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Joseph C Ogbonna Aug 2021
On a summer day I saw a pretty dame
bathing in the warm waves of the beach's tub.
She tanned her skin to adorn her slim frame,
massaging its softness with each gentle rub.
From that distance, she exuded sweet fragrance
stemming from the refining of her radiance.
Sensual movements from lips, hips, curves, legs and hands
made me fantasize as I relished each moment.
My love-struck eyes gazed at the rhythmic movement
of this ******* clad model for all lands.
After a sunbath, she tied her pristine towel,
then with a fixed look, she gazed straight at me.
'Hello, the adventurous gentleman,' said she.
'You sure look gay, hale, hearty and swell.'
Shyly my fears of rejection loomed large,
whilst my love dreams turned out to be a mirage.
Elusive Love Dreams at the Beach
Julie Grenness Sep 2019
This is an Autumn year,
How does it feel, my dear?
Autumn wakes up crisp and fresh,
But soon chills creep upon her breath,'
Autumn is a grey old dame,
Clouds and rain here again,
Autumn looks back on youthful summer,
Golden glow all gone, total ******!
Get ya giggles, aging is not for wussies. Feedback welcome.
Ma fine Muse
Je te jure passion indéfectible et courtoise
Vénération et totale soumission
Je suis vassal et dévôt chevalier
Prêt à guerroyer de tournois en tournois
Pour mon inaccessible dame suzeraine.
Tu m'as octroyé pour encourager ma flamme
Un mouchoir brodé de tes initiales
Comme gage de ton amour adultère
Et quand le désir de toi me ronge, me consomme
Et me brûle de jalousie
C'est avec extase que je presse
Contre mon front tes douces initiales.

Fais de ton fine et fol amant
Ce que tu voudras
Je suis ton esclave
Je ne cherche ni liberté
Ni affranchissement
Et s'il te plaît que je meure
Je mourrai de fine amour
En chantant la joie de ta beauté précieuse
Comme un troubadour et sa viole pieuse.
Iska Apr 2019
For a moment today...
my heart stopped.

When I was a little girl I stood in awe,
Before the beauty that was Notre Dame.
It was only a picture,
but in it I saw the marvel that was Notre Dame.

And so as a girl I dreamed
To feel her bells reverberate through my soul,
To draw her beauty with inadequate talent
To one day stand before grand Notre Dame.

And now she is burning.
Dressed in red
Her heart is on fire
as the flames hungrily sought to accomplish
that which two wars and a plague could not,
To consume beloved Notre Dame.

856 years she has witnessed
856 years her regal beauty has graced us
856 years Her bells have sounded for so many souls

And in what seemed like seconds
Notre Dame...

Is gone.

The trembling ash coated skeleton
of her existence is all that remains
of the glory that was Notre Dame

And if you are silent you may still hear the bells
ringing through out the earth,
crying for Notre Dame.
And now as she goes in a blaze of beauty..
I too cry for Notre Dame.

for a moment today...
my heart stopped.

and as I behold that what is left
of the burning heart of Paris..
I am unsure it will start again.
my heart has broken
Bimsara De Silva Apr 2019
The Cathedral stands
at the heart of the city,
so pure and beloved,
so strong and enduring.

Year after year,
through thick and through thin,
Through revolution and war
Our Lady stays strong.

Just one spark
Inconsequential and small.
Surely it couldn’t
bring her down to her knees.

Pride of the city,
the city of love,
it’ll take more
than just one spark.

But sparks turn to embers,
and embers to flames,
and before we know it,
all is engulfed.

The problem we have
is that things made of wood
may seem so strong
but they always can burn.

We try to save her,
She means too much to us all.
Something so beautiful
can’t just burn down.

But the flames grow higher
and the spire collapses.
Can she be saved?
Star BG Apr 2019
In the ashes of purgatory
where remnants of a Dame once lived
the Phoenix will fly.
Fly into heavens gate.
Drift gracefully in moment
that ascends to a blue sky,
so all can celebrate light.
Inspiried by Mygreatestescape Thank you

It was indeed a false flag by those who live in the shadows of institutions
unknown to the general public. The Cabal - controlling forces that are loosing the fight so all align with love and peace.
John McDonnell Apr 2019
When the cinders cool and the answer seekers
pick their way through the charred rubble
what will they find? A medieval carpenter's chisel, a pair of rosary beads, pigeon droppings, the down from an angel's wing, the tears of saints.
Tatiana Apr 2019
J'ai vu Notre Dame brûler
comme si elle était une sorcière
sur un bûcher,
comme si elle était des balles
perçant le peau,
comme si elle était les mots de bigoterie
coulant de la bouche des monstres
J'ai vu Notre Dame brûler
et nos coeurs aussi
Seeing Notre Dame burn has been horrifying. Hopefully it can be restored.
Again, french is not my first language, so any mistakes are my own.
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