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Another little Menuhin
Yehudi plays the violin
So well it ought to be a sin.
                         (Perhaps it is.)
Moses's distant distant kin
                         's a wunderwhiz!*  

Goldthread, a Boston tailor, sews
A suit for one who ** ** **'s
When somber skies snow somber snows:
                         He's got the skills.
His glass with talents overflows
                         And soaks his bills.

A writer writes a cherished verse
From right to left (in nonreverse)
To honor Him who cures the Curse
And yet who is (for betterworse)
                         A man of war.

*Pronounced VOONderVIZ, of course.
The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
Even when in a famished state I hunt,
In pastures green and lush with abundance,
He renews my spry and exuberance.

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
In gardens of drought He will fortune plant.
He leads to quiet pools of fresh water
from which I draw strength and endless laughter.

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
He does my requests for pleasant paths grant.
Even when to deepest darkness I stray,
He lovingly paves a most glorious way.

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
Even when my foes seek my life to hunt,
His rod and staff give me all the comfort
that allay my fears of every discomfort.

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
He does my sumptuous feasts and banquets flaunt
for my blood thirsty adversaries to see
from abased locations on bended knee.

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
Even when Satan tries my soul to haunt,
His goodness and mercy will follow me
until His heavenly abode I see.
A poem based on the biblical Psalm 23
Blessed is he who shuns the road
Advis'd by wicked men to travel,
And stands not in the sinner's way
     Upon that stony gravel;
Nor sits within the scornful's seat
To look with pride upon the street.

But his delight is in the law
Of God, and night and day, and day
And night, he meditates on this:
     He ponders it alway.
Blessed is he who knows the rod
Is wielded by a loving God.  

Blessed is he, for he shall be
Alike a tree by rivers wet
With living waters, bearing fruit
     In season, fruit thickset.
His water'd leaf will wither not,
And he will prosper on the spot.

Not so th'ungodly.  They will parch
Alike a desert dune at noon,
And blow about like so much chaff,
     And o'er the earth be strewn.
Far and away, away and far,
The evil wicked scattered are.

Therefore the wicked shall not stand
In judgment, but, instead, be judg'd.
No sinners join the congregants
     Of God, lest God be smudged.  
God gives his children cherishing
While wickedness goes perishing.
George Krokos Nov 2020
The world seems to be
still in the grips of something
called Covid19

People are dying
and there are new restrictions
everywhere imposed

Like mass extinction
of the dinosaurs it seems
that went before us

Though they disappeared
when a meteor hit Earth
by an Act of God

As they were too crude
to express all God's divine
creative nature

We may disappear
due to a virus unleashed
by Unbelievers

Is God using them
to do the same thing with us?
scripture reference

The Asian country
this pandemic started in
is responsible

Are they trying to
take over the world by their
cunning persistence?

We must be aware
there are so many of them
long time preparing

Like a locust plague
which will swoop down to feast on
unprotected crops

They may go without
any warning to invade
a nearby country

With all the iron
ore they've been buying lately
used in construction

Cities and weapons of war
secret agenda

We must be all fools
if we let this go without
careful scrutiny

If the USA
leaves the region they're guarding
all hell may break loose

For what reason did
they go there in the first place
have we forgotten?

Super Powers are
known for balance of power
in war and in peace

Some Presidents should
reconsider leaving for
region won't be safe

It seems obvious
this is what the Asian threat
has been aiming for

With the pandemic
taking its toll in the world
futile resistance

Too many problems
at home to worry about
what happens elsewhere

United Nations
now all in disunity
due to the virus

That Asian country
had a major stake in WHO
to keep things quiet

People were not told
and ignorance played its part
now look what's happened

They stopped most local
travel but allowed people
to leave their country

Infected with the
corona virus people
were unaware of

For economic
and strategic advantage
to assert itself

Because of the fact
many countries had been made
dependent on them

With their cheap exports
of manufactured goods but
few original

It's needless to say
they're good with computers in
hacking and spying

The world's on its knees
and looking for a vaccine
time is running out

Don't be too alarmed
there is a cure and vaccine
being developed

In the meantime take
necessary precautions
to fight the virus

Otherwise you may
succumb to the infection
not advisable
Written in October 2020. Reads like a conspiracy theory and takes a deeper look into COVID-19 following on from an earlier poem with the same title written in Senryu verses.
Steve Page Jul 2020
This is my compilation of choice
This is where I hear God's voice
Wrapped in eloquent grace,
Punctuated with tearful praise
User manual or admonishment
Hope and encouragement
Stories of enemies and friends
- where battles end
in the end.

This is my anthology of choice
This is where I hear God's voice
Soft like the call of a lover
Earnest like the tears of a running Father
Substituting justice with forgiveness
Love Joy Peace and Patience

This is my anthology,
my compendium of choice
This is where I hear God's voice
This is where I hear words collide with joy
This is where words can fly

This is where you'll hear God's voice.

You see, my God is a poet.
started this after listening to 'God is a DJ'.
Steve Page Jun 2020
Joy has a name
Whispered in awe,
Shouted in triumph and
Partied abroad.

Joy out-runs
Mourning and tears,
Drowns out hatred and
Drives out fears.

Joy brings peace
And laughter soon after,
Joy gives release and
Heals much faster.

Joy has a name
Above all others
His name is Jesus
Joy of many colours.
Galatians 5 - continued
Steve Page May 2020
My life experience.
His timeless scripture.
Which is the lens?
And which is the picture?
My answers starting to change.
For all things there is a season, a time for everything under the sun.
a time to scatter stones and a time to gather.
But -
Forgive me, if i spend my whole life questioning this -

Why is it my lot in life to work and be happy with it.
Am i nothing but a brick in the wall.
A mist that appears for a drop of time and then vanishes.
Merely a stem - some may bud, the lucky will flower
but all will wither and fade away.

Forgive me, when i say this -
For why should evil stick his face in mine and mock my happiness.
I am selfish, I am ungrateful
How can I enjoy this fellowship with injustice?
Where Love stands, hate reigns.
Where Peace sings, war screams.
Where Happiness dances, sadness breaks its bones.
Where Breath lives, darkness suffocates it.
This is human - self-destruction,
Created in love but born to sin.
We know of nothing else, until we find
You -
Ardent patience, Yearning salvation -

This is human - saved for nothing.
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
by Michael R. Burch

Come to me tonight
in the twilight, O, and the full moon rising,
spectral and ancient, will mutter a prayer.

Gather your hair
and pin it up, knowing
that I will release it a moment anon.

We are not one,
nor is there a scripture
to sanctify nights you might spend in my arms,

but the swarms
of bright stars revolving above us
revel tonight, the most ardent of lovers.

Published in Writer’s Gazette and Tucumcari Literary Review.
Keywords/Tags: love, lovers, night, stars, twilight, moon, spectral, ancient, scripture, arms, hair, revel, ardent, passion, passionate, desire, lust, ***
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