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Jose Remillan
Makati City, Philippines    Life is a poetry. Begin writing your piece, and be remembered by the rest of humanity. *** "We don't read and write poetry because it's ...
Milwaukee Wisonsin    Hello, I am an amateur poet been doing it for 6 years. Hopefully, I can provide intricate and well-honed imagery when you read my poetry. ...
Doug Potter
Phillip Knight
Liam Adam Scicluna
24/M/Malta    I'm a 21 year old guy from the island of Malta. I enjoy those moments of solitude and tranquillity, since its only in those moments ...
The Revolutionist
Chicago, Illinois    I write poetry, all sorts of poetry, ranging from love to war, it doesn't matter I love the fine art of poetry and I'm ready ...
Jacobe Loman
Leonard Green
Maryland    Poetry has been a constant passion to portray my innermost thoughts. This journey began back at Southwestern High School, in Baltimore, where my English teacher ...
Mississippi    I am a single mom enjoying life and poetry. I love to write and love reading others poetry. Poetry is strong and can make you ...
27/Non-binary    "do you know w here you go when the s t a t i c c l o s e s in."
James M Vines
50/M/Atlanta Georgia    Mechanic, veteran, and poet. Creator of words and prose to entertain and enlighten. Happy or Sad, Dark or courageous. Words to tame the heart or ...
I take ownership of my poems so please don't steal any of them.
Another place    here lies some poems
Jan Patricia Vasadre
Mateuš Conrad
36/M/Essex (England)    as attempted in third person biographical form: will not write in third person, an ongoing auto- and first person - salvo!
Stephen Peters
Baton Rouge    Just another poet here that'll probably get lost among the other people who are better. I'll probably add what poems I have here so that ...
Our relationship with the rain is a test.
Read it until you see it and feel it in your own world. -All poem have been written by yours truly-
Sam Clemens
26/M/South Carolina    All good writing is swimming under water and holding your breath.
Fay Slimm
Cornwall U.K.    I have been in love with the mystery of words ever since I learned to read - keeping journals and writing stories and plays was ...
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