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Jun 2 · 462
Aye My Jasmine !!
Sneha shenoy Jun 2
Arnt you my most beautiful Jasmine?
Tell me when did you cast ur spell on me
I am enraptured in your fragrance
Heavens wouldn’t smell that way I swear
Fair as snow flake, Smooth as silk
Your lips are like honey dew
Like drop of water on the bud
Oh my Jasmine, only if other flowers knew
How fragrant you are
I’m sure they they would be envious
I’m waiting for you to bloom my Jasmine !
Once again I fell in the deepest pit
I can merely fathom the depth  
I don’t wanna rise,It’s a beautiful dream
The pit of my love
filled with infinite happiness ! Muah..
Aye My beautiful Jasmine,
Your Aura enraptured my soul ❤️
- *Rose
May 27 · 38
Buried Alive !
Sneha shenoy May 27
Outer world no more makes difference,
Inner world no more responds to pain.
Fiddleface and I close my eyes,
I feel within everything  as cold as ice.

Why can’t I cry anymore ?
Tears just refuse to come.
Tsunami in my heart,
Yet silent like a grave!

My breath sounds louder than a thunder,
Thoughts lost in uncertainty ,
Eyes lost in nothingness,
lost myself for ever.

Blank noises from within ?
Yes my death had come
And I’m buried,
I’m buried alive !

- Rose 🌹
I killed me # emotions helped
May 7 · 25
Sneha shenoy May 7
“If she her gaze falls upon you,
You can’t escape the slow painful death “
All this while I heard people describe her,
Now, yes, it was my turn!

I was eleven, it was my first wild encounter!
Dark as she looks, treacherous like her ways
I asked her “who are you ?
Why don’t people like you “

“Why’s everything so negative about you ?
Why do u hijack people’s glee
Cage them, torment them.
They become suicidal because of you ! “

She smiled at me,
Wiping mine, forever, with salty bursts of tears
Showing her actual eerie self! Casting a spell
My stomach hurt, and I shuddered

she cast her spell on me!
I went up to the window facing the sea
While the wind blew my curtains apart
I saw myself sitting in dark!

Sitting cold and Still I repeated,
ludicrously laughing : “I am her !
I am none but I am she
Haha now starts all my misery! “

I saw the thunder splitting the sea
By then she had become one in me
She muttered - Yes I am she !
I am pain herself !
                                   -Rose 🌹
Sneha shenoy Apr 23
Start from a point
Then perpendicular lines
Along the sides of a triangle! Hop
Think out of the box,
Into the circle
Tangentially shooting out
Into the cosmos
Or vitally following the elliptical path
Finally into a infinite loop
Forming figure of eight
Spinning clockwise and anti-clockwise
Polarised and de polarised
Upper half of it being sense
And the lower half of it being logic

Did you really try that in ur mind ?
Wait all that made no sense !

Life is simple you see !
Yes sensible logic is all we seek,
The very foundation that cosmos stand upon
And not all the complex stuff  
That you assume in ur mind,
Cook and transfer to peoples mind
Then they transferring it
And shooting it out to the masses
And people blindly worshipping it ?
Make sense out of it,
Make every action count
Life is worth rediscovering !

Sneha shenoy Apr 23
“Come on ! Pick up ur ****** pieces
Walk past your past!
Advancing into the future
Stronger should you be” * THUDDDD**

No where to go, Nothing to do,
Door shut straight on my face, Long I stood.

After the rains,
The rainbow is all that you see,
Oh you poor forgotten thunders !
And Long lost me!

Heavenly petrichor brings delight !
Also the Flashes of the past
The Futility of the venture
And deep scars that last.

Tumultuous downpour
Almost deafening my ears
Yet everything within stays so still
Darkness smeared, oh dear !

Rainbow curves on my lips
Exploding thunder in my heart
Broken pieces all fallen apart
Blurring my vision the tears that slips

Storm did teach the grass a firmer grip
They stand with their feet in dirt
And the rest of them in rain
Can they ? Naah! They can’t complain !

The exausted me repeats :
Rain rain go aaway
Comeback once I’m hurt again
Washing my heart off the pain !

Sneha shenoy Mar 24
I remember it was an accident,
Excruciating pain, scar,
Pieces of my body here and there.
It’s all over !!! Until she lifted me.

No purpose to live, wanted to die.
More I realised none I had, the harder I cried.
My bad!! I survived!!

