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Star BG Apr 18
Devil deals become VOID
the minute you look at them
with self forgiveness and love.

The second you in mind travel
with open heart
into fields of love
that all are invited to by The Divine.

Loves door is always open
but you have to turn the handle.
Inspired by Mack Thanks
It is never too late to realign with self love inside this earth journey.
Mrs Robota Mar 19
There is a hallway;
a red door;
a doorway
I cannot pass

something has changed
she is dead

There are ravens
at early dawn
singing in the fog
a lullaby for me

something has changed
she is dead

There is a cold
that turned my soul to stone
left me in ruins

something has changed
she is dead

There are sleeping sheep
before the wolf feasts
and there is no going back

'cause something in me has changed
the girl you knew is dead

There is a hallway;
a red door;
a doorway
I'm walking through
Star BG Jan 1
I enter a doorway,
of silence to see.
Light and wind
yes hugging me.

I enter the moment,
in quiet with beams
breathing deeply
to center in dreams.

I enter an archway,
of rainbows grand light
letting go judgments
so all will go right.

I enter cave dwelling,
inside of my heart
to hear guidance
and make a new start

I enter and stay,
meditating for bliss.
Spirit anoints me
with a special kiss.
Saw a u-tube of flute music.
The title was door way of silence and it sparked this poem.
When I wrote last line
a haiku showed itself.
Looks like I inspired myself LOL

Meditating bliss
comes as spirit anoints me
with a special kiss.
Sneha shenoy Nov 2017
Today is my birthday,
Why did you come now?
Who invited you here?
Why that sudden longing for me???

Don't weep,sing songs in sad tunes!!!
I want to see you merry..
I'm happy you came,
But by then the song was over..

I'm happy and sad seeing,
The only ROSE you gave me!!!
You are too late,
Sorry I can't have them!!!

I can't smell em ,
embrace em tight..
For I lay in my eternal sleep,
my final niche,buried in soil..

Yes today is my  BIRTHDAY,
Star BG May 2017
I stand at the doorway to the heart.
The key my deep breath.
Once inside energies tickle
causing a smile to rise on face.
causing sensations warm to enter bloodstreams.

I stand, ready to take off in dance
with my fellow neighbor.
Ready to reconnect to sister, brothers, and animals.

Mother Natures wind blows caressing me.
Birds tickle ears to align with my own song.

And as I move out, I know I am blessed and a blessing.
I arrived home. I am home.

Star BG © 2017
inspired by Styles 12
Lou Vaughn Jan 2017
There he is...standing in my doorway...
towering...smiling...glistening with confidence.
Is he real? Am I awake?
I have fallen so hard and so deep.
I no longer care where I am or who I am,
as long as he is mine.
DaSH the Hopeful Sep 2016

I'm standing here

       In this doorway

   Halfway between where I have been
And where I will go

     *And I can't help but cry tears of joy.
Neal Emanuelson Apr 2015
Her doorway holds the way between
His hand and the heart he spilled
About faith
Lean against the walls in time
All in wait for her reply
Something meaningful to help return the hurt
They speak about the their world in turns
Sudden break within the boundary
Of the levees of her closed and drying tears
Opens the doorway
With brighter eyes; Return

The time slows by
And earth shall not cease to turn

Against the wall
Light shadows mood
In lieu of promises no one sure to keep
He’s not a liar, so he thought
He holds on painfully a bit too tight
She’s crushed within a comforted grip
Her eyes no longer separate between the lives
Seen reasonable or rational
To believe his words today
And the coming days with smile and a tear

The time slows by
And earth shall not cease to turn
Spinning silently when nothing’s right
Leaving hesitantly when nothing’s wrong

The doorway holds two worlds between
Closed eyes and the shudders of their dreams
Memories in reverse repetition, slowed

© 2008
Wolf Irwin Sep 2014
Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we learn,
Every ounce of wisdom is something that we earn,
The pages of life they constantly turn,
So self judgment should soon be adjourned,
The doorway is open we need just endure,
Make sure to **** out all the negative allure,
A beautiful future is something we ensure,
Life is subjective by how we infer,
Anger, fear and resentment cloud our sight,
Things might go wrong but that's only a might,
Why think so low when you could take flight?,
Why love any less when it's a new height? ,
Switching perception can feel kind of strange,
Its practiced in aim not from your range,
It's less of losing and more of exchange,
For a better inner world to be self contained,
There we are for so long we've concealed it,
Door number 3 has finally revealed it,
A letter to our hearts and now we must seal it,
Don't think about feeling life and just feel it.
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