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Oct 2017
When the uthopic skies were blue,
& the proud tall green grass grew.
The joy was sweeter than honey due,
My Lil heart hopped like a kangaroo,
Thank god you came to my rescue.
The weather was dull, filled with hew,
grass afflicted with downy mildew,
The new yew turned into old yew..
But why? Senescence overthrew.
life is not always an equation equal to,
One plus one makes two .
Happy journey! On the road i.e new
I'll travel Myn,travelled by a very few.
Dn't worry till my journey on bamboo,
Weather or not the sky is blue,
When u turn Ill always be with you.
In the 1st lines it says uthopic skies Wch means skies which were reflection of heaven the grass grew nicely majestically raised their heads n stood up tis was very pleasant to watch.. it is tym when all plants grow flowers bloom( spring).. this atmosphere was very romantic then her heart jumped like a kangaroo means she started falling in love with the nature apparently the man... she says thank god ..he came to my rescue Wch means he came into her life as her lover making her feal safe in his arms and not abandoning her unstable( loving)heart.            

now the other tym(autumn) we can see that nature is not as pleasant as b4.. Weather is nt condusive its dull( love was very dull)filled with hew( her love was covered with mist making it unclear  ).the tall majestic grass was affected by downy mildew( sign of tragedy)..the new yew tree had grown old yew tree( the new sensation in his life that is his love had turned I to old one cuz he had found a new one).. Then she questions herself y? Then she understands that it's because of senescence( senescence of nature senescence of her love)..everything ages ( so does love in her case)..the living things 1ce which is  young it has to grow old and finally perish.(finally his love for her was about to perish).

We always say 1+ 1= 2(1person falls in love with the other then they both are together) mathematically but life is not always that equation ( because not always 2 ppl fall in love and stay together till the end)..

She says happy journey( because she is caring) because he has decided to go on another new road(new girl)..

Ill have to walk my journey all alone .Though This kind of strange journey travelled by very few ( supporting love even after he betrayed her) im left with no choice...

Don't worry when u turn back and seek my help or support,wether or NT skies are blue( where u love me or not) till my journey on bamboo( till I'm being carried on bamboo after my death ) I'll always be an support for u

On a superficial note she says that nature is beautiful in beginning bcz of leaves n other stuffs in spring and on contrast in  autumn this beauty is lost she says senescence is the reason

But deep inside she compares the mortality of her love jst like natures beauty Wch fad3s at tyms
Sneha shenoy
Written by
Sneha shenoy  21/F/India
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