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Apr 23
Start from a point
Then perpendicular lines
Along the sides of a triangle! Hop
Think out of the box,
Into the circle
Tangentially shooting out
Into the cosmos
Or vitally following the elliptical path
Finally into a infinite loop
Forming figure of eight
Spinning clockwise and anti-clockwise
Polarised and de polarised
Upper half of it being sense
And the lower half of it being logic

Did you really try that in ur mind ?
Wait all that made no sense !

Life is simple you see !
Yes sensible logic is all we seek,
The very foundation that cosmos stand upon
And not all the complex stuffΒ Β 
That you assume in ur mind,
Cook and transfer to peoples mind
Then they transferring it
And shooting it out to the masses
And people blindly worshipping it ?
Make sense out of it,
Make every action count
Life is worth rediscovering !

Sneha shenoy
Written by
Sneha shenoy  21/F/India
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