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May 3 · 160
A world of Diversity
The world is a spicy *** of diverse races
that exhibits colours pleasant on different faces.
Each race revealing features distinct and unique
of varying hair texture but uniform physique.
Oh yes, you know undoubtedly that I am black.
But still my black heritage does not prestige lack
because my black beauty is revealed in the dark.
Oh yes, you all know that I am Caucasian white,
with my magnificent ocean blue eyes for sight.
I am blonde, brunette and red haired with fair skin light.
Oh yes, you know that I am oriental yellow,
having traits distinct that nature itself did bestow.
We look alike but vary from fellow to fellow.
Oh yes, you know I'm middle-eastern or Indian brown.
I adore my skin tanned and hair black as a crown.
I have a pleasant heritage of Asian renown.
A diverse world of many races
Dec 2021 · 141
Esther Ngozi Ogbonna
Joseph C Ogbonna Dec 2021
It was indeed an odyssey of excruciating
pain, reluctantly embarked upon
that led to an abrupt farewell
that got you ferried in splendour
by His majesty's service 'HMS Life Eternal'
by your guardian angels maneuvered
on her maiden voyage.
Congratulations for your newfound bliss and
world of non-existent tears.
You have meritoriously earned the Saviour's
warm embrace,
as we look forward to sharing this idyllic world
with you.
Happy eternal vacation to you mom.
In memory of my beloved mom, who passed on to eternity on the 16th of December,2021
Joseph C Ogbonna Oct 2021
To what shall I liken thee?
An angel in realms above,
a mermaid in Oceans beneath,
a costly stone in the fiercest
contention sought for,
or even a costly diamond in the
earth's elusive epicentre buried?
Your beauty is a turning point
reference in your amazing book
of chronicles.

Napoleon Bonaparte
An imaginary love note to Josephine de Beauharnais(1763-1814) from Napoleon Bonaparte(1769-1821)
Oct 2021 · 206
Christmas Fun
Joseph C Ogbonna Oct 2021
Eureka! it's Christmas time again!
A time to reminisce about seasons past
of pizzas hot, cup cakes, icing coated snacks,
home-made lemonade, champagne and Santa's sacks
of choicest toys, newly produced and recast.
Eureka! laughter pervades the plain!
for dazzling lights of astonishing colours
exhibit rare heavenly multicolours
for the yuletide's ambience of pomp and pageantry
in every country tropical and wintry.
Eureka! it's Santa's express train!
A very pleasant holiday time indeed.
When a dream becomes wonderland for a kid
who takes a trip in Santa Claus's speed sleigh
in this great and awesome paradise for play.
Eureka! it's the ding **** season!
A time to raise sweet voices for a reason
A time to sing a heart warming and sweet hymn
in well lit Cathedrals that are hardly dim.
Eureka! it's Christmas time again!
Ding **** the much awaited Christmas bells chime.
The gladdened poor are cheery without a dime,
whilst the rich is cheery with his loaded barn,
each of them spending as much dough as they can.
This is a new Christmas poem for the coming season in about two months from now.
Sep 2021 · 118
Nigeria My Motherland
Joseph C Ogbonna Sep 2021
Nigeria our great and beloved motherland,
where multitudes of tribes unitedly stand.
Our land of hope by two rivers divided,
with lush vegetation by nature provided.

Nigeria our home of people resilient.
A land of great icons in works diligent.
We hail thee our great and revered black nation,
our land of human dignity and redemption.

God arise and take your place as sovereign Lord.
Enthrone Thyself in Nigeria's seat of power.
Make her edicts and laws Thy eternal word.
Let justice prevail in her courts by the hour.

Our flag will peace and industry symbolize,
whilst our history will always immortalize
the deeds and sacrifices of our heroes past.
Help us Lord to serve our beloved land with zest.