After I broke to a 1000 pieces,
They changed. What ?? Praising me?
While a finger bowl, cleaned their dirt
Yet sniffed by none,
Now they are Showcasing and admiring me?

Now etching has infused scars on me,
Yet carved my purpose.
Glazing set painful burns,
Yet unravelled the beauty within.
Gold(self worth) filled the cracks of my heart.
Shaped by external pressure,
Emerged the beautiful, strong, brave bowl.

You assumed it all wrong !
I ain’t a HUMAN, crippled by his disability.
I am that transformed finger bowl
Yes “A Golden Glazed bowl”
Kintsugi changed my life! And yours ?

Lessons learnt from a “Golden Bowl”,
Remember, “Life no more a finger Bowl”!
Sep 2020 · 93
Je suis de retour bébé
Sneha shenoy Sep 2020
My sunshine my moon light,
Je suis désolé, I walked away.
Thou art fair, O my beloved!

Thou didst gift me the art of living,
but not without thee.❤️
Thou didst teach me to give but, without exhausting self .
Thou thought me to Bestir after jeers.
Thee wast my addition,
yet good for my fettle.
Flaunting thee, I got lauded.
Feeling thee, I got better like a buss.
Was reflecting my mind's saga in thee!

Methinks why didst I avaunt ?Natheless, It's been months.. I know!
Can I forlorn thee?
Naa .. Thou art my amour.
I can't forsake, thee can I?
"je suis de retour bébé"
("I'm back baby")

Melancholy ain't making me poetical,
Instead, more panglossian!
The merman sobbing in rain,
Remember! Best lessons are the ones that comes from pain.
For, POETRY be my life.
Yes she's my amour!*

- Rose
Apr 2020 · 99
Why didst I banish thee??
Sneha shenoy Apr 2020
Ay!you ,I stay'd thee for him,
Thou both were inseparable like juno's swans.

Thou were Christened by his name,
seperation hath made you insane.
Why do you fleet the tym carelessly ? reasons you give are completely lame.

Thou bequeathed me with your pain,
Making me sob Secretly in rain.

He overthrew you wrestler grip,
Making u lovelorn❤ and u tripped..
Why did I banish thee?
Cuz I realized thou art not For mee..

I prithee forgive me,I tried to thwart..
but still I hath banished you "yes you my heart".....
#Collection - Life in a Finger Bowl
Mar 2020 · 100
Secret no more secret
Sneha shenoy Mar 2020
Do I write to accord thy attention pal? assumption? Haha good one !!
Well something important has my attention
That's failed to reach this ironic world,
Pessimistic people,
materialistic unchaste thoughts,
Self designed tramatic catastrophes
That's Keeping us off the "secret";
Naa! Not the egeria's "secret",
Yes the "Abraham's secret";
that was christned as "secret"
Which is no more any secret
After being unravelled.😊
                    - ROSE
Mar 2020 · 75
Sneha shenoy Mar 2020
"If he's not doing anything to keep you,why are you trying so hard to stay?" her friend asked...
True, he's not even putting in enough to toss it into his trash.The letter,Yes my letter,the one in his office drawers  laying even aftr years shows how idle he is.. idle out of love for her who presented it to him on a special occasion,that makes his dipmples grow deeper when he blushes remembering how idle he's been ever after he's been taking care of that letter
Sneha shenoy Mar 2020
Sweetheart today is chocolates day.
I promise once Ur with me,
Thou shalt taste all the flavours
Packed in a wrapper,
placed in  a "Golden cascade".
I'l always give u sweet candies .

But when thou art guilty of playing a prank on me ,
I'll pinch Ur *** unraveling the sour wrapper🤣

when u hit on a nostalgic dialogue,😭
I shall unravel a candy which is salty! love when we share a single candy and I'm crying out of happiness ,
tears yes my tears shall decide the taste 😂😋

My love Re thy sweet candies
My wrath thy........Haha love no I can't get angry on thee♥️
My heart,the golden cascade.
our marriage,A beautiful wrapper,when wrapped correct feels perfect,
With regards to ____
"The man who stole my golden cascade"
Mar 2020 · 143
What do u want my love?
Sneha shenoy Mar 2020
Jack---What do you want my love ? Anything you need ask me😘

Jenny --I'll give you my bank account no. Pls transfer a small sum to my name not big amount though
Bank name : roseaxa heart bank

