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Steve Page Dec 2019
I hold with care the value of the Wait with a backdrop of the intrusion of the immediate;
I relish the Not Yet, not looking for an untimely rush into the unfinished;
I anticipate the delicious Hope, ignoring the clamour of dissent;
and not taking anything for granted, I do all I can to clear space, to listen with intent and to then herald the Promise of the Soon,
the ready-coming-King,
and I embrace the God-with-us Now.
The Christmas preposition is 'with'. God with us.
AK na Makulay Dec 2019
Offered unconditional love
Ego and pride being ignored
Gave new meaning
To a macho man
by being just and kind

A man who saved
The King of kings
from a temporal king
who's afraid to lose
power and authority

Gave everything he has
Even faced fear and death
Became a husband
And a father
For every one of us
To have a meaningful, purposeful and fulfilling life.
Thomas David Dec 2019
O flitting fleeting facile flea,
Why fear the foggy freedom fraught
With silent solace—soul un-sought—
The Spirit-seeking, saffron'd sea?
Your promise pilfered! Purple paint's
Supposed to pale with patient peace
But soured by sifting center. Cease!
And seal your sacred sentence
A friend broke a promise to another friend. And today I wait in dread for its discovery.
S I N Dec 2019
The snowfalls always seemed to me
To be the falling of le ciel
And snowflakes simply are
The harbingers of times to come
What come to earth to hail
The advent new of Newborns
To the earth that borne through
Pain and toil and blood and then
Umbilical cord are torn and lost
That mystical connection till rebirth
That’ll be unknown to him, and dearth
Of knowing proper place innate to the
Inane entity before the being of existence
Before gaining a shell to thereafter fledge
And plunge again into unknown
To then again emerge amidst the toll of it
Words' Worth Aug 2019
I'm different from the advertisements
I'm different from being able to check the diffident
I'm differently formed, coffered the affidavit
The defendant left me in a spell of the time that I had lost
Imbibing my guilt in the adequate alacrity, inevitable wasn't it
The loss of my sensible sagaciousness and I took it to curtsy for my childish grin
Smirks and lenience were standing upon at gaze, in the confused crowd
Only you, you were standing in the surface flowing with troughs of tridents of storms
Making choices beyond your gayness, and pristine condition was your choice of gentleness
noun: arrival
the action or process of arriving
a newly emerged development or product.
Lawrence Hall Dec 2018
The winter solstice is the year withdrawing
From all the busy-ness of being-ness,
And life in all its transfigurations
Seems lost beyond this cold, mist-haunted world

Time almost stops. Low-orbiting, the sun
Drifts dimly, drably through Orion’s realm
Morning becomes deep dusk; there is no noon
Four candles are the guardians of failing light

Until that Night when they too disappear
Beneath a Star, before a greater Light

Lawrence Hall
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bakunawa Dec 2018
We left our prints,
Right on the thick snow last year,
Where we ran around,
Frolic and pranced on the ground,
Jolly and joyful,
All the warm feelings we felt—

Without worry or doubt or fear…

We even forgot that snow can melt.

When the winter breeze,
Would turn tepid,
And your lukewarm embrace,
Would turn cold…

The snow angels fade,
With all your sweet kiss and hugs,
And my world would flood.

Spring came,
Summer came,
And soon everything,
And every day,
Come rain or shine,
It still felt like fall.

And every moment,
And every hour,
‘twas like winter time,
Without Christmas,
All in all lonely,
All in all dull,
All in all listless,
All in all…

Teardrops fly,
Like raindrops,
How I cry,

How I miss,
Your laughter,
And your smile,

Are you there,
Watching me,
From up high?

This time,
Our snow angels,
I make two,
One is for me,
The other,
To make my Christmas wish come true

Because three hundred,
And sixty five days,
None was ever enough,
There was nothing I could ever do.

I can just lay here,
So cold in this wintry white ground,
Awaiting my ice angels,
Hoping they’d take me back to you.
the heart of the advent season is waiting right?
pessimism and hopefulness at the same time...
ShowYouLove Dec 2017
Peace be upon you and your home
Blessings and graces abound
The love of the Lord goes wherever you roam
And wherever you are may he always be found

Grace to you and all your kin
Glad tidings and good news we bring
A man like us in all but sin
Born this night; Heaven and nature sing

Rest easy tonight, do not be afraid
For one has come to save us one and all
Shepherds and wise-men in homage paid
A bridge builder breaking down walls

Hail full of grace the angel said
You shall bear a son and call him Emmanuel Jesus
Let God’s will be done in me Mary prayed
Understanding how God sees us

Peace on the earth and good will to men
Let it start with me and then
Let all who look at me see this light
Shining like the star on that first Christmas night

May you be at peace now and always
May you never run out of thanks and praise
May the God who made you draw you close
In the love of Father, Son, and Holy Ghos’

Peace in the sea, the air and the land
Peace to the people, the flock of His hand
Peace to all nations their leaders in power
That we would have peace and safety in this dark hour
ShowYouLove Dec 2017
Watch for the star shining in the east
Watch for the prowling of the beast
Watch for the light that neither falters nor dims
Listen for the sound of the angelic hymns

Watch for the coming of the one true king
Watch for the baby in the manger
May we bless him by the gifts we bring
May we see him in the face of the stranger

Watch for the day that is drawing near
Watch and be wary so you can hear
Him when he comes in all his glory
To write the final chapter in creation’s story

Watch and wait with bright joyful eyes
Watch Christ and ever stay fixed on the prize
Watch and see the greatest gift the world got
Do we remember or acknowledge? I think we have not

I wish I could see what Jesus sees when he looks at you and me
I wish I understood the price he paid to set us all free
I wish I could turn our thinking upside down
And I wish I could make people smile more than frown

I wish a lot of things but what can I do to make an impact
To change or save a life and not be an act
The little things we do can turn the world
There is poetry in all nature and a flower unfurled

So let us watch for the coming of our precious savior’s birth
Reminding the world just how much we’re worth
That Christmas is so much more than just stuff
We have family friends and faith and that is quite enough
ShowYouLove Dec 2017
Hear the voice of once calling out: Prepare, prepare!
Turn from your ways and repent. I say: be aware!
Make straight the roads and the mountains make low,
Ready the way, believe in your heart, and know:
I baptize you with water to make the body clean
Follow me and I will show you just what I mean.
He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire
His birth was proclaimed by an angel choir.
Good as I may be,
Compared to Him I am unworthy.
He has come to set the prisoners free,
He came to save the likes of you and me
He has come to seek and save the lost
And He came to pay the highest cost.
He has come to make the blind see and the lame walk,
He came to call sinners and make the mute talk.
I stand before you today to testify to the Holy One,
I stand before you to proclaim the love of God’s only son.
Awake sleeper and rise from your bed
For the King with no place to lay his head.
Fix your eyes to heaven, set your heart on higher things
Be washed in the river of life and experience what it brings.
There is new life in Him; the old is gone away.
He is life, His word is truth, His light will show the way
I am the voice in the wilderness calling out.
Your waiting will soon be rewarded, have no doubt.
I am the one sent ahead to tend the fields
That when he comes, he may have bountiful yields.
Prepare your hearts and homes to receive
The one who was, and is, and ever will be.
He, of whom the angels sing and shepherds find
He, to whom wise-men bow down and with whom sinners dined.
I am the voice to quicken your hearts and point to the light,
I am the voice of hope and joy against the darkness of the night.
Written this past Friday in Adoration at St. Peter's Catholic Church. A reflection on today's Gospel reading
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