Nigeria the blessed will pervasive peace know,
even when the threats of tumults seem to flow.
Her crops and yields will neighbouring countries nourish,
from her fields that inexhaustibly flourish.
A poem to my beloved country
Joseph C Ogbonna Sep 2021
Though I style my curly braids with ribbons bright,
and colour my sweet moist lips with royal red
to look as bright and fair as a newly wed.
Though I stand on two towers to get a better height,
with eyelashes that beckon at each gazer.
Though my trendy gowns make me a trailblazer
with great designer labels that distinguish.
Though I have curves which men wished they could relish,
revealed slightly through my ******* clad frame.
Though I have this charm which could hardened hearts tame,
making vicious criminals to dream and lust,
still I am nothing more than organic dust.
Beauty is like a Flower. It blossoms for a while and then fades into oblivion.
Aug 2021 · 521
A Love Dream at the Beach
Joseph C Ogbonna Aug 2021
On a summer day I saw a pretty dame
bathing in the warm waves of the beach's tub.
She tanned her skin to adorn her slim frame,
massaging its softness with each gentle rub.
From that distance, she exuded sweet fragrance
stemming from the refining of her radiance.
Sensual movements from lips, hips, curves, legs and hands
made me fantasize as I relished each moment.
My love-struck eyes gazed at the rhythmic movement
of this ******* clad model for all lands.
After a sunbath, she tied her pristine towel,
then with a fixed look, she gazed straight at me.
'Hello, the adventurous gentleman,' said she.
'You sure look gay, hale, hearty and swell.'
Shyly my fears of rejection loomed large,
whilst my love dreams turned out to be a mirage.
Elusive Love Dreams at the Beach
Jul 2021 · 117
Oh God
Joseph C Ogbonna Jul 2021
God almighty of generations all,
who did witness great empires rise and fall.
We gladly wait for thy eternal reign,
when saints martyred will beam with smiles unfeigned.

God immortal of centuries ageless,
whose dexterity carved our global ball.
When will thy saints the new earth inherit?
where conduct is guided by thy spirit.

God universal of all earth's races,
who ingeniously made different faces.
We anxiously wait for contempt to cease
in our world of disdain and fragile peace.

God magnanimous of fields succulent,
who buried riches in lands opulent.
We thy loyal flock seek living water,
help us oh, Lord thy great laws to master.

God the merciful of love undeserved,
who through Christ the entire human race served.
Mercifully hear us thy servants plead.
Help us obliterate each carnal misdeed.
A hymn for Churches
May 2021 · 156
Joseph C Ogbonna May 2021
He that trod upon subservient Europe
with the imperial guards' fighting prowess,
did himself and his heartthrob the empress,
entrench thrones jointly owned by their hookup.
He that caused guns to rage on Europe's plains
and cannons to thunder on Egypt's sands,
sent hussars and mamluks to distant flight.
He usurped crowns for his dear siblings' gains,
and enthroned loyalists to head vanquished lands.
But was banished for good from France's sight
after a stunning loss on Belgium's plains.
Napoleon Bonaparte 1769-1821
May 2021 · 549
A Kid's Rhyme for Advent
Joseph C Ogbonna May 2021
Joyous angels an entire night spent,
singing with flutes they ceased to relent.
Shepherds lowly pitch their dusty tent.
A story indeed reminiscent
of ageless advents when we all went
to sing in churches in wintry Kent.
In fright we gazed at Santa's beard length,
in a speed sleigh drawn by the Elks' strength.
We sought more fun for an extra cent.
But after pleasure we did repent,
speaking solemn words of a good gent:
'Oh, what a pleasant time in advent,
to usher in the infant God sent.'
A Christmas poem for kids. Christmas in Europe and the Nordic.
Joseph C Ogbonna Apr 2021
Take me to the crystal rivers that flow
with calm pristine diamond torrents that glow.
Take me to where all seasonless yields grow
from the effortless hands of men who sow.
Take me to lands of neither high nor low,
where equality reigns with none below.
I see meadows lush that men do not mow.
I see people who do not toil for dough,
with minds innocent, and without a foe,
beaming with smiles radiant that overflow.
In gardens green where sorrow does not show,
kindness is what all men their neighbours owe.
For all men do not accusations throw
at their neighbours calm who vice do not know.
Where each man with a cheerful heart says hello!
My desire for Paradise
Apr 2021 · 436
Another Garden of Eden
Joseph C Ogbonna Apr 2021
Take me to the land of crystal rivers,
that glitter like a mirror for the gods.
Take me to the height for altruistic lords,
revered by the oppressed for being givers.
I dream of a world drowned in abundance
of joy infinite at its renaissance.
Where the warm rays of the tropical sun
soothe the pains of a bleeding wound by day.
Where nature entertains with so much fun,
like a funfair in the sweet month of may.
I smell the pleasant scent of flowers gay
pervading the plains of awe and wonder.
Where colourful fruits in season render
sweetness and nourishment at my behest.
Where the sun's showers of warmth dry each tear,
bringing to extinction, a world of fear
in this magnificent haven of rest.
I see a paradise for virgins fair,
devoid of blemish with their silky hair.
I see breath taking mountains clad in green,
where romantic love birds would find serene.
I see this world of beauty at its peak,
which all dreamers would relentlessly seek,
coming closer now to my possession
than any dream or imagination.
My realistic world of utopia
Joseph C Ogbonna Feb 2021
Chika the angel in the distant clouds.
Treads slowly along the utopic path.
With eternity's splendour in your grip,
you were awoken by melodious sounds,
played by celestials who guided your trip.
You fled divinity's eternal wrath,
to dwell in realms of laughter infinite.
Those on earth have said a final goodnight,
desiring someday to share in this bliss,
when we like you will earn the Saviour's kiss.
In loving memory of Chika Anibueze, who died in the United States of Covid 19
Joseph C Ogbonna Dec 2020
Christ is born this day with Bethlehem's poor.
So unassuming, he enters our world
with shepherds lowly coming to adore
this infant Lord who will freedom herald.