In the favour of : Mrs. Jack

Amount to be transferred:   all Ur Love Ur heart and undivided attention from you

Terms and condition: thou shalt not abandon this contract of roseaxa under any circumstances,doing so is subjected to heart break risks pls think before breaching 😘

Also this time u Abandon the contract the owner of the bank shall never talk to you 🥺🥺🥺😞

Last date to transfer amount : as soon as you read this

❌❌pls note that the amount once transferred is non refundable😉
Feb 2020 · 218
Poem without a rHyme
Sneha shenoy Feb 2020
My moon although far,
Always with me.
Thee have not thyn own light,
But still Thou didst share with me
Only stars & no moon,
can there be one night ?
Moonlight always be my favourato
Moon be a special part of me.
Thee stare at me and I stare at thee
Hiding the rose, Shalt I go on my knee
I tell you I love you
I kno you ment for stars and not me.
Thou refuse to come down
Don't u say find ur sun &
love the sunshine,
Heads up prince,else falls ur crown
I want not sun but your smile,Divine.
No I'm not here to rip you off the stars
Breaking you from the cosmos
Or Usurp thy kingdom nor throw deciet..
Im here to see you wax
Though you may hide in clouds
I still kno you're there.
I stay here watching thee
Don't be stubborn I don't need sun
Before the sky turns grey,
It's important I tell you
"Moon it's me not you who's first to wane"..
Now you kno poem rhymes not
Cuz it's bout the timing and not the rhyming
In some time I be a memory alone
For I am  destined to wane.
Dec 2019 · 223
Thy cwtch!
Sneha shenoy Dec 2019
Melancholy ain't making me poetical,
Instead, more panglossian!
I need thy cwtch for now and
I'll show how the rest of it is played
with boisterous swagger
Kicking back those icy fangs.
*   Don't tell me there's a twist again!
         Come on! Burst the bubble!  *

Every bowl has its day Forget not!
Aaha now that's why i say:
The one in winter, most cosiest!!
Oh u didn't understand ?
It's ok. Don't have to !!
Not everything is ment to be understood
Dec 2019 · 162
Beauty in Melancholy
Sneha shenoy Dec 2019
Life Some times hits the peak
so that we know how painful it is when u fall from that height back to where u started leaving you not just with a scar,lesson but also might cost you something more than a beautiful relation,
Yes that beautiful unfathomable realtion you had with others and yourself !
Oct 2019 · 225
"*Life in a Finger Bowl*"
Sneha shenoy Oct 2019
Most difficult phase of Life's exams? Anticipating results!!
After though hath given thy 1000%
& yet everything's fated to manifest from someone else's bowl...Sigh!
Bowl ? Yes the Bowl !!
The Bowl of Glistening Fortune ! Or
The Bowl of "Missed"Fortune !
Though doth eagerly wait à la russe to serve a finger bowl.
While enjoying the warmth of thy Bowl  thou shalt never understand,
thy bowl is equally fated to bestow someone's fortune.
The warmth of thy bowl can mean everything to another life,
Or the follies in thy bowl shalt punctuate before the life within sprouts  
Losing warmth inspite of not having any is the worst tyranny thou could be doing to another life in another bowl shame?Oh no I forgot thy shame Rests in peace within the society!
That's ok don't bother!
The Bowl is Resting in pieces
Lemons are for bowls, Artificial flavours are for taste buds # philosophyoflife
Jun 2019 · 726
khawabedaa Inaayat
Sneha shenoy Jun 2019
Aapki Nawaazish dekh ke  nawab khud sharmaye..
Aapki Voh vasl aur shiddat uns me dekh ke Hayat tham jaye..
Kya kare? AAP ** hi mukthalif
Ye vo iztiraar nahi ** AAP soch rahae hai !
Ye justajoo hai vo khawabedaa inaayat pane ke liye ..
Mere sayonee ab kya khahe ,
AAPke un aakhon ke Noor ne hamare chain Ko  fanaa kardiya hai!
Sneha shenoy Sep 2018
She said true love doesn't exist $
$ You've lied to me ! $
$ Anne jeered my love   $
Haha,come here little Johnny James
Haven't you herd of "Princess tales"?
Remember,"True love never fails".
Maiden Miss Russia lost in her
La la land,
Fell for a prince of Persia,
who promised to take her hand.
They swore,courted,kissed intense,
But the fear of seperation shook them thence.
They still kept their battle on,
Hoping not to see each other forlorn.
$ Did they make it ? $
Haha! My little Johnny,
MR.JAMES -Persia lives with Mrs.James-Russia along with their munchkin little Johnny James..
$ Awww Mommy, I love you $
Jun 2018 · 151
I'm seeing!
Sneha shenoy Jun 2018
Im seeing !    
The volatile relationships,
adiabatic karma,discrete life,
continuous self,abstruse universe.

