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mj Dec 2018
Even now, the gardens of our past refurbish themselves in the heat of my ongoing halt against time. Perhaps for someone like me, idyll glimpses of love reside only in the solitude of lyricism, open windows, those comatose streetlights, and the interstate of dreams.

Emi Jay Oct 2018
the sound of the highway outside
whispers through this rain-tapped glass:

quiet and fleeting and constant,
so like wind and rain and nature,
ebbs and flows, soothes with those
highs and lows and breaks—

with no telling when it will end,
just a rhythm like sleepy breaths,
a lullaby in the making

i prefer this noise to silence
outside my window in that dark;
a vast world alive and vibrant
while i slip into muted dreams
Poetic T Jun 2018
The uneatable is a mirage
        to those thirsty for an oases
of dream like delusions.

For nothing is waiting,
       Its only now that we
                 see idyllic reflections.

There aren't steps but a mirage
               of what our lives were.

Every step is our creation
                       to others dreams.
That we help with, our every
           reflection is there's to strive for...
a Miduri
ring that
squat for
him and
tell members
it'll save
their souls
while attacks
on democracy
increase in
the land
as this
prosperity gospel
spreads without
central control
yet Operation
Canaan probe.
If ther was a Paradise Farm in Brazil
Ma Cherie May 2016
"My roots run deep hearn' these Green Mountains of Vermont. "

All Rights Reserved © 2016 Ma Cherie
Just gone tomorrow will see you all when I get back. :)
mark john junor Nov 2014
her eyes are oceans of silence
let me drift there for a lifetime of moments without care
let me know what its like to drown in sweet beauty
let me live the quiet life in her heart
and delve into the silken smooth wine of her voice
while i let her lips ****** me
why am i so lost without hope of her
why must i know this idyllic life in her arms
the sugar of her heart is salty and bittersweet
but oh to taste her presence
perfumed and subtle
soft skin
her eyes are an ocean of silence
bathe in her perfect perfections
lay in the cool waters of her sweet heart
live the quiet life of her
Maggie Emmett Sep 2014
Idyllic love poems wander the hills
with a pining goat herd playing his pipe
and singing mournful song
echoing down the quartz sculpted gorge
beneath waterfalls
where alabaster-skinned Naiads
lithe and languorous
bathed in crystal brooks.

Romantic poems lounge on sofas breathless  
wearing corsets and crinolines
and untouched
strands of hair

   John Donne’s love poems
are wet
  with wit.
Autumn Shayse Aug 2014
Please don't tell me
that you've always been in love
with me and that you will always
have these feelings for me
I don't buy that
Please don't call me
at 4am with heart
felt messages in a
drunken state
I won't buy that

Please don't chase me
when I run away from
you, when I desert you
halfway through dinner and
scream hellbent 'I love
you's' at me across the street
I shan't buy that

Please do
that I am faithful to
no-one, that I
am capable of
nothing, save destruction
and that I do not buy
into the ideals of love,
into anything more than
***** fuelled hook-ups
and faible, fiery passion.
I want to be able to write properly again so so so badly
I feel as though if I persevere with this **** then one day I might just get it back
Much have been said
About my brother
How from his hands
Borne both
And destruction
Songs were sung
About trivial flickers
And infernos legendary
Allow me to say
My piece about
My brother flame
Words seems lifeless
Next to your colored streaks
Hearths spark
Candles shine
Is the burn from my oven
Life is borne
From your touch
Embers glow at your grasp
Metal refined from your speech
The world itself
Is teeming in life
For the sun
Looks down upon it
In its heart
My brother flame
Burn brightest
Is the element of change
You burn from the tears
Of the oppressed
You blaze from the verses
Of the revolutionary
Artists, lovers, and dreamers
Their eyes burn
With passion
Your disposition
My brother has never been cold
My Sister Wind
You warm her
With your embrace
Shed her chains and give her wings
That she may fly
Full of grace
Brother flame
You are a legend
May bards sing forever
Your songs
How you cradled the Phoenix
In its death
And herald its birth
From the same ashes it came from
How you fled with Prometheus
From Olympus
And sparked the dreams of men
You are a perfect instrument
Of God’s glory and renown
After heaven denied Earth
Elijah’s offer you consumed
On Horeb
Have seen you burning
A lonely bush
You’ve shown this lonely shepherd
He was standing on Holy Ground
And on God’s plan
Much have been said
About my brother flame
My piece reveals
Of those I am certain
These three

A wedding gift for R.E.
Northern wind
Gentle wind
You came unseen
But I need not doubt
You are here
I close my eyes
I feel your passing
Invisible arms
Over mountains and plains
Trees wave
Flowers bow
At the touch of your fingers
You breathe life on creation
Each morning
And whisper dreams
Each day’s passing
Northern wind
You may have been the river’s cousin
For in you
I see her grace
Winged clouds carry your feet
You bring the Maker’s air
Warm breath on winter’s eve
You lay your cool hand
On my fevered brow
During summer’s heat
You breathe life
On my Brother Flame
With your song, he burns
Bright and true
Northern wind
Free wind
Where are you going
Which alley
Or pathway
In heaven will you take
Will you bathe in sea sprays
Or scale summits and hills
Will you be carrying songs from the village
Or prayers
From children
As they lay to sleep
Lift them up to the Father
Whose voice is heard
In quiet
In the stillness
Of the wind
Northern wind
Healing wind
You came from your
Lofty dwelling
From your window
You watched
Clouds sailing
Each morning you greet
From the east
As a new day dawns
Light gives heat
And the wind brings chill
Northern wind
Healing wind
You came unseen
But still I am
You are here

A wedding gift for C.J.
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