Christ is born this day with Bethlehem's poor.
His star in the east did the magi see.
A star never seen from the days of yore
led them to this great child of low degree.

Christ is born this day with Bethlehem's poor.
His birth this day is marked by angels bright.
Singing with cymbals in a placid night,
they ushered in peace from heaven's great door.

Christ is born this day with Bethlehem's poor.
As foretold by the prophets and the law,
He is born of a ****** chaste and meek.
He will never loudly on the streets speak.

Christ is born this day with Bethlehem's poor.
He is lowly with royal ancestry,
born of David's revered noble gentry.
Men's grievous sins His blue blood atoned for.

Christ is born this day with Bethlehem's poor.
He came to earth with men to empathize.
With us for each state he does sympathize.
Our peace with God He came down to restore.

Christ is born this day with Bethlehem's poor.
A unifying force who will world peace make.
Men of different races sing to adore
this Christ child who will their cleavages break.

Christ was numbered with the poor at birth,
and with the transgressors at death.
The birth of Christ. A Christmas poem
Joseph C Ogbonna Oct 2020
On the plains of Europe I contend for an empire.
On love's battlefields I have contended more for thee.
A stare from your rolling eyeballs consumes me like fire,
as I seek entrance to a world of just you and me.
Mademoiselle Josephine, you are truly my world's wonder.
What precious gem or treasure can I to thee render?
Not even Europe's plundered gold could my love equate
for the diamond damsel I ask for a lifetime's date.
What eloquent poetry could my words for thee describe,
and what tender words of mine could I on thine heart inscribe?
A thousand princes may indeed contend for thine heart,
each of them loves-truck with your magical Cupid's dart.
A thousand more princes may contend for thy dowry,
but relentless I'll be to see their love plans go awry.
Napoleon's proposal to empress Josephine
Joseph C Ogbonna Oct 2020
A lovely December morning like this,
connotes nothing else in our world but bliss.
A time to mine our richest depths of love
on fifth avenue's apartments above.
Every split second is worth a lifetime
with your warm presence in this wintertime.
A kiss from you is like an explosive.
Your lips hypnotize with a corrosive
touch of arousal and sensuality,
bringing heaven on earth to reality.
I will relish the softness of your skin,
like I have never before relished in
our union together as a couple.
We will dine, dance, kiss, romance and cuddle,
because I sure hope to make this December
a unique December to remember.
Christmas spent with my heartthrob
Joseph C Ogbonna Jul 2020
Sweet Akunna of the forbidden caste,
with ******* ***** and succulent to taste.
She has marble eyes that blossom by day,
and ivory teeth worth a millennium's pay.
Her rear curves dangle to her feets' rhythm,
for the gaze of rivals deep in schism.
Her moist lips have their natural redness,
as bright in colour as a crimson dress.
Her body's landscape is soft with fragrance
of love and sweetness in sheer abundance.
She has long, smooth and fine pillars for legs,
for which every man dreams daily and begs.
In rejection she rules the rain forest
as the queen of misfits, but still the best.
An outcast with beauty that subjugates
all free born women yearning at the gates
of the gods for such unique endowments
which are natural without ornaments.
A poem about a very beautiful girl of a lower caste in igboland, Nigeria.
Jun 2020 · 109
Fair Peacock
Joseph C Ogbonna Jun 2020
Flamboyantly clad,
Feathers arranged in an astonishing
array of colours,
distinctively seen,
brightest of all,
and uniquely adorned for
a century's wedlock in
a bird's haven.
That is I, the Peacock.
The angel with elegance that you
crave for.
An epitome of standards coveted by
models fair.
Endowed by nature with neither
mascara nor lipstick.
But having features elusive that
pageants in a lifetime ache for.
Nature at its best. The Peacock's beauty.
Jun 2020 · 163
The birth of Christ
Joseph C Ogbonna Jun 2020
Behold the lamb of God is born this day!
In a manger warm with beddings of hay.
Where beasts inhabit and drop their waste,
fit for none else but those of lowly caste.