I'm seeing!
The illusions of space - time,
Nurtured by life & shattered by death / enlightenment.

I'm seeing!
The Entropic mind,
Enthalpy (success) being the product obstacles (pressure) & the volumes of self that you discover.

I'm seeing!
Internal energy,the divine parameter that  decides your work done,
Impulse,the seraphic boon with an ravishing effect!!
Mar 2018 · 1.1k
"The secret answered"
Sneha shenoy Mar 2018
I  went on a mission searching Him.
Priests "he abodes house of worship";
Others "you 'll find him in idols";
Scientists "in atoms as energy";
Atheist "let it be.Your pursuit is futile".

Did it suffice me?It only deluded me.
One day, I stood before a mirror,
The secret was answered.

We are clothed with Power ,
fed with beliefs,moved by love.
The cord of Realization when struck,
the abstruse life begins to unveil
Abating the afflictions of the soul.
This cord & the universe resonate,
To give 13th cord of octave - "ecstasy".

Now this phrase is justified;
"The Budda in me spreads to the Budda in you to create peace & hapiness." *Yes he's in me
Feb 2018 · 411
Imperial Imprisonment♠
Sneha shenoy Feb 2018
I've shackled thy roots,
Thou shalt be served with majesty.
Albeit thou shalt be ruled by fetters,
Tyrant queen shalt lionize thee.
You hath encroached her empire,
Thou are pernicious,yet her panacea.
She's enamoured by thee.
No!!! You can't flee!!
This is thy kingdom,

"CHECKMATE my king,
Dec 2017 · 344
*Je t'aime*
Sneha shenoy Dec 2017
Remember how we met?
I stopped by to see thy smile,
Oblivious me, was trapped in Thy isle.
Stole my kingdom while  innocent,
Thy scent on me are still reminiscent.
I found my prince in life's fairy tail,
Je t'aime mon Amour
My first and my last prince.

This is my last poem to you,
Last? Why last?what's wrong?
Well, not cuz I lack fair words,
Not cuz I'm being melodramatic but,
Perhaps this clock will stop ticking.

This is my last poem to you ,
Cuz I've told em the start,
And I don't wanna reveal the end..
Are they seeking conclusion ?
Well they must cry.. Cry??
tears are the body's way of restoring “emotional equilibrium”.
Why do we cry tears of joy?
Is it nostalgic ? Sigh in joy or sorrow?
I leave it upon them to interpret,
*As they feel so mote it be
Nov 2017 · 398
What is love?
Sneha shenoy Nov 2017
What is love ?
"A strong feeling of affection."
Is that all it mean to you??
O poor Oxford you miserably fail!!!!
Its not a mere logical definition,
Its a exalted experience..
Not about begging and expecting,
But extension of warmth form within,
Dissolving ego making one bowdown...
Your pride no more chokes you,
Instead you love everything around..
That which makes you intoxicated when  higherself seeks supreme self.. Thy hunger of incompleteness is lost,
Its a different dimension that reunites you with the cosmic scape..
Its a transformation to conscious sensitive being..
Nov 2017 · 725
The Only ROSE I Recieved
Sneha shenoy Nov 2017
Today is my birthday,
Why did you come now?
Who invited you here?
Why that sudden longing for me???

Don't weep,sing songs in sad tunes!!!
I want to see you merry..
I'm happy you came,
But by then the song was over..

I'm happy and sad seeing,
The only ROSE you gave me!!!
You are too late,
Sorry I can't have them!!!

I can't smell em ,
embrace em tight..
For I lay in my eternal sleep,
my final niche,buried in soil..

