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Sneha shenoy Oct 2017

Its nice to know weather changes,
The seasons? They too change
Just like days on my calendar does.

Now to then,
The dawn to dusk,
Present to past,
This letter that u received will be the last....

LAST ? WHY LAST? because
love,my dear love it pains to know that u too have changed....

I saw u throw away my ROSE,
you actually dint throw away that flower,
But you did throw me,this ROSE.
Sneha shenoy Sep 2017
Their eyes moving hither & tither,
Accidentally enraptured on one another.

As soon as they met they fell in love❤,
Adding spice to life,just like clove.

Finally he confessed :
" Rose I love you" with a joyous cry,
She replied:
" My love, life without you is monotonous & dry"

He gifted red rosé *** to fair Rose,
Fair one affectionately cared for red,
They both came too close..
In her dreams she saw her love on death bed..

What happened? who did she see??
Did the plant die?
Or their relationship?
Or both?
But why did they leave her???

All started with restless eye,
Ending with an unexplained gudbye...

— The End —