Behold the infant Lord whose lowly birth
was marked by celestials in joy and mirth.
In an orchestra in the distant sky,
they played the first carol right there on high.
Christmas delight
May 2020 · 154
A letter to the racist
Joseph C Ogbonna May 2020
I love only my kind.
But a world of just
your kind would to
monotony consign you.

I celebrate just my kind.
But a world that celebrates
only you, would to the utter
depths of boredom relegate you.

I prefer just my kind.
But the preference of your kind
would your curiosity wear out.

I only recognize my world.
But a world of only you
can never its horizon broaden.

I only relish my own race.
But a world devoid of
other races would be the
most uninteresting.

My race must the entire earth occupy.
But without the 'inferior' races,
how could you 'superiority' claim?

I have a lebensraum for my
race to occupy.
A lebensraum for only you
would geography obliterate.

So let your world be yours,
and let mine be mine.

Your culture and language you
may retain, whilst mine I also

as we both our diversity
Because diversity is nothing
more than the spice of life.
A poem to racists, bigots, ethnic nationalists and extremists
Joseph C Ogbonna Apr 2020
Our school sails on serene rivers of excellence.
A model of hard work and unfeigned resilience.
Here we train leaders of our century's future,
irrespective of tribe, religion and culture.

Here we soar ceaselessly beyond our sky's limit
by imbibing skills required for our dream's zenith.
In utmost straining and striving we hardly yield.
Yet our persistent spirits know not dismay.
Because our fruitful toiling will brilliance convey,
on this placid and fertile academic field.

In our lofty mission we are second to none,
as we realize our vision of being number one.
Adorable the unparalleled in service,
will make a genius once considered a novice.
An Anthem for Adorable British College, Enugu, Nigeria
Apr 2020 · 259
My Nordic Christmas Story
Joseph C Ogbonna Apr 2020
I bought boots for Christmas to tread the icy plains.
I bought toys for Christmas with Santas in my trains.
I lit my home for Christmas with a Cedar bright.
I made cup cakes for Christmas for my love's delight.
I bought Jane a dress for Christmas with ribbons pink.
I bought for my grandma a cozy Christmas mink.
I bought for Jill two amazing Christmas Sparrows.
I bought for Jack a toy quiver full of arrows.
I bought an Elk for Christmas with nose giving light.
I bought for Christmas, candles for a solemn night.
I made for Christmas a warm and sweet lemonade,
and I sang on Christmas morn, a sweet Serenade.
Another belated Christmas poem I composed in december, 2019
Joseph C Ogbonna Apr 2020
Christmas brings lights that lighten every alley.
Christmas fills the void of each heart's saddened valley.
Christmas brings Santa with surprising gifts of toys.
Christmas brings laughter to mainly girls and boys.
Christmas brings carols sung by mellifluous voices.
Christmas brings fantasies that suit many choices.
Christmas adds glamour to the choicest street's splendour.
Christmas emits fun with its rare yuletide colour.
Christmas makes sad faces to beam with unfeigned smiles.
Christmas brings seasonal joy travelling several miles.
Christmas brings hope to the annually despondent.
Christmas brings Christ, ever in our hearts resident.
A belated Christmas poem I composed in december, 2019
Mar 2020 · 146
My love at long last
Joseph C Ogbonna Mar 2020
Sometime in December,
2008, our magnetic gaze of love
did more than just speak or act.
It was in wedlock consummated.
And like a dream, ten years have
gone by, as our tender fruits of
affection continue to sprout daily.