Yes today is my  BIRTHDAY,
Nov 2017 · 155
Life with a new possibility
Sneha shenoy Nov 2017
When you stop looking at the watch⌚ that no more does tick for you,
they are not meant to be discarded
but to be kept in the golden case of memory ..
For they teach you that without them time does not stop
And also teach the value of other watch⏱
Nov 2017 · 207
Sneha shenoy Nov 2017
Oh !!! My love  -Anne Arthur-
I was ashamed cuz you were blind.
I doubted your chastity.
I abandoned you & hardly did care..
I cheated on you for her,
And she cheated on me for him.
I am ******,from smoke to smother.
Its too late to seek thy absolution...
" Dear John
       I was not born blind like you,
       I could no longer see you crib..
       you yearned to see this world,
      So I decided to fulfill your wish.
      I had visualized a happy us..
     But, you gave me a rude shock,
     After you learned I was blind.
     Anyways,you got her im happy
      None shall stop by me to care,
        my love remember
I wish I read this before you left,
I wish you never jumped off that cliff,
I wish I still had you in my arms.
I was blind at heart & not in eyes.
I shall follow you to eternity,
We shall be glued by the spirit gum,
Off the cliff, hear I come..
Nov 2017 · 180
Sneha shenoy Nov 2017
I came from nothingness..
walking in the path of nothingness
I abode the street called "nothing ".
shall be  going back to nothingness...
But I shall take back  ecstasy as my share ....
Who am I ? Nothing
anomalies in me?nothing
Nothingness is the sign of godliness well I'm the god himself!!!!
Nov 2017 · 219
Fortress captured
Sneha shenoy Nov 2017
He was built, ripped,macho
Hotter than hell,cooler than ice
Goes without saying that he was handsome,
His lips were teasing hers...
He held her tight emotionally high.
He shut her chattering  mouth with kisses four,
She shut her eyes enjoying it to the core ...
Though She didnt know to smooch..
She felt his soft lips against hers,
She was intoxicated with that elixir on his lips..
drenched in joy she lost her senses...
Her fortress was captured,
Her heart was on retreat,
Because of which it skipped its beat...
Nov 2017 · 401
Love reception syndrome
Sneha shenoy Nov 2017
You are worse than the deadliest poisons of the universe....
You intoxicated my system,
Effected on my nerves,
Captivating my brain and dismissing my reflexes ,
more than a poison ,
I would call you my chemotoxic poison ..
That poisoned and triggered my hormones
Which No more  listen to me but you..
In your presence they become euphoric lost in blissful trance
They are addicted to you  in whose absence they show strange symptoms..
Withdrawal symptoms ?? No love reception syndrome...
Im sure I don't wanna find anti toad for this poison.. because I love them I love him who bit me with his poison❤
Sneha shenoy Oct 2017
When the uthopic skies were blue,
& the proud tall green grass grew.
The joy was sweeter than honey due,
My Lil heart hopped like a kangaroo,
Thank god you came to my rescue.
The weather was dull, filled with hew,
grass afflicted with downy mildew,
The new yew turned into old yew..
But why? Senescence overthrew.
life is not always an equation equal to,
One plus one makes two .
Happy journey! On the road i.e new
I'll travel Myn,travelled by a very few.
Dn't worry till my journey on bamboo,
Weather or not the sky is blue,
When u turn Ill always be with you.
In the 1st lines it says uthopic skies Wch means skies which were reflection of heaven the grass grew nicely majestically raised their heads n stood up tis was very pleasant to watch.. it is tym when all plants grow flowers bloom( spring).. this atmosphere was very romantic then her heart jumped like a kangaroo means she started falling in love with the nature apparently the man... she says thank god ..he came to my rescue Wch means he came into her life as her lover making her feal safe in his arms and not abandoning her unstable( loving)heart.            

now the other tym(autumn) we can see that nature is not as pleasant as b4.. Weather is nt condusive its dull( love was very dull)filled with hew( her love was covered with mist making it unclear  ).the tall majestic grass was affected by downy mildew( sign of tragedy)..the new yew tree had grown old yew tree( the new sensation in his life that is his love had turned I to old one cuz he had found a new one).. Then she questions herself y? Then she understands that it's because of senescence( senescence of nature senescence of her love)..everything ages ( so does love in her case)..the living things 1ce which is  young it has to grow old and finally perish.(finally his love for her was about to perish).

We always say 1+ 1= 2(1person falls in love with the other then they both are together) mathematically but life is not always that equation ( because not always 2 ppl fall in love and stay together till the end)..

She says happy journey( because she is caring) because he has decided to go on another new road(new girl)..

