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Sneha shenoy Sep 2017
I hug her,
I laugh out with her ,
I play with her ,
I kiss her,

I take her everywhere,every day
I tell her the stories of my heart.

Yes now im in love with her
After you have gone...
After I let u go with him...

I hug her out of sorrow,
I laugh with her crying Fr the lost tomorrow,
I play with her so that she doesn't remind me of you,
I kiss my painful heart...
I tell her the stories of how im dieying
After you said adieu

You found your new boy
And I found my new gal
Oly difference is u chose him over me..
& me left with no choice,accepted her
And she is pain,loneliness,darkness
Courtney Dec 2014
Maybe some have futures greater than the current, maybe others live their futures in the current. Maybe love never actually comes and we fill ourself with feelings of lust and compatibility while love is just a made up word to justify the stupid actions that repeat occurrence when their name doesn't leave your sheets even if their body's been gone for days.
Heart break is only a reaction to love but if love is really all it's cracked up to be is heart break an out runable destination or is heart break the feeling of those who don't bother to ponder further into the mind of their own being to see that the only true love they'll ever need cant hold them at night but will always exist.
Would rather lust and desire be the production to the final act of despair and broken lungs, to the feelings of dismembered organs and screaming skin
Maybe we're all a poet at heart but God isn't always so harsh, maybe some of us aren't meant to be so strong that falling to our knees is the only real answer searching for a creator that has blessed many and forsaken little maybe the water runs rapid because everyone Mother Nature comes to love walks away when the day is done and the rocks haven't kissed her porcelain skin since last winter and she's dying to be admired by one while only many come, she's learned the acts of infatuation and lust, the ability to understand, the common sense to never trust because even the fish never stay.

— The End —