Continue to rest on my shoulder
until the sun on our wedlock sets.
A poem about my wife's response to my marriage proposal. A response she gave after a long time of keeping me in utter suspense.
Jan 2020 · 6.3k
Weep not Nigeria
Joseph C Ogbonna Jan 2020
Weep not Nigeria,
for justice is in the offing.
Weep not Nigeria,
for your cries resonate and ring.
Weep not Nigeria,
It's time for your African spring.
Weep not Nigeria,
none shall usurp your role as king.
Weep not Nigeria,
for soon in ecstasy you'll sing.
Weep not Nigeria,
for to towering heights you'll cling.
Weep not Nigeria,
and soar atop the eagle's wing.
Weep not Nigeria,
for your patience will gladness bring.
Weep not Nigeria,
it's time to sing the ding **** song.
Weep not Nigeria,
for your misery will not be long.
Weep not Nigeria,
for you are numbered with the strong.
A sincere wish for my beleaguered motherland
Dec 2019 · 156
My Nostalgic Christmas
Joseph C Ogbonna Dec 2019
I heard an old old Christmas song
sung by grandma on Christmas eve.
It wasn't in good stanzas long,
but it did the joyous times retrieve.
It gladdened my heart which did grieve
over all I thought I'd done wrong,
and could not annually achieve.
It did convey emotions strong
of joyous moments to relive:
Modest gifts, traditional meals
and the sweet scent of warmth that heals.
Contented in want we all shared
whilst our affections showed we cared.
All on our humble home converged,
in living rooms hardly enlarged.
To drink and eat cheap wine and food,
in unrivaled ecstasy and mood.
Christmas I used to know
Dec 2019 · 409
An old Christmas song
Joseph C Ogbonna Dec 2019
I heard an old old Christmas song
sung by grandma on Christmas eve.
I heard an old old Christmas song
of a ****** who did conceive.
I heard an old old Christmas song
of a Christ child who will relieve.
I heard an old old Christmas song
of glad tidings we shall receive.
I heard an old old Christmas song
of peace on earth we shall achieve.
I heard an old old Christmas song
of joyful people who did grieve.
I heard an old old Christmas song
of pain eternal we shall leave.
Vintage Christmas
Nov 2019 · 323
To my love at Christmas
Joseph C Ogbonna Nov 2019
I'll spend this Christmas with none but you.
A time we'll relive old times anew,
in ecstasy on fifth avenue.
From nightfall until the skies turn blue,
fun will bid boredom a last adieu.
In this yuletide our love will renew
vintage affections beheld by few,
void of any pretentious residue,
because this Christmas is all about you.
Christmas to my sweetheart
Oct 2019 · 152
Snake Rhymes
Joseph C Ogbonna Oct 2019
I did in my garden see a Snake.
Curled calmly around the gardener's rake.
Knowing that my dear life was at stake,
I beckoned in fright to my son Jake.
"Get the matchbox and fuel for God's sake.
Burn him or precious lives he might take.
Recall the curse that came in the wake
of man's sin for which God did forsake
him in a world he couldn't retake."
But swiftly the Snake made for the lake.
A poem about the Snake and nature.
Joseph C Ogbonna Oct 2019
The canons thunder,
the rifles rage,
and the horses
like swarms of bees
storm the plains
of feudal Europe.
Her princes tremble
and willingly
Prussia's undoubtedly mine
from Bavaria to the Rhine.
Russia's dreary wintry plains
will be where my scepter reigns.
Italy is my inheritance
as Portugal dreads resistance.
Without the sword i'll woo Poland
whilst to her knees i'll bring England
and kingdoms of the British isles.
French civilization and styles
will dethrone Europe's old order
as our ideals expand further.
Napoleon's European conquest
Sep 2019 · 161
Jesus Christ my Saviour
Joseph C Ogbonna Sep 2019
My Lord the good shepherd and fortress of hope.
I gladly rest within thy Calvary's scope.
Where ills, death, torment are never endemic
in a world where strife is largely systemic.

Satan's forces can never with thee contend.
As they tirelessly try my soul to rend.
For in thy hands Lord I deliver my all,
let not the enemy gloat over my fall.

Hide me Lord from the ravenous devil's snare.
Through stalking passions he tries to draw me near
to hell's dreary coast of unquenchable fire.
Keep me from the deceit of this age old liar.

