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chicken Oct 16
Every strike
Every beating
Tempered me into
The finest of gold
But no panacea
Host to all elements
Divinity over the material world requires being an intrinsic part of it.
IV - The Emperor

No knowledge but authority
You tower above the nation
Taking up the holy father's space
Leaving it is your liberation

The weak influence your mind
To choose the path wrong for you
It might be your arrogance
But it could be someone near you too
A poem every day
old willow Oct 2020
Once a little swain, Time has passed.
Chaos and Order, like petal drifting lake;
An Emperor of the east.
A thought to move millions,
A finger to predestine the people.
At the end, The peak resemble my hometown,
People have move, merchant comes and goes;
A place carved from ancient painting.
Serving the people is my duty,
Earth Beneath, Heaven encompassing;
Jaded life is now willow in winter.
SA Szumloz May 2020
Burning crosses, swarming birds
City in flames, anti-Christ stirred
You're far from being a hero
My dear Nero.

Motherly omens, fiddle music
Jealous rage, killing cupid
When will your reign end,
My haunted friend?

An angry senate, an empty boat
A mad man stabbed in the throat
By his own hand, by his own wish
I want your head served on a dish.

This is your bloodbath, Emperor
Hell is now you empire.
Eleanor Apr 2020
The emperor’s dinner was served.
Finally cooked fresh fish tonight.
And when the emperor had finished,
He felt perfectly alright.

Later the emperor felt queasy.
The pain in his chest was dull.
As he fell in a faint,
His stomach was unbearably full.

The emperor lay on the ground.
Trying to breathe with all his might.
In the end all he could do
Was accept he could see the light.

As the emperor lay dying
And contemplating his fate.
Servants raced to find the poisoned food.
But alas, they wouldn’t. It was the plate.
I was given the prompt 'plate' by a friend and this was the first thing my mind came up with :)
Ayn Apr 2020
A fire rages atop crumbling walls.
there is none left to stop
the smoke that fills these halls.

Shackles burn off of those
thrown through unjust pain
this inferno shall burn
the last of some God's bane

flaming strings
searing skin
lashes wrought
to their cold sin.

The icen emperor has fallen gravely ill,
so the smiling flame still burns on,
the final reminder of his will.
icen, like icy but en. I find it odd to have an adjective ending in "Y" to be in the middle of a line. It does not sound right or proper to me. I feel it belongs more at the end of lines.

If you want to figure out what it's about, don't read this. It's about a sickly king dealing with a "god" whether it was an actual God, Devil, or coincidence, and a fire burns through the city, freeing slaves and righting all of his other misdeeds as emperor.
Mark Toney Oct 2019
An emperor spoke in poetic verse
Which led to fame for him at first
But after some time became a curse
For the emperor had no prose.

Poetic measure determined his fate
The body politic could not relate
Leaving people in a befuddled state
Yes the Emperor had no prose.

Seeking solutions from all his wise men
Beseeching them each again and again
"When will poetic proclivity end?
For I'm the Emperor and have no prose!"

Long and hard the wise men thought
With no answers to the solutions sought
So they hemmed and hawed, yelled, argued and fought,
Still the Emperor had no prose.

The Emperor ended his quest in time
No cure for his affliction could he find
Relinquished the throne and became a mime
At least he was able to pose!
4/26/2019 - Poetry form:  Light Verse - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2019
Tuan Do Mar 2019
Night wind scales,
Frosty Palace,
Must I ****,
For law,
For order.
Explaination-The Emperor kills his mistress.
Tuan Do Mar 2019
The winds of autumn,
The Emperor's robe flutter.

The storms of spring,
His heart's in anger.

The frost of winter,
A thousand men dies.

The warmth of summer,
Peace for mankind.
Explaination-The Emperor control's the fate of his people like a god.
Tuan Do Mar 2019
Dressed in steel,
Spear in hand,
The general conquers in four directions.

Dressed in law,
Brush in hand,
The minister governs all ranks of men.

Dressed in Gold,
Wine in hand,
The Emperor watches as his empire grow.
Ah, but is this not the way of the world.
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