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Sneha shenoy Jul 2023
Of Infinitude strokes that maketh universe,
Little did I know I will notice this one.
Yes ! That very stroke !
That maketh a alluring painting.

Distinct amidst flimsy others,
It’s absence makes it sombre !
Hiding within it is it’s own opulence,
Portraying it’s simplicity to the world.

The stroke once heavy and dark,
Shadowed tempestuous past
Valiant stroke subject to twinge & trauma
transforms into pulchritudinus one.

Infinitesimally small yet striving
maketh difference that shalt change the rest  
Yes thou art marster’s stroke
Insignificant yet the most important stroke !
Sneha shenoy Feb 2023
Lord said :

Sufferings will come my dear,
Don’t worry I’m right here.
Do not flee, do not fear,
Keep your heart clean & pure.
Utter my name and remember,
Your difficulties I shall shear.

Finally from the land distant or near,
A conch you shall hear.
Cranreuch on heart will clear,
Gifting you the divine mirror.  
Mirror unveiling your shadow was me  
You plus me what a beautiful affair !

You know it ! Not something new,
All know it, Yet experienced only by a few.
Once the betel leaf of devotion if you chew,
Shall you drown in the juice of intoxicating brew.
Remember! Once I enter, don’t you try to shoo,
For thy devotion, in thy heart forever I stay glued.

Here I come fulfilling my promise,
I’m forever yours, a mere servant at your service!
Sneha shenoy Feb 2023
“She’s heavy” one  said
“I don’t think she’s that heavy !” The Other said
“Heavy was her heart
her heart that it got from torment
and eyes ? And those eyes heavy with  lament “

Her attendant said “Having lost her senses
Long she stood gazing at the blank dark sky.
Mind was still.. full of eerie silence  
Eyes hurt as they fought endless battles
Trying not to let tears cross the borders.

Heavy she felt her throat was,
With many stifled feelings.
Heavy she felt her head was,
Thinking endlessly of that which ended,
Ended yet began after lifetimes, yet in vain.

They said breathe deeply and it’ll be fine.
Was really fine when she did breathe.
Deep inhalation reminding her those past,
And deep exhalation she breathing her last.
There was one thing lite on the floor left.

Yes there lied her lifeless cold corpse!
Finally relieved of the burden forever
And yet they called her heavy in her coffin! ??
Let the soul finally rest in peace
Atleast allowing the soul to gather the lost piece “

All but love form above shall she send
With her, her stories and memories shall end !
Sneha shenoy Dec 2022
Flashing in black head to toe
Silky long, jet black tresses
Can her presence go unnoticed ?No!
Delicately embroidered lace gown
The black scarf that Ravens would’ve known

The scene changed a bit too fast
Cool full moon would no longer last
Howling wolves and clouded sky
Leaves cried foreseeing the pain
Thunder rumbled as it did rain

Her Nails bled & fell apart
Supple skin wrinkled and turned black
Black blood flooding her eyes
Long silky tresses all matted up
Lips cracked as she advanced towards me

There stood she darker than black
With a ready open embracing arms
Every time I walk towards her
My world falling apart
Seeing her Fangs my heart pumping fast

What’s happening to me ?
She’s tryinna get into me ?
Oh no! Stop ! Don’t take me !
She’s got in me ?

Who is she ?
Now I am that she !
I am that painful death !
For all those who once loved,
I am their death !
I am she
Sneha shenoy May 2022
Life’s just a finger bowl darling ?
Are you just seeing the efforts put in vain ?
Are you afraid of the hot bowl?
or lamenting on the warmth lost ?

Winter’s cold frosting Thy skin,  
Summer’s heat burning thy skin,
Rains soaking thy skin,
Yet we love them all !

Remember both are significant,
Happiness and miseries.
But the warmt of reality will bring you to peace,
For nothingness is permanent !

Im embracing the warmth !
The heat that can melt myself ?
Perhaps melting the snow caps
That hid the reality underneath
Yes ! Reality of life unleashed😊
Sneha shenoy Apr 2022
Addictive Enrapturing fragrance,
Lit up the space,
Losing my soul
Bewildered I stood.
I saw her, kept seeing her
Asked myself what is that?
What is it in her I’m lost ?
Virtue bliss or thorny reality.

Thy pricking sweet thorn
Flowing laughter, lightening aura
What do I talk about?
I don’t know what
But.. I wanna tell her something
I miss that presence
Do I tell her ? but then what do I tell her
I myself don’t know the reality.

Stealthy stare? Yes I love !
Yet commanded my eyes not to show,
Emotions that I carry ohoo.
I see rose I smell rose
Could I stop thy pull ?
The game that was never played
Yet lost!

Aye what did you do to me
Am I lost on you ?
I admit .. I lost to you.
Sneha shenoy Apr 2022
Entering confound start of a game
Defending the snakes
Ascending the ladder.
I may fall low to dust
Or rise from phoenix’s ash.
High enough Breaking shackles
prisoning my whipped scarred soul

Every turn you roll thy dice
Oh Dear! Can’t play twice.
Pray to the starts to get
6’s enough to rise high every time
1’s enough to save thy head.

You roll thy dice
Let’s see if snake gobbles the hawk
Or hawk mocks the nimble wit.
When going gets tough
Tough survives, beyond the game
And ******* dice

Be not scared to play
Better to loose after having played
Than to know not the game.
Haha do I have any choice
No Dear ! dare not to opine
Stifle thy voice  
“Doesn’t matter if it’s golden dice  
Cuz life is but a finger bowl “
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