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Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2018
A terrible thing once  tried
Objectifying life
With a language simplified
Strokes for different memories
Dynamics of  life

Illusion of equation
Hidden figures
Mystic world
Spotlight, keeps it glow
Chase all directions, to and fro  
Syncronized collage of time
Speaking of love, impulse and life
Some silence, some smile, some cry
Tincture of madness to know,
Shape of water
Smell of words
Song of trail
In search of dimension that exists

Karma, a circle never ends
What goes around, comes around
In form, life is liquid in shape
No arguments, no more bet.
My perception of life. We all are not, what our name is. We are, a vibration of everyone with whom we collide.
Shared from my Anthology, Canvas: Echoes and Reflections. 2018.
Sneha shenoy Nov 2017
What is love ?
"A strong feeling of affection."
Is that all it mean to you??
O poor Oxford you miserably fail!!!!
Its not a mere logical definition,
Its a exalted experience..
Not about begging and expecting,
But extension of warmth form within,
Dissolving ego making one bowdown...
Your pride no more chokes you,
Instead you love everything around..
That which makes you intoxicated when  higherself seeks supreme self.. Thy hunger of incompleteness is lost,
Its a different dimension that reunites you with the cosmic scape..
Its a transformation to conscious sensitive being..
Fitri Nisya Nov 2014
Writing my letter under the same sky as you,
Then I smile to the melody you've never care about
Knowing that you're far away
And never coming back
It left memory behind, you know
That you have been in my heart

And I'm sending my letter
To the dimention you have never known
Good bye

Thank you for sending me this far
I'm going on my way now
Without you in distance
I know it is hard
But I'll try to live in my dream

There's no sorrow, no pain to feel
Or even break apart
No, I know it is a lie
But hey, this fairy tale is over

You are good in my good bye
To those who being left, or letting go, are strong enough

— The End —