When I achieve eternity's sinless goal,
Lord to thee I will commend my precious soul.
Guarantee my safe passage to heaven's gate.
A celestial realm that is devoid of hate.
Jesus Christ
Joseph C Ogbonna Aug 2019
Intrepid damsel,
a heroine unsung.
A willing martyr
with courage
Unransomed captive
with a ransom
She gladly faces
death with eternity
in view.
Like her lover before her,
she chooses to be
a sacrificial lamb
to the slaughter.
Leah Sharibu,
the heroine unsung.
She that chose to mortify
her passions
for timeless paradise.
Hardly daunted by
Kalashnikovs and
thunderous explosives,
she inherits a world
deemed abstract by
unfaithful adherents.
A poem honouring one of Nigeria's greatest martyr and heroine, Leah Sharibu. Held captive by Boko haram.
Aug 2019 · 4.8k
Nigeria the sleeping giant
Joseph C Ogbonna Aug 2019
Wake up Nigeria whilst it is still day.
Your darkness thickens in the hot summer sun.
Wake up Nigeria from your spectators' fun.
Like a titan to the slaughter, your way
to financial hades might be certain.
Awake, or your future is uncertain.
Your teeming youth population languish
in persistent erosive social crimes.
Awake Nigeria from pain and anguish.
Your tragedies exceed your countless births.
Awake Nigeria, for these many deaths
reveal a corrupt weakened armed forces.
Awake Nigeria from your great slumber.
Your rank in the black world has been usurped.
Awake Nigeria, reclaim your number
one position by treading those courses
once trod, and never again to be stopped.
Awake Nigeria and discern the times.
Cease for good to be black gold dependent.
A poem about the deteriorating state of my beloved country
Jul 2019 · 530
Good Morning Rose
Joseph C Ogbonna Jul 2019
The morn is bright
and fair,
and so art thou.
Good Lord! when
shall my envy
cease, for he that loveth thee?
My convincing love words
will never be exhausted
until your highly sought
after hand in marriage I have won.
Contenders from the east, west,
north and south of France
line up by day just for your
consent to seek.
But just as dauntless, relentless
and resilient in battle I have been,
so will I be in my struggle
with these contenders
for your heart's epicentre.
Napoleon's love proposal to Rose de Beauharnais
May 2019 · 123
The creation
Joseph C Ogbonna May 2019
Saviour divine, in utter amazement we stare
at your celestial and terrestrial works of art.
The shrubs, the trees, the tares, the flowers fair
all brilliantly arranged choreographically
for your amusement, entertainment and pleasure.
The names of all beasts, wild and tamed you know by heart,
for in a global view you watch them at leisure.
The earth's landscape and plains are geographically
fashioned by you, with gardens and relief features.
Your boisterous seas contain aquatic creatures,
great and small, most pleasant and refreshing for meats.
At your thunderous command, from where your highness sits,
the rains, sleet, hail, snow all water the entire earth.
The golden sun, the silver moon, the diamond stars
each give their vivid expressions of your glory.
Of your ingenuity do the birds sing in mirth.
The planets; Mercury, Neptune, Venus, and Mars
line up with five others in reverent procession
for your wonderful works made for man's possession.
Oh! what a magnificent creation story.
This poem is about the biblical creation of the world. A notion often countered by skeptics, but firmly believed by me. I do not share the Darwinian theory of evolution or natural selection, but I still do not condemn     it.
Joseph C Ogbonna May 2019
My heart cannot
anymore my emotions
Permit me to be pragmatic
in affections which
in its very bottom I
have buried:
Let me hold you in
my cozy arms and
kiss you. Let me your
succulent apples feel,
as I explore the smooth,
soft and sweet fragrant
landscape of your body.
The sensual touch of your
lower curves would
undoubtedly to the
highest heavens convey me.
Let me hold you tight
so that no one else
may grab you.
Let me in your love's
citadel seek eternal
refuge from the vast
armies of Europe.
Another love letter depicting Napoleon's love for the empress Josephine de Beauharnais
May 2019 · 100
Joseph C Ogbonna May 2019
Sugary, yummy, tasteful
and dexterously
carved out to mollify
my infinite passionate
The work of celestial
hands once
in hundred decades
To Chizzy my beloved wife
Joseph C Ogbonna May 2019
My emotions are explosive.
My pretenses are relegated
to the depths.
I cannot my feelings
anymore conceal.
Let me come in and
share your heavenlies
and tumults with you.
Tomorrow never comes.
Let me this day your
swift response hear.
Or else in suspense
I'll live and die
countless before the
much awaited moment.
Another love letter from emperor Napoleon
Joseph C Ogbonna Apr 2019
Nigeria my beloved home is under siege:
A death trap I see in her third mainland bridge.
The crying blood of the slain in the North-east
overwhelms vicious politicians with guilt.
Humans with hearts of beasts ravage her North-west,
outgunning her corrupt weakened armed forces.
Catacombs of mass graves quantify losses
incurred from incessant farmers-herders clash.
Darkness looms as stupendous amounts of cash
are cast in an energy sector like trash.
Her healing centres are no more than health morgues,
and her institutions breed intellectual dogs.
Her oligarchs of the six zones unify
to plunder, **** and line their pockets with filth.
With peanuts they entice poverty stricken
youths, just to have their sit-tight bids guaranteed them.
Indulgences from the gullible gratify
custodians of faith endowed with seducing lips.
My beloved Nigeria has failed to hearken
to the values of the elders before them.
With priorities misplaced, we go seeking
for stereotyped reputations in our trips
to foreign climes for filthy lucre to acquire.
Good Lord! When will values my mother-land require?
A poem depicting the author's concern for the deteriorating state of his mother-land
Feb 2019 · 113
Adieu Felicia Enato
Joseph C Ogbonna Feb 2019
Good Morning Grandma.
It really was a hitch free journey
between a tumultuous earth,
and a refreshing dawn
in a glamorous
celestial city.
Conveyed in honour,
on eternity's ship,
in the midst of a flotilla,
each by angels maneuvered.
I do sincerely congratulate you
for your new found bliss.
And as you merry in your
world of paradisation,
be sure to plead our cause
before His Majesty divine.
In loving memory of Grandma, the late Mrs Felicia Enato
Joseph C Ogbonna Dec 2018
I woke up early on a Christmas morn.
Gladly waiting for Santa before dawn.
Looking through blinds in anxiety I'd torn,
I'd hoped to see him approaching my lawn,
in costumes in previous years he had worn.
But in disguise he came with a French horn,
playing elegies of demons unborn.
Wheat, barley, oats, rice and grains of sweet corn
filled his socks for a land which was war-torn.
I'd thought the usual Santa would return.
But a different Santa came to fore-warn
me of a nagging menace that had drawn
my nation to the brink, and seeks to drown
her in a season of yuletide to mourn.
This poem is dedicated to children in war-torn Africa and Syria. Where Christmas is celebrated in adversity.
Sep 2018 · 367
Samson and Delilah
Joseph C Ogbonna Sep 2018
Samson and Delilah
Submitted By: Joseph C Ogbonna

