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Sneha shenoy Sep 2018
She said true love doesn't exist $
$ You've lied to me ! $
$ Anne jeered my love   $
Haha,come here little Johnny James
Haven't you herd of "Princess tales"?
Remember,"True love never fails".
Maiden Miss Russia lost in her
La la land,
Fell for a prince of Persia,
who promised to take her hand.
They swore,courted,kissed intense,
But the fear of seperation shook them thence.
They still kept their battle on,
Hoping not to see each other forlorn.
$ Did they make it ? $
Haha! My little Johnny,
MR.JAMES -Persia lives with Mrs.James-Russia along with their munchkin little Johnny James..
$ Awww Mommy, I love you $

— The End —