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ce-walalang Oct 17
i want to travel the world one color at a time

...see the color of the first sunrise
...sip black tea on London rain
...linger at the heart of the Big Apple
...gaze at the pink skies of California
...cliff dive into the Aegean blue sea
...marvel at the green grass of the African safari
...get lost in the land with the whitest snow
...witness the sunset in Rio in space and walk the gray surface of the moon

but i’d rather pull all the shades and wander the great indoors
where the color of comfort is...

my unmade bed
i'll travel the world with words instead
Tehndai Aug 24
In the midst of terror and madness
The only joy comes from sadness
Masked behind a facade
Joy is surface value, conscience made
Plastic made, like cigarette smoke, it quickly fades
Are you reading into it
Bellow laughs and smiles, one might assume you're innocent
But the truth is, noone is innocent, even when you're an infant
Infact even babies **** insects
I'm from a place where it feels like its ****** to show love to your blood, you'll turn into a reject if you dont eject the "the white man mind".
Still don't know what joy is.
I don’t know what we are trying to say Native America…
White man and the Indian?
Fight for your right,
Fight for your white.
Apache -
Underlined in black "indian" ink Africa!
I'm trying to pinpoint the source of racial conflict both in society and the quiet of one's mind
Carl Fynn Jun 21
The struggles I had to face is something she wont go through!
No! Never! Not while I live , and definitely not under my watch.

My daughter is a lawyer in the making.
She's intelligent, a doctor figure.

Study hard baby
You'll take care of your sibling someday
and build us a better home.
Your good intent overshadowed by your failures and inabilities.
Genuine goodwill expressed in a confusing web of past decisions
Your way out shackles me to a prison wall painted in your dreams and wishes

I open my eyes to two options,
the wall of desolation and
the gateway of disrespect and ungratefulness .

I'd love to stay in these chains
enjoy the discomfort of your comfort.
but i cant!
I have a life to live
a destiny to realize

I cant live your dream
all the night you had to cry at nature's unfair gift of failure
could have turned to smiles and pride.
With the weapon of childbirth
You were assured a sweet revenge on nature

but the truth is...
all you have is an opportunity to be you
I'd love to be the doctor you long for.
**** to be a lawyer just to satisfy your thirst

What difference would it make
I get to be the doctor.... not you
I wear the wig ...... not you
You'd still be a slave to nature
and me, a prisoner to the horror of your past.

I cant live your dream
tho i dream of living the future you've planned for me,
all i wake up to is a pillow, a ***** sheet and REALITY!

I choose the gateway of disrespect
carrying along the tag of an ungrateful son
battling nature to the realization of my dreams
while staring at the Right to a wig and a stethoscope on the wall.

Hanging between those crafty wooden frame
is your key to vengeance
to me,
the crown of a wasted years chasing after your dream.

Sorry mom --- Sorry dad
I cant live your dream.
Michael Jun 9
At hand, we die to the white man.
Call it like it is.
See it from my eye.
“I don’t see color”
You don’t see color!!!
What madness do you speak?
The fact that you don’t see color
Means you don’t see me!
Because I am a person of color,
You’ve gotta see my color to see me.

You would rather make sure your dog eats
While my dawg got's to hustle and tussle for bone and scrap.
You would rather help stray dog
Than help a dawg gone astray.
A black life is a human life.

At hand, we die to our own.
Call it like I see it.
A lot of my brothers and sisters
See me from a dove’s eye view,
Killed by my own hands.
Brothers and sisters
Yet we **** each other like
Slave and oppressor.

The oppressor has become,
Me, who undermines my brother because
He don’t got the qualifications like the Caucasian.
Me who undermines my sister so much so
She now finds love in selling her love.
Help a n** out!!!

Land of the free,
For the skin that’s never been slaved.
Bring back the land
That was rightfully mine.
Do manners only apply when I'm wrong?
Gimme my land, freedom, rights and dreams
And ill give you your car back?
As a father I did what I had to for my kids.

Africa, your mother, cries
Day in and day out.
Her own children die
Not only at the hands of the free, but also at the hands of her children.
Sacrificed, a lot, to keep her children fed,
She’s been a mother to the world,
Its time we, her children, look after our mother and
Each other.
You can't be neutral to the situation at hand. It's not a situation. They just found a more subtle way of going about it.
Beauty does not seek attention:
But when she steps in, she gets all the ovation
Melanin defined, answering every question
You are about to ask.
With the complexity in their complexion,
I can hear their skin “say glow like diamond”

Brave, beautiful, bold; she earns the major “B”
Of course, she is queen Bee!
Majestically making her way to the throne in your heart, you wonder how she penetrates.
She is beautifully crafted, masterpiece of the master of all pieces,
That MAN up there must have taking his time.

All shades of her from chubby, thick, to tall. slender, olive, light, black, fair, tan brown.
Have you seen her tribal marks?
More like a landmark of territories she has conquered, with each stroke representing her “might”

Written off by history,
Knocked off by discrimination.
Trampled upon with stereotype
But each time she rises stronger than the tides
So typical; of an AFRICAN WOMAN
Heart of a warrior, body of QUEEN
Irony of royalty,
All hail: quit wondering how she prevails
Cause never will her crown slip away……..
my description of a typical African woman
Ba ba black man
wandering the flaming sun/

Why do you choose to smear the night?
is it that you're too sour for truth and light? /

What’s your guilt?  
why running from the sanctuary your ancestors built? /

Traveler beneath my country’s fire-rain
off to the backyard and heave my pain/

If you deem freedom to be tons of dollar
come swing ***** of dust into the eyes of your mother/

Life of a dark traveler isn’t a small joke
so don’t you find my words a suffocating smoke/
Tizzop Dec 2019
gökhan is turkish
it means: ruler of heaven

first time i met you:
september 3rd 1993
first day at school

we looked at each other
we wanted to sit together
we became friends

how sturdy you were
people always thought you
were much older
but me?

i had a babyface
hated my babyface
wanted to look older due to my
fatherless childhood
always wanted to be my own dad
wouldn't work though

so gökhan became my daddy
father figure and protector
i looked up to you my man

ruler of heaven

six years later you died of cancer
i rushed to the hospital
countryside germany

when entering your room
aware of your death
i saw your stiff body

and you were smiling
i will never forget that

an african-turk growing
up in germany 1990s
called gökhan tatchouop
lost the battle against cancer
sixteen years old

and he really died with a smile
because he was a good man
who did the right thing

as i get older year by year
i could be gökhan's dad by now

you're with me
R.I.P. Gökhan. God bless your soul.

Do the right thing:

Today is a good day.
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