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Malia Jan 24
As the aliens
Watch us, they say,
“What a fickle nature,
To fall in and out of love,
Like it’s a doorway:
An impossibly liminal space.”
it’s like us humans live life on a twilight rollercoaster
Jay M Aug 2020
Staring at the ceiling in the dark
A new world comes to life

Dancing shadows
Like familiar silhouettes
From memories once so dear
Doing dips and pirouettes
Entangling then seperate
Few seeming so desperate
Whilst others only bid adieu
For not all is too
Far gone, far down
All things shall arise

Ribbons like smoke
Or regrets chains that choke
A serpent, slithering in the mind
Plotting to seize control

A figure of shadow
Creeping by the doorway
Moving soundlessly across the ground
To stop and stare
At the one who dare
Look back
Into the eyes of a darkness.

- Jay M
August 24th, 2020
Boredom, memories, and a childhood fear.
annh Apr 2020
Surely, this life is but an aberration. For have I not been oblivious to the heraldry of the firmament for far longer than I have craved to acquaint myself with its mystery; of the moon and stars to know their secrets.

Gazing in awe at the doorway to infinity whence I have so recently arrived, it seems unimaginable that I should recollect nothing of the stepping through, the horror vacui of my incarnation, the shuffling forward in the queue.

My existence a blink of an eye; my non-existence the remainder of time.
Is it any wonder - glorying at the night sky - that I am confused as to whether I am on the inside looking out...or the outside looking in?

‘For the first forty days a child is given dreams of previous lives. Journeys, winding paths, a hundred small lessons and then the past is erased.’
- Michael Ondaatje, Handwriting
Angels crying
Reality fading
Just little old me
Trying for perfection
It's hard enough as it is
I don't even want to do this anymore
But I have to
So I can impede my possession

A dark connection was made years ago
Its eyes were filled with darkness and corruption
I see that every day in my reflection
Once upon a time, it was bliss
But now
Now I must get out of this mess

I've been doing really good
But they tell me there's no escape
So what is the point
If that part of me cannot be destroyed
My hands are tied and I'm really annoyed
Forget those times where I was overjoyed
Guess I should just deal with it like I always have
God, I'm such a *******
But I'm sure I'll have the last laugh.
Created by me on February 11th, 2020
Star BG Apr 2019
Devil deals become VOID
the minute you look at them
with self forgiveness and love.

The second you in mind travel
with open heart
into fields of love
that all are invited to by The Divine.

Loves door is always open
but you have to turn the handle.
Inspired by Mack Thanks
It is never too late to realign with self love inside this earth journey.
MsRobota Mar 2019
There is a hallway;
a red door;
a doorway
I cannot pass

something has changed
she is dead

There are ravens
at early dawn
singing in the fog
a lullaby for me

something has changed
she is dead

There is a cold
that turned my soul to stone
left me in ruins

something has changed
she is dead

There are sleeping sheep
before the wolf feasts
and there is no going back

'cause something in me has changed
the girl you knew is dead

There is a hallway;
a red door;
a doorway
I'm walking through
Star BG Jan 2019
I enter a doorway,
of silence to see.
Light and wind
yes hugging me.

I enter the moment,
in quiet with beams
breathing deeply
to center in dreams.

I enter an archway,
of rainbows grand light
letting go judgments
so all will go right.

I enter cave dwelling,
inside of my heart
to hear guidance
and make a new start

I enter and stay,
meditating for bliss.
Spirit anoints me
with a special kiss.
Saw a u-tube of flute music.
The title was door way of silence and it sparked this poem.
When I wrote last line
a haiku showed itself.
Looks like I inspired myself LOL

Meditating bliss
comes as spirit anoints me
with a special kiss.
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