long as I  don't have to
explain it, or anything.

D. Michael Kingsford is a Manual typewriter poet in Denver.
He is on INSTAGRAM @roamingpoet.

After a while,
The World loses its glamour.
The flower's bloom is beautiful,
But its ephemeral
And it's an endangered plant species.
A prolonged political campaign will be required
To save the flower
From rapacious development.
How much stamina.....
How much determination....
Do most of us have?
We just want to
Appreciate the moment.

Alfred and Martha
Both had advanced College Degrees
Their marriage seemed to be a match made in Heaven.
They, they were both such attractive, intelligent people too.
Their  wedding was an impressive ceremony!
Anyone of means in their town was in attendance.
When they returned to the suite
At the hotel they were staying at
Before going home,
They got naked
In preparation for sex,
Sitting on the bed naked,
Alfred addressed Martha,
"I'm not sure I want to fuck you, Martha," he said.
"You're looking great."
"You're looking fine."
"You've got a great bod, baby."
"However, with Donald Trump as President,"
"I'm not sure that there is any Future?"
"I'm not sure I want to be a Dad?"
Martha was not shocked by the remarks of her new husband.
After all,
She knew the character of the man she was marrying.
Alfred is an honest man.
"That's why I brought this Travel Scrabble, Alfred," Martha told him.
"Why don't we just play some Nude Scrabble this evening."
"And think about how we're gonna' get each other off at a later date?"
"I'm feeling apprehensive about Trump too."
"I don't want to get pregnant"
"And send a child into a Living Hell""
"However, when we get home,"
"Working together on that  orgasm would be good."

Maria Imran Jan 15

It's so hard to put your faith on someone when it just doesn't hit you
Or simply believe in their ever so charming words
Because what else does a lie look like if not pretty?

They could be laughing in their hearts as they softly stab you in the back, without you realizing
Crack you'll break, little girl, you'll break so much

LemonB3 Oct 2016

My apprehension follows me wherever I go
And points out all of the possibilities of everything
To a point
Where it hurts.

As much as I entertain the fact that these possibilities are mutable,
But then apprehension whispers in my ear
sneering and squeaking like nails against a chalkboard
"How about a 10:1"

That provoking sentence elicits a tsunami of voices
Well-what-ifs and  I-know-buts mostly.
The possibilities seem to grow larger and larger as more evidence is provided that in the next moment of my existence any of these thousands of things can happen! Or better yet, they all happen at once!

The power outages from this flood leave me in a panic
I start to stagger my breathing and sometimes forget to breathe at all.
The rain pours down around my eyes and the thunder rolls around my mouth.
I no longer have control over this storm that's heading south.

And then the storm cools off,
breathing naturally comes again
And I calm down from an attack of rain
And voices in my head.

Apprehension needs a break, but they never gets disheartened
So they tag along on my back and grasps tightly onto my chest and lungs
It's going to be a long walk if I carry this thing around.
Again my apprehension is near,
But this time it's words

"There are 10 chances it could go to Hell, and one chance it won't so make your choice."
Those screeching words
Have made me deaf,
I can no longer hear,
The world around me.
Just that screeching voice

A+ to whoever figured out what it was about
Updated Nov 8
Banele G Oct 2016

The shell I sneaked into
is soft
I'm leaking tears Waiting
For It to fall off
But it likes where it's placed
And it's fond of the artificial bond

Seems like I'm a phoney
I am waste
Like my foes a disgrace

With force hate came
Accompanied by tending
They say, obey
Now I'm bending
ignominy I taste

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