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Aged, wrinkled and worn
Our Palms of fortune and destiny
Show tracks leading to new places
Playing out the timeline of our lives
Like a show - a Chorus Line
The queues will flock for the matinee
And so this poetical line ends.
A poem on the theme of 'Lines'
© Joshua Reece Wylie
Sneha shenoy Dec 2019
Melancholy ain't making me poetical,
Instead, more panglossian!
I need thy cwtch for now and
I'll show how the rest of it is played
with boisterous swagger
Kicking back those icy fangs.
*   Don't tell me there's a twist again!
         Come on! Burst the bubble!  *

Every bowl has its day Forget not!
Aaha now that's why i say:
The one in winter, most cosiest!!
Oh u didn't understand ?
It's ok. Don't have to !!
Not everything is ment to be understood
Àŧùl Jun 2017
And I replied:

*"मगर यकीन है मुझे,
अगर ज़्यादा पास तुम आई,
तो मैं तुम्हें भी खो दूँगा।
Magar yakeen hai mujhe,
Agar zyaada paas tum aayi,
To main tumhe bhi kho dunga.

दोस्त ही ठीक हैं हम,
नंबर मांगती हो तुम,
मैं एक की जगह दो दूँगा।
Dost hi theek hain hum,
Number maangti ** tum,
Main ek ki jagah do dunga.

"But I am sure about it,
If you come closer to me,
Then I will lose you as well.

We are okay as just friends,
You ask for my number,
Have 2 instead of one.

My HP Poem #1595
©Atul Kaushal
Peter J Thomas Feb 2016
A broken heart,

A shattered will,

No happiness,

From dispensed pill.
Peter J Thomas Feb 2016
I caught a cold in winter cold,

Who knows my nose was red,

When suddenly I saw a saw,

A deed indeed was bled.
Peter J Thomas Feb 2016
Love I'm told is in the air,

Yet such a thing I cannot see,

Perhaps I'm looking up not down,

Or simply waywardly.

— The End —