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Knit Personality Mar 2016
I pay respects to Mrs. Claus,
    Samaritan extraordinaire,
The modest queen of Christmastide
    And the north wind and arctic air.

Her role she never boasts, and yet,
    The muse and glory of her spouse,
The great goodwill that Santa shares
    Begins in her and in her house.

She never boasts the good she does,
    And very few have known truth
That children all across the world
    Prepare for her each new lost tooth.

For Mrs. Claus, she wears two hats;
    And when those kids with little paws
Count up their coins, they know she came—
    The "Tooth Fairy", or Mrs. Claus.

* .
Knit Personality Dec 2015
A pretty package neat and trim
With wrapping paper fitting slim,
And with a bow tied neat and nice,
Houses a lump of coal and ice.

* .
Knit Personality Dec 2015
The Christmas Pig is red and big,
      And creeps around his stall
While playing out his favorite gig
      As Santa at the mall.

* .
Knit Personality Dec 2014
I love the sound of steady-falling snow
Heard through a window casement’s glassy sieve
When everything is off (the radio,
The stale debate on “to live or not to live”),

And the silent fuzz of sound-in-negative
Accompanies the light, dynamic show,—
The freestyle choreography of blow-
ing flakes that drift and spin and dip and dive.

Pacified,—snowed,—blissed-out by this very sound
Is how I’ve spent this Christmas afternoon.
No accident is this, no; nor a boon
Of cosmic chance or coincidence profound:
It’s gentle and mighty Colorado’s gift
To one whose spirits needed—this day—a lift.

* .
Knit Personality Dec 2014
If love is as soft
   As the wisp of a willow,
Then, here: take this over-stuffed
   Holly-leaf pillow!

* .
Knit Personality Dec 2014
Hear the pealing of the bells—
          Christmas bells!
What a world of siblinghood their merry ringing spells!
      As carolers go singing
      What the merry bells are ringing,
      And hot chocolate—spiced and stinging—
        Is drunk in duple time,
      A warmth arrives and swells
      As it jingles with the bells,
And impels the glass to shed her robes of frosted fleecy rime.
    Through downy flake on downy flake,
    O'er cozy wood and frozen brake,
      Adown the sledded dells—
          Powdered dells!
      Where holly berries ******
      Off the beard of old Kris Kringle,
The merry sounds, they mingle in a medley of noëls—
          Belles noëls!
    And "peace on earth, good will to men
    And women" then is heard again
    By every girl and every boy
    And every ear long deaf to joy;
For everywhere the pealing, the reeling of the bells,
The glory of the Christmas story resoundingly retells.
      The big, bronze bells—
      Where the boldest volume dwells,
And prays in sacred solitude when it, like a liquid, wells—
    Ring out in mercy, forgiveness, and love—
    The will to assume the white wings of the dove:
Hear them! and sing with the dinging, the donging of the bells,
    Of the bells, bells, bells, bells,
      Bells, bells, bells—
The binging and the bonging of the bells!

* .
Knit Personality Dec 2014
When candles--wax and plastic--are put away,
And strings of tiny bulbs no more display
Their warm, angelic, Walmart-purchased light,
I don't go gentle into that good night:
I rage against the dying of the light.

* .
Knit Personality Sep 2016
A mighty marvel,
The Giant Antlered Bear is awesome.
Brown, shaggy, and enormous,
He rules the darkest, coldest winter forests,
And is always warm.
With incredible antlers he is crowned
The Spirit-Animal of Christmas.

* .
Knit Personality Aug 2018
Goblin King:          Who, on such a night as this,
                               Christmas Eve, goes out amiss?
Goblin Chorus:      Gabriel Grub!  Gabriel Grub!  
                               **! **! **!  'T is Gabriel Grub!

King:                      Who, on Christmas Eve, goes out
                               Digging graves?  Ye goblins, shout:
Chorus:                  Gabriel Grub!  Gabriel Grub!  
                               **! **! **!  'T is Gabriel Grub!

King:                      Who, like Scrooge, the season mocks?
                               Who should fill a "Christmas box"?
Chorus:                  Gabriel Grub!  Gabriel Grub!  
                               **! **! **!  'T is Gabriel Grub!

King & Chorus:     Gabriel Grub!  Gabriel Grub!
                               **! **! **!  'T is Gabriel Grub!

Knit Personality Oct 2018
Candy is dandy;
   But dandier
Is Halloween candy,
   And candier.  

Candy is dandy;
   But dandiest
Is Christmas candy,
   And candiest.

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