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Meruem Sep 2018
Ako'y minsan ng naligaw,
Sa ilalim ng kalangitang bughaw.
Isang napakalawak na hardin,
Na agad pumukaw ng aking paningin.

O, Mirasol!
Namumukod tangi ang tanglaw.
Sinubukan ko itong pitasin,
Itinuring na sariling akin.

Sa lakas ng ihip ng hangin,
Di ko namalayan na ito'y tatangayin.
Sinubukan ko itong sagipin,
Ngunit sa huli, ako pa rin ang salarin.
Minsan, di natin naiisip na sa isang iglap o isang pagkakamali ay maaaring mawala satin yung bagay na pinakaiingatan natin. Kung kelang huli na ang lahat tsaka natin mapagtatanto na kahit na napakaraming bulaklak sa hardin, hindi na natin mapapalitan yung nag iisang bulaklak na napili natin kapag ito'y nalagas na.
r Sep 2018
Although I can’t prove it,
I think most poets work
for FEMA, writing good
lines on the side of homes.

This poem is asleep, so
don’t yell at it, waking it up;
leave it alone letting it dream.
;).  Coming Thursday to your Mobile Phones, like it or not:

"Presidential Alert: THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is needed."

No action needed, this is ONLY a test.  Yep. Just ask the good people of Puerto Rico.   Wonder where the all  CAPS idea came from?
Robin Carretti May 2018
Sounds swarming
But quite alarming

College babes
Like_ Slimfast
Loves never last
Dorming ****
X box Assassin Creed
Video gifts Elfering
Twitter  featuring
The Rattlesnake

My sweet

Big mistake
The sangria
Clever mastering
The place was
That Drunk
No comedy act
Ben Stiller

All  Gigs **** her
GIF ruff stuff
Gold digger bluff
Hangover cliff
Her bedroom eyes
Tonight the
Holy water
I phone Maria
Sangria suits him
Just the ring fighter

Ratfinks website
White being
Drink Kahlia

I won't
My dream drink
My love, you ain't

He is singing
Strong hangover
with mudpack

Drink playmate
All geared up
Generous Gina
Montezuma revenge
The Saint lounge
How she flaunts
her drinks inferior
Writing a poem
some fonts
((His Tatoo))
the bomb drinker
Pineapple chunks
water ripe ripples
Leftover drunks
Mon Cheri *******

Acting like a Saint
Terri spiritual Rumi
The drink scruples

Riders of
Heirs of beer
At the dorm

The ((Psychic Alarm))
Your drink woke
you up
****** humor
Someone was singing
I just met a girl
named Maria

((Harry Potter Hogwarts))
San Antonio
Met Maria
What a belly wash

Drinking up
Alcoholic Darts
Two lovers
liking Maria

Smoothing in
He has
a Margarita
down to her
last drink

Sangria tank
Egyptian Army
buddy drinking
Like a

Lions and coins
Bermuda sounds
And globetrotters
My Saint
of Sangria

On her drenched
She could
have done
his Bio

((That SanAntonio))

((Hostess)) Gia
Tony was singing
out to Maria

Her wings
of liquor
The Saint moves

Cabaret stripper
Natalie let me
entertain you
Surprise the
Flipping homes
Drinking up
Their Sangria
My Saint
Mama Mia
You arrived invite
your friends
No Maria
Drinks on me
Schools out
But Sangria
Stays in we party
Way out
Drinks of so many but we must be the Saint that Godly drink let it be our destined God please don't nod when your down and out Sangria shout
Leonardo J Aug 2017
God speaks to each of us as he makes us,

Then walks with us silently out of the night.

These are the words we dimly hear.

You, send out beyond your recall.

Go the limits of your longing.

Embody me.

Flare up like a flame

And make big shadows I can move in.

Let everything happen to you: beauty and terror.

Just keep going. No feeling is final.

Don’t let yourself lose me.

Nearby is the country they call life.

You will know it by its seriousness.

Give me your hand.

-A poem by Rainer Maria Rilke   1875 - 1926
Translation by Joanna Macy and Anita Barrows
I hope this poem finds you, I read it in my times of need, may you find solace in it's words. I'm here for you.

Shut in her room with the scent of roses
pounded with wet stones
picked one by one from the riverbank and shining still,
Hesione struggled to remove the clasps
which she placed on a piece of cloth weaved by her grandma.

Days later she lay in bed wrapped in a sacred vestment.
Secret hopes torpedoed her body
and for a moment removed the clasps from the groin.
All worthless.

