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In this moment i feel fine.
Not trapped like falls foliage under neath winters white blanket.
Neither do i feel free
Like the fowl that flew south.
I feel somewhere in the awkward middle ground between
Flight and containment.
But what a beautiful feeling.
I may not be airbourne,
Honking with the lively flock of beasts
Seeking asylum from winters
Chillful howls.
But at least im above ground.
And thats encouraging.
Just jotting a little poem. Alot of people go through **** this time of year. Some have the best times of their lives. Just happy to be riding the in between. Merry xmas every body.
Ornaments and lights decorate trees
Traditions that we've made this to be
Presents are generous, but to be alive

Is the gift that continues to give
Because your presence
Is a present

Focus energy not on tensions
Or frustrations, but realizing
Appreciations for each lesson
Blessing, and silver lining

For Christmas cheer, is to be kind
To unite love like peace signs
And as we celebrate his birthday
To keep the good faith in mind.
I wrote this poem in honor of Christmas, last year. It's my first Christmas poem that I can remember dedicating to the holiday. I had also written a song about Christmas, but I'm pretty sure this was my first poem about it. I hope you find something to like. ^^
Praggya Joshi Dec 2018
The sky looks marvelously serene
Like a bejeweled birthday gift
Laced with bright ribbons
Of a sparkling sunlit peace
Perhaps it's an evidence of
Our invisible yet invincible
strength and synergy
To continue living or existing
In a clear direction which
Renders us worthy of
A gracious life as well as
Shelters our faith in ourselves
Even when the vicious wintry haze
Makes us shiver and quiver
With ceaseless doubts and mysteries
Let us all bask in the pleasing warmth
Of this heavenly gift
Let's celebrate together
Our mindful victory against
Our very own weaknesses
Merry Christmas to all
missanthropic Dec 2018
it was the night before christmas, alone in my room
i found myself longing to remain in this tomb
blankets and pillows tossed about without care
knowing with sunrise, the joyous will stare
tossing and turning, alone in my bed
visions of the merry danced in my head
it's not that i'm sad, at best perhaps apathy
a longing to be something but this walking tragedy

so i march and i move, straight path to the corner
a wind up toy run dry, much to my horror
part of me still longs for my lost childlike wonder
part of me is hit with this realization of sonder

there are people like you, there are people like me
there are people all over like us that we just cannot see
they stay up til dawn, perfecting their masks
checking their list twice, completing the tasks
practice makes perfect, they study their smile
knowing they must try harder, must not appear vile

for it's not that i don't wish to celebrate this joy
just that peeling myself from bed feels like a ploy
but still i press on as the night draws to a close
knowing that when the sun comes, i must ignore the lows

and for anyone out there who can relate to this tale,
i wish you slumber, a momentary relief from your ail
you are not out of mind, even if you are out of sight
happy christmas to all, and to the lonely - goodnight.
Gods1son Dec 2018
From the throne
To the ****
He was the Word
Clothed in flesh
A blessing to this world

Unto us, a King was born
That we all might be born anew
He was sent by the Father
To re-unite us to Him
That we also might be sons and daughters of Him

He came as a light
To shine in our heart
To set us apart
And give us the incorruptible life

His Spirit intertwined with ours
That's power residing on our inside
Mystery unveiled to our eyes and mind
To know Him as He is

He came to bear all our guilts and sins
To hang them all on the cross
And in return, give us the victory, purity
And usher us to life eternity

Yes, We are the reason for the season
All hail our King, Jesus
Who has opened unto us the door
To the Father's kingdom.

Merry Christmas!!!
Merry Christmas to all. It's a wonderful family in here
Pagan Paul Dec 2018
Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat
and is getting strange looks from the family cat,
cleaning its claws and making them sharper,
if I were the goose then I would scarper.

Pagan Paul (24/12/18)
Just something silly for xmas eve.
aL Dec 2018
Nakalimot ka siguro na masungit sa iyo ang tadhana
Nang ikaw ay nagmahal sa isang tao at nagpahalaga
Maikling ngiti lang ang kanya ngang hatid
Ngunit habang buhay nasa iyong panlasa ang pait
Tuwing iidlip siya ay na riyan
Tuwing paggising siya ang hanap
Maging sa panaginip ikaw ginagambala ng iyong maling desisyon
Hanggang sa langit ang paghingi mo ng solusyon
Ikaw lamang naman ay nakinig sa tibok ng damdamin
Wala ka naman talagang sala sa harap ng iyong salamin
Siya ay dala ng nanlamig na hangin
Sa iyong paghinga iyo siyang nakuha
Kalaunan tanging hindi umayon ay tadhana
ConnectHook Dec 2018
Data-driven snow
Globalist control and gifts
Shut up and Buy, sheep.

Shepherds keeping watch
Disco Sky-Aliens appear
Christ's freaking light-show
One World yo mama
Julia Dec 2018
this Christmas
i will give my boo
an apple tattoo
on his heart

and we will start
to make a new life
through Winter’s strife
this New Year

everywhere i hear
all you need is love
i pray to God above
send some our way
i love you acorn honey
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