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Sneha shenoy Oct 2019
Most difficult phase of Life's exams? Anticipating results!!
After though hath given thy 1000%
& yet everything's fated to manifest from someone else's bowl...Sigh!
Bowl ? Yes the Bowl !!
The Bowl of Glistening Fortune ! Or
The Bowl of "Missed"Fortune !
Though doth eagerly wait à la russe to serve a finger bowl.
While enjoying the warmth of thy Bowl  thou shalt never understand,
thy bowl is equally fated to bestow someone's fortune.
The warmth of thy bowl can mean everything to another life,
Or the follies in thy bowl shalt punctuate before the life within sprouts  
Losing warmth inspite of not having any is the worst tyranny thou could be doing to another life in another bowl shame?Oh no I forgot thy shame Rests in peace within the society!
That's ok don't bother!
The Bowl is Resting in pieces
Lemons are for bowls, Artificial flavours are for taste buds # philosophyoflife

— The End —