People were buried nearby.
The freshly-dug graves smelled of tamarisks.
She and the Thoans scanned the sea.
Nothing reminded one of who she was and why she mourned.
She forgot all about Hercules, thurifications and joys never to be.
Now all worthless.  

*Hesione: daughter of Laomedon, king of Troy, and sister of Priam.
She was chained by her father on a rock to be devoured by a monster in order to appease the anger of Apollo and Poseidon.  Hercules promised to deliver her, for a reward of Laomedon’s wonderful horses, and killed the monster.
pas un mot

nuages au ciel
l' autumn va venir bientôt
moi seule, avec des autres
moi avec des autes, seule
j' attends le vent dehors
comme la seule et la meilleure
moi silence pas un mot
on a oublié de parler
J'ai oublié de parler

©maria panoutsou    2016
maria allyssa Jan 2016
i've always admired
how a blank white wall
looked back into my eyes

how it reflects as
pure, whole, pristine
into my deep dark eyes

how it pulls out
another set of trigger
into my soul

about how it makes
so much sense
my mind is white

until you set
this explosion of colors
with little time-bombs
e v e r y w h e r e

as if these hues
the way we are,

or more importantly,
the way we're not

how these reds
that should indicate

but they won't
cover up
the whites

instead they wash away
like water
against these blank walls

as if
your love for me
was never real anyway

as if i was nothing
to be lost
to be thrown away

as if the greens blues oranges
can stay
but you were yellow

you covered up
so much space
so much time

as if it symbolizes
your impact on me

how i cannot forget
this rendezvous we have

once or twice
or just whenever
you feel like

how can you not
forgive me?

i never forgiven myself either.
drunk text i'd forget the next day anyway
(c) maria allyssa
Maria, Maria, let the roses surround you!
You're beauty is a trait.
It was meant for you!
Joyous and cheerful,
Upbeat and confident,
Is of no compare to those to be said ominous!
Oh Maria,
Since the day of my genesis,
And I saw you
I love you!

I, I just can't
I can't explain how
Adoring you are!
You figuratively
And literally
Are a beauty
To this world
The gods are lucky
To have such a beauty
like you!
Cat Fiske May 2015
Dear My sweetie Maria,
Growing up,
isn't such a lovely cup of tea,
and girls with the grace of honey bee's,
don't always get what we hoped for,

and some may have shut the door on your corps,
but you clearly wanted more then to smell the affair in the air,
like how children always cared with every strand of hair in there body,
we say our prayers even if our minds were foggy,

Stormy weather is when I see you walking in the rain,
as if the pain will drain and you're looking to gain something too,
and if we could break threw you and your secrets,
we can help you get through all your weakness and pain.

but you've chained your life story and locked the key in your book,
and if there was a way to look I would,
I know your not understood but listen when I say,
"I'd give my happiness away any day for you to feel happy and okay,"

But Maria says "she's dying,"
though her door all I here is her crying,
and i'm fighting for this door to open up,
and Maria came out to show she didn't completely give up on herself,

but Maria isn't protecting her I'm not either,
Maria neither cares to survive or die,
Maria won't say why, or let alone goodbye,
and Maria's alive because of the pulse,

like the machine your impulse to not pull the plug,
even though they feel as worthless as bugs we **** for nothing,
because the thing about bugs,
we find them to be worthless and bugging so we pull their plugs,

Maria I don't want to pull your plug,
but Maria, you're like the bugs,
the bugs who are your friends,
but you all attend; a part in a oddball circus tightrope act.

some walked on and got claps while others fell as they failed again,
but Maria remained on the wire,
until Maria went up to higher stories in the air,
climbed a story for every story Maria never cared to tell,

Maria screamed and yelled "Are you looking up at the building?"
"I'm thinking of jumping, I'm tired of living this life,"
"I'm tired of this ******* knife, it doesn't help me,"
"I'm just tired of wanting Something,"

"I was just a girl outside, and he disgusted me,"
"he tried to drown me in this sea of lies he told and did,"
"I was a kid, I had hid this for so long thinking I did wrong,"
"I just never belonged, I'm ruined don't you see, I am worth nothing,"

"I just see nothing here, just Nothing"
"so I'm falling down here, so try and catch me, but i'm falling,"
"I Just can't see nothing,"
just look at your kids, friends, lovers, who ever, because you don't know what is wrong with them, I have had friends save my life,
Faces Unknown Apr 2015
We’re all mad, the world is full of madness. We’re all scared, the world is a scary place. We all fall down, the world is full of many bumps. We’re all lonely, the world is full of loneliness. We all have doubts, the world is full of negativity. Point is, the world is full of everything you feel so don’t feel alone because there’s about 7 million other people out there and you’re never alone.
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