Ill have to walk my journey all alone .Though This kind of strange journey travelled by very few ( supporting love even after he betrayed her) im left with no choice...

Don't worry when u turn back and seek my help or support,wether or NT skies are blue( where u love me or not) till my journey on bamboo( till I'm being carried on bamboo after my death ) I'll always be an support for u

On a superficial note she says that nature is beautiful in beginning bcz of leaves n other stuffs in spring and on contrast in  autumn this beauty is lost she says senescence is the reason

But deep inside she compares the mortality of her love jst like natures beauty Wch fad3s at tyms
Sneha shenoy Oct 2017
Her gentleness belies her strength,
Her smile belies her story,
Her involvement belies the loneliness,
Miseries and tragedies around,
Afflicted broken hearts,
Little did the world care
Haas!!! "Life in a finger bowl!!!"

Virtuous shalt swim,
Yes! Against the acclivity of the soup.
Remember Life is a bowl bigger,
And definitely not finger bowl

For,thy bowl was bestowed by thee.

Let world be a lie.
But You be thy own truth,
"Be the lie that blies you"
Thus balancing extremes,
Omnivirtuous thou would be !!!
-- Rose
Oct 2017 · 427
Letter from heaven
Sneha shenoy Oct 2017

Its nice to know weather changes,
The seasons? They too change
Just like days on my calendar does.

Now to then,
The dawn to dusk,
Present to past,
This letter that u received will be the last....

LAST ? WHY LAST? because
love,my dear love it pains to know that u too have changed....

I saw u throw away my ROSE,
you actually dint throw away that flower,
But you did throw me,this ROSE.
Oct 2017 · 391
Vampire of love
Sneha shenoy Oct 2017
That dark night I realized,
Thou art vampire
Piercing Thy long sharp  teeth into my heart ,
Thou hath fed on my love
Draining me right from my heart
Now that I have no love left...
I beseech thou to set my heart free from Thy trecherous darkness ...

I'm scared not of love but of vampires disguised As innocent person..
Sep 2017 · 292
I love her after u r gone
Sneha shenoy Sep 2017
I hug her,
I laugh out with her ,
I play with her ,
I kiss her,

I take her everywhere,every day
I tell her the stories of my heart.

Yes now im in love with her
After you have gone...
After I let u go with him...

I hug her out of sorrow,
I laugh with her crying Fr the lost tomorrow,
I play with her so that she doesn't remind me of you,
I kiss my painful heart...
I tell her the stories of how im dieying
After you said adieu

You found your new boy
And I found my new gal
Oly difference is u chose him over me..
& me left with no choice,accepted her
And she is pain,loneliness,darkness
Sep 2017 · 480
Unexplained Good bye
Sneha shenoy Sep 2017
Their eyes moving hither & tither,
Accidentally enraptured on one another.

As soon as they met they fell in love❤,
Adding spice to life,just like clove.

Finally he confessed :
" Rose I love you" with a joyous cry,
She replied:
" My love, life without you is monotonous & dry"

He gifted red rosé *** to fair Rose,
Fair one affectionately cared for red,
They both came too close..
In her dreams she saw her love on death bed..

What happened? who did she see??
Did the plant die?
Or their relationship?
Or both?
But why did they leave her???

All started with restless eye,
Ending with an unexplained gudbye...
Sneha shenoy Sep 2017
Every lonely night that rains
My heart pains,
Almost drenching my vains.

Eyes cry ,
Throat chokes
I asked my heart
" why are you crying?"
And my head replied:
" your  almost dying...
Without your lover ,
Whom you act like you don't remember,
But deep inside you repeat:
I love you ,
Though I can't be with you ".

Whom shall I listen to
Head says : "forget and finish "
Heart says : " regret and perish"
Sneha shenoy Sep 2017
After that terrible fight,
my lips were nervous, full of fright,
Wasn't sure if Approaching you was right,
Thy cheeks witnessed my kisses with delight,
I could feel thy hands embrace me tight...
Happy me still waiting For your love bite...
It's ok I had your ice cream's bite,
The sweet memory of our 1st date I write...
That's all For now my love,❤ blessed night..
Sneha shenoy Sep 2017
How can I say adieu,
Its hard to no think of you,
When I see a kat mew,
When the roses are red, skies are blue,
And when my love is true,
Your beauty kills me u have no clue..
Initially yoU were a good friend,
Now lover whom ill always defend.❤
May YoUr valor & good virtues blend,
To create a story hopefully Which does not end...
Sneha shenoy Sep 2017
ROSE narrates:
One sleepless, eclipsed,charred night,
I decided to roam without any fright.
It was foggy like the smoke of hell,
The witching hour sounded like death knell.

