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Hunter Mars Jul 2018
I wanted so terribly to wholeheartedly adore him.

To break down my walls.
To lower my guard.
Dive headfirst into falling madly for him.

But I was no fool.

I knew that with every leap, came a landing

... and I can't say I was ready for the disaster that awaited me at the ground.
x.x H. Mars
(I wrote this for you, Josh)
danny Jan 2018
With this ring I thee wed,
Never assumed those words would leave my lips
But they did.

Unsure of what the word vow actually meant or entailed.
All I knew for certain was that vows are fragile.
Broken and they can end worlds.

What comes next?
I do not know, with you by my side.
I do not need to know, or worry.

I just want a love like the ring I gave you.
Wrapped around you and shining,
Your body, heart and mind wrapped inside.
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