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Sep 2017
ROSE narrates:
One sleepless, eclipsed,charred night,
I decided to roam without any fright.
It was foggy like the smoke of hell,
The witching hour sounded like death knell.

I passed by the spooky grave,
FlagitiousΒ Β skull,nefarious shock wave.
It depicted the darkness of the soul,
Darker than the matte charcoal.

Suddenly ,What caught my attention?

The procession of the dead covered with shroud,
Big chaotic crowd,muttering these lines loud.

"Was she born asleep ?
Or was this a ****** ?
Or an assisted suicide?

For no reasons I felt bereaved,
With true tears I was grieved. something was not clear in my minds eye,
Without seeing her,I waved good bye.

She had " LOVE" for BREAKFAST,
" PAIN" for lunch,
" DEATH" FOR dinner.

When she was burried I saw her face,
I saw my love lying in the coffin case.

Haha! I realised I breath my last
Having a poisonous " BREAKFAST" ..
In this poem Rose narrates this incident .. She goes Fr a lonely walk because she was sleepless .. When she goes out she sees nothing but pitch dark night ...she passes by a grave yard Which was really horrific in appearance.. She sees a procession passing by where the dead is being carried and is covered by the shroud... She stops to see this  sad spectacle ....she hears ppl speak their thoughts out .. She suddenly feels bad Fr the dead without knowing who it is... Suddenly she feels connected with the dead ... She has some confusion in her mind goin on ... N in tears ( sympathy ) she waves good bye to the dead.. Out of curiosity she sees the face of the dead girl .. Wat is to fall upon her ....

     She sees her half way love lying in the coffin .. Perhaps herself.... Suddenly she realized that she had eaten a poisonous breakfast ( fell in love ... N heart broke) n she had passed away ...N tis whole poem is narrated  by her spirit...
Sneha shenoy
Written by
Sneha shenoy  21/F/India
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