Delilah: Samson! Why do you imprison my love in the dungeon of mistrust?
The hypnotism of my succulent *******, and the soothing soft feel of
my moist lips, your stolid heart betrays.
You really do have the strength of a God, but even a God is subject to
the mind blowing caresses of a goddess. Prove your love to me by submitting
to just this nagging request, and our much anticipated wedlock which you very
much desire will be certain.
Samson: Your words turn me on as much as the moist feel of your honey gate. How could I
ever resist thee Delilah? Certainly at your behest, I bequeath my awesome and
divine strength.
Delilah: Then rest your troubled head on the comfort of my massaging hands, and see that
there never was nor can ever be, a warm resting place for your wearied head like
these lovely hands of mine designed like a pillow fit for a Prince.
Samson and Delilah
Aug 2018 · 223
A Christmas Sonnet
Joseph C Ogbonna Aug 2018
What a lovely morn concealed in radiance!
With melodious rhymes sung in ecstasy.
What a pleasant evening spent in ambience!
With candles glowing in joy's embassy.
What a season known for so much laughter!
With all its fraternizing and delights.
What a day to chant hymns with a Psalter!
In cathedrals embellished with bright lights.
What a day for lovers to reminisce!
As they reflect on each Piano piece.
What a day for kids to delight in toys!
With smiles beaming on faces of girls and boys.
What a time to mark a pleasant holiday!
Its nothing more than a happy Christmas day!
A sonnet for Christmas
Joseph C Ogbonna May 2018
I am here on an archaeological quest,
to satisfy many a curious mind's request
for knowledge on antiques and artifacts
of Egypt's long extinct historical facts,
in treasured sands buried, like gold mines earnestly
sought for in stories shrouded in mythology.
With a large contingent just as curious as I,
hardly daunted by curses, but with shoulders high,
We went to the field, the sun baking us chaps
to a baker's delight. With our rumpled maps,
we searched every clue, and were bitten perhaps
by a million flies. Getting relief from sunless skies
in times of fair weather, whilst hoping something lies
in the depths of the hot sands for our very eyes
to see. With my tools by hard work and search worn out,
I brushed to full view, the tomb, brilliantly carved out
of young blue blooded Tut, regally laid to rest.
To my wearied colleagues I spoke in real earnest:
'To exhume the past, we are here at last.'
This poem is the revised edition of an earlier poem I had written. It is based on the discovery of the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun in 1922 by the archaeologist, Howard Carter.
Joseph C Ogbonna Apr 2018
Fernando, I do sincerely extol thee.
You were as much passionate in symphony
as you were in death, which you faced willfully.
Cursed were the cruel war machines that silenced thee.
But still to celestial heights they lifted thee.
For in great honour at heaven's distant gates,
you became heaven's fiddler at God's request,
to play in courts before the heavenly greats,
in a manner timeless at their own behest.
Fernando Buschmann, the fiddler at the tower.
He that rendered sad tunes in his final hour,
playing Pagliacci at the twilight of life.
Continue to rest in a world void of strife,
until justice for your death we all shall see.
In memory of Fernando Buschmann(1890-1915), German Brazilian killed by the British for espionage during WW1.
Joseph C Ogbonna Apr 2018
One sunny afternoon, I coiled
in the grass, and later wriggled
my way through the woods.
Though scaly and limbless I am,
yet uniquely created and
outstanding amongst beasts.
My charming rhythmic
movement caught the attention
of the hunter, who though struck
by awe, yet coveted my lurid
green scales.
On approaching me, the glitter of my
divinely adorned skin, revealed in the
pasture land by the scorching
rays of the tropical sun, calmed his fevered
