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Butterfly Jul 2019
"When we marry I want a huge cake like that."

My heart skipped a beat.
I wanted to kiss her so badly.
I love you
Sneha shenoy Feb 2018
I've shackled thy roots,
Thou shalt be served with majesty.
Albeit thou shalt be ruled by fetters,
Tyrant queen shalt lionize thee.
You hath encroached her empire,
Thou are pernicious,yet her panacea.
She's enamoured by thee.
No!!! You can't flee!!
This is thy kingdom,

"CHECKMATE my king,
Tristan Brown Oct 2017
Dear Tristan,

          You say your good at math,
          But you apparently can't count
I realized that I put out five already, so I thought I would have a little fun with this one.
aniket nikhade Nov 2015
Exactly what happened?
Was it stolen?
Was it lost?
Forgotten something
Exactly what happened?

What was thought to be going on in mind at the present moment of time is no longer anywhere in the mind
A moment has been forgotten, if not then probably it has been lost along with the flow of time
Something got definitely skipped out of mind
Exactly what was it?
A precious moment in time
It had got something with regards to the future in the present, but the moment has been lost
It’s the ability to think beyond and think again that leads to waywardness and adds confusion
Nothing else
Nothing more
Seldom it’s the ability to think deeply and in detail that leads to slowdown in thought process
As of now what else can be done?
Squeeze out yourself, take a deep breath, take it easy, relax for a while
Stop pondering over each and everything
Be normal, follow routine
Definitely you will be able to retrieve the moment which was lost
The lost moment will definitely be found
It will take time, but definitely it will be found
Then the time will come to take the next step
Till then live in the present to the best of your abilities
Definitely something which was lost will be found, if not recovered instantaneously prior.
AMcQ Nov 2014
My soul is dense,
Saturated with tears
spilt and caught within.
Like rainwater
they seep into the depths
avoiding the external cascade.
But this will subside!
I know it will...
As I take in your form
skipped heartbeats make
ripples of the dark pool.
The dark turns to mist
and curls off in your breeze.

— The End —