I passed by the spooky grave,
Flagitious  skull,nefarious shock wave.
It depicted the darkness of the soul,
Darker than the matte charcoal.

Suddenly ,What caught my attention?

The procession of the dead covered with shroud,
Big chaotic crowd,muttering these lines loud.

"Was she born asleep ?
Or was this a ****** ?
Or an assisted suicide?

For no reasons I felt bereaved,
With true tears I was grieved. something was not clear in my minds eye,
Without seeing her,I waved good bye.

She had " LOVE" for BREAKFAST,
" PAIN" for lunch,
" DEATH" FOR dinner.

When she was burried I saw her face,
I saw my love lying in the coffin case.

Haha! I realised I breath my last
Having a poisonous " BREAKFAST" ..
In this poem Rose narrates this incident .. She goes Fr a lonely walk because she was sleepless .. When she goes out she sees nothing but pitch dark night ...she passes by a grave yard Which was really horrific in appearance.. She sees a procession passing by where the dead is being carried and is covered by the shroud... She stops to see this  sad spectacle ....she hears ppl speak their thoughts out .. She suddenly feels bad Fr the dead without knowing who it is... Suddenly she feels connected with the dead ... She has some confusion in her mind goin on ... N in tears ( sympathy ) she waves good bye to the dead.. Out of curiosity she sees the face of the dead girl .. Wat is to fall upon her ....

     She sees her half way love lying in the coffin .. Perhaps herself.... Suddenly she realized that she had eaten a poisonous breakfast ( fell in love ... N heart broke) n she had passed away ...N tis whole poem is narrated  by her spirit...
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Who am i?
Sneha shenoy Sep 2017
I'm not a professional thoug,
i do write songs in the flow,
i write little that i know,
that life is a journey high and low,
who does not want to be prø?,
so practice is al i do to grow
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Sneha shenoy Sep 2017
Standing by the bridge that was old
young couple once cherished memories of gold.

Was she lovelorn?
But dosent matter,she's all torn,
As her fairy kingdom was forlorn.

Sshhh!!!! Can't you hear her whimpe?
Helpless she unable to go with nature's sync.

Gazing at the nature fille sat Disquieted ,
The melancholic morbid was reflected.

The doleful rivers all in flood,
She sobbed tears of blood .
The sun shunned its light,
Birds disregarded their flight.

The grey sky shook the earth,
Dejected she rejected this birth,
EMBRACING the river and questioning her worth.

The doleful rivers all in flood,
She sobbed tears of blood .
The sun shunned its light,
Birds disregarded their flight.

The grey sky shook the earth,
Dejected she rejected this birth,
EMBRACING the river and questioning her worth.

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Sneha shenoy Sep 2017
The golden sand swept around in synthe of beech,
where he hath made promises which he’ll keep.
He held her hands and walked past the bow,
the fazed waves whispered with a thwart,
Being thalosophile she stood with no go.

When the sea embraced the shore,
She could not keep him forsaken anymore.
Both settled to relish the saline tang,
As they oft had love pang.

One moonlit night she saw banshee,
Who warned her foredooming death,
She feared his life & ran gasping for breath.

She saw the wind unusually howled
When her beloved sailed and left her in cold.

She woke up and hushed and scream,
“this was a dream!”
Alas! Unconsolable she seam,
When She saw his scar left on her heart,
Memories flashing by and her world falling apart.
This is the story of the princess who stays by the beach who loves the sea... Shes madly in love with the man who she makes the love of her life... The beach,had witnessed the vows of the couples.. The sea being her lover warns her whispers to her about the treacherous man... But she being struck by the cupids arrows fails to seek the summons of,the sea... One moonlit night she sees banshee which is supposed to be the sprit Which warns people of forecomming death ... So the princess is afraid that she might loose her price ... She without even giving a second thought runs to meet the prince... Now the tragedy recalls on her n the wind howls strongly symbolizing the tragic parting of the two where she sees her prince elope with another lady ,she's all,alone left in the cold destined to be condemned by her fate She wakes up with fear ,and bit relieved cuz it was a dream.... But soon tears roll

— The End —