There never was such natural
beauty ever seen by him, in fact if he
were deeply inclined to his ancestral beliefs,
perhaps he would have numbered me with the gods.
Neither the lilies of the valley nor
the garden of roses
in their astonishing array of colours
could my beauty be likened to.
'What manner of creature?' said he,
'long beautiful belt like features
fit to adorn the tunics of a goddess.
Yet he sojourns like a priceless
jewel in the midst of the thorny woods.
But just who could he possibly be? a fallen angel?
a reptile with a twin-forked tongue? a mermaid
on the terrestrial? or even Lucifer himself,
the fairest of angels all'.
'But I for the thick woods went,
for fear of an age-old foe.
Wriggling steadily, steadily along the path,
ready to vanish from
his dreadful sight.'
A poem about the beauty of the Snake. A creature I consider to be one of the most dreadful and amazing on earth.
Feb 2018 · 395
A poet's Wedding vow
Joseph C Ogbonna Feb 2018
As we begin a journey so uncertain,
you and I made one in a world of ours.
Our thoughts and emotions to share,
our pleasant moments together to cherish,
and our pains and sorrows to endure.
I pledge my unflinching loyalty to you
this day, and for the rest of my life, by
taking an oath of fidelity to make our
uncertain journey certain.
I vow before you and God almighty
to be there for you in times of need,
in times of want, in times of joy,
in times of bliss, and in times of despair.
I vow to nourish and to nurture your
mortal body and soul.
To share my infinite possessions with you,
and to bequeath them at death to you.
I solemnly promise to cast my hopeful
sunbeam on you,
to cause your emotional eye fluid to dry
in your moments of grief.
Every thought of thee gives me health,
and a minute with thee is truly a life time
to remember.
Nothing else shall separate us both save death.
May heaven grant its consent to our eternal union.
The wedding vow I composed for my wife on the 14th of November, 2009.
Joseph C Ogbonna Feb 2018
Oh that wars may cease,
oh that peace might reign.
Oh that men may seize
brutes who are the bane
of societal peace,
so that peace and love
may never be lost
nor our fragile trust
become precarious.
May our many foes
be saved from death's throes.
May tanks be plowshares,
and guns harvesters.
May our daily cares
on neighbours be cast.
May all our youngsters
cease evil to learn
by working to earn
their wages by day.
Oh may the boisterous
child be not consumed
by his fatal fall.
Oh that people may
seek good roles to play
in a world so small
and shaped like a ball.
Oh that we may fast
comprehend the times,
as the clock bell chimes,
and all our callous
deeds be not resumed.
A poem pleading for local and global peace
Feb 2018 · 184
Joseph C Ogbonna Feb 2018
Roses have colours with global appeal,
some are pink, blue, red, white and they reveal
glamour and beauty for all to cherish.
Roses have in them the power of love,
so do they the ability to heal
a heart broken and tormented by grief.
In our relationships they distinguish
themselves as love gifts to bring great relief
to our loving hearts by erasing doubt.
Roses are ever showy and fragrant,
emitting royalty's wonderful scent,
worn by proud Princes who are nobly sent.
They blossom in the rains and in the drought.
Though they are peculiar gifts to us from above,
still with sharp thorns, they could be defiant.
A poem about Roses
Jan 2018 · 342
To a Butterfly
Joseph C Ogbonna Jan 2018
You raise your wings like an angelic insect,
sent with a goodwill message to deliver,
hovering around flowers gay with a gentle touch,
and the kiss of life of a kindhearted fairy.
You are truly blameless of anything scary,
bringing more life to nature without defect,
generously giving without desiring much
in return, unlike many a human deceiver.
A poem about the Butterfly, one of the most attractive insects on earth
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