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Alexis karpouzos Feb 2019
Our souls are tired..
No, we don'tt need more material comforts.
We need nature,
we need magic,
we need longing and passion,
we need freedom and truth,
we need stillness.
We don't need more material comforts.
We need to wake up and live.
Sneha shenoy Sep 2017
Their eyes moving hither & tither,
Accidentally enraptured on one another.

As soon as they met they fell in love❤,
Adding spice to life,just like clove.

Finally he confessed :
" Rose I love you" with a joyous cry,
She replied:
" My love, life without you is monotonous & dry"

He gifted red rosé *** to fair Rose,
Fair one affectionately cared for red,
They both came too close..
In her dreams she saw her love on death bed..

What happened? who did she see??
Did the plant die?
Or their relationship?
Or both?
But why did they leave her???

All started with restless eye,
Ending with an unexplained gudbye...
Jinn Prashanti Jun 2016
Last October I was home with you
Lately Im doing my best building a home without you
At home I keep an empty chair for you
In our closet there's hangers left vaccant for you  
Memories is how I will keep you
Even in old age I wanna seek you
With your past I will always love you
No slack can take back loyalty I learn from you
This is how Im home with you
Even in your absence I wont let go of you

Loving somebody deeply from afar.... everlasting pain....
Tainted Mind Jan 2015
A sadness born of loneliness
Of distance and confusion
An easing based in fantasy
Of dreaming and illusion
The darkness of abandonment
An ally of rejection
The burning eyes of tears gone by
With bitter sour reflection
The grainy grey of start of day
Lain sleepless, hours, staring
The futile days spent wishing
For other lives more daring
The river runs in black and grey
A story growing older
A heart that yearns for warmth
As the world around grows colder
Aurora Jan 2015
My heart is smarter than my brain.
It knows who is the right person,
And who is the wrong person.

If my heart doesn't choose you,
Then you are the wrong person.
However, my heart makes mistakes like my brain.

You can trick my heart
Not my brain.
They work together to know who is wrong or right.

— The End —