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Sneha shenoy Jun 2
Arnt you my most beautiful Jasmine?
Tell me when did you cast ur spell on me
I am enraptured in your fragrance
Heavens wouldn’t smell that way I swear
Fair as snow flake, Smooth as silk
Your lips are like honey dew
Like drop of water on the bud
Oh my Jasmine, only if other flowers knew
How fragrant you are
I’m sure they they would be envious
I’m waiting for you to bloom my Jasmine !
Once again I fell in the deepest pit
I can merely fathom the depth  
I don’t wanna rise,It’s a beautiful dream
The pit of my love
filled with infinite happiness ! Muah..
Aye My beautiful Jasmine,
Your Aura enraptured my soul ❤️
- *Rose
Sneha shenoy May 27
Outer world no more makes difference,
Inner world no more responds to pain.
Fiddleface and I close my eyes,
I feel within everything  as cold as ice.

Why can’t I cry anymore ?
Tears just refuse to come.
Tsunami in my heart,
Yet silent like a grave!

My breath sounds louder than a thunder,
Thoughts lost in uncertainty ,
Eyes lost in nothingness,
lost myself for ever.

Blank noises from within ?
Yes my death had come
And I’m buried,
I’m buried alive !

- Rose 🌹
I killed me # emotions helped
Sneha shenoy May 7
“If she her gaze falls upon you,
You can’t escape the slow painful death “
All this while I heard people describe her,
Now, yes, it was my turn!

I was eleven, it was my first wild encounter!
Dark as she looks, treacherous like her ways
I asked her “who are you ?
Why don’t people like you “

“Why’s everything so negative about you ?
Why do u hijack people’s glee
Cage them, torment them.
They become suicidal because of you ! “

She smiled at me,
Wiping mine, forever, with salty bursts of tears
Showing her actual eerie self! Casting a spell
My stomach hurt, and I shuddered

she cast her spell on me!
I went up to the window facing the sea
While the wind blew my curtains apart
I saw myself sitting in dark!

Sitting cold and Still I repeated,
ludicrously laughing : “I am her !
I am none but I am she
Haha now starts all my misery! “

I saw the thunder splitting the sea
By then she had become one in me
She muttered - Yes I am she !
I am pain herself !
                                   -Rose 🌹
Sneha shenoy Apr 23
Start from a point
Then perpendicular lines
Along the sides of a triangle! Hop
Think out of the box,
Into the circle
Tangentially shooting out
Into the cosmos
Or vitally following the elliptical path
Finally into a infinite loop
Forming figure of eight
Spinning clockwise and anti-clockwise
Polarised and de polarised
Upper half of it being sense
And the lower half of it being logic

Did you really try that in ur mind ?
Wait all that made no sense !

Life is simple you see !
Yes sensible logic is all we seek,
The very foundation that cosmos stand upon
And not all the complex stuff  
That you assume in ur mind,
Cook and transfer to peoples mind
Then they transferring it
And shooting it out to the masses
And people blindly worshipping it ?
Make sense out of it,
Make every action count
Life is worth rediscovering !

Sneha shenoy Apr 23
“Come on ! Pick up ur ****** pieces
Walk past your past!
Advancing into the future
Stronger should you be” * THUDDDD**

No where to go, Nothing to do,
Door shut straight on my face, Long I stood.

After the rains,
The rainbow is all that you see,
Oh you poor forgotten thunders !
And Long lost me!

Heavenly petrichor brings delight !
Also the Flashes of the past
The Futility of the venture
And deep scars that last.

Tumultuous downpour
Almost deafening my ears
Yet everything within stays so still
Darkness smeared, oh dear !

Rainbow curves on my lips
Exploding thunder in my heart
Broken pieces all fallen apart
Blurring my vision the tears that slips

Storm did teach the grass a firmer grip
They stand with their feet in dirt
And the rest of them in rain
Can they ? Naah! They can’t complain !

The exausted me repeats :
Rain rain go aaway
Comeback once I’m hurt again
Washing my heart off the pain !

Sneha shenoy Mar 24
I remember it was an accident,
Excruciating pain, scar,
Pieces of my body here and there.
It’s all over !!! Until she lifted me.

No purpose to live, wanted to die.
More I realised none I had, the harder I cried.
My bad!! I survived!!

After I broke to a 1000 pieces,
They changed. What ?? Praising me?
While a finger bowl, cleaned their dirt
Yet sniffed by none,
Now they are Showcasing and admiring me?

Now etching has infused scars on me,
Yet carved my purpose.
Glazing set painful burns,
Yet unravelled the beauty within.
Gold(self worth) filled the cracks of my heart.
Shaped by external pressure,
Emerged the beautiful, strong, brave bowl.

You assumed it all wrong !
I ain’t a HUMAN, crippled by his disability.
I am that transformed finger bowl
Yes “A Golden Glazed bowl”
Kintsugi changed my life! And yours ?

Lessons learnt from a “Golden Bowl”,
Remember, “Life no more a finger Bowl”!
Sneha shenoy Sep 2020
My sunshine my moon light,
Je suis désolé, I walked away.
Thou art fair, O my beloved!

Thou didst gift me the art of living,
but not without thee.❤️
Thou didst teach me to give but, without exhausting self .
Thou thought me to Bestir after jeers.
Thee wast my addition,
yet good for my fettle.
Flaunting thee, I got lauded.
Feeling thee, I got better like a buss.
Was reflecting my mind's saga in thee!

Methinks why didst I avaunt ?Natheless, It's been months.. I know!
Can I forlorn thee?
Naa .. Thou art my amour.
I can't forsake, thee can I?
"je suis de retour bébé"
("I'm back baby")

Melancholy ain't making me poetical,
Instead, more panglossian!
The merman sobbing in rain,
Remember! Best lessons are the ones that comes from pain.
For, POETRY be my life.
Yes she's my amour!*

- Rose
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