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Clive Blake May 19
If people aren’t listened to
And will never be,
That would spell the end
Of our Democracy …
Francie Lynch Apr 28
Blue Conservatives...
          well, they've saddened us;
Red Liberals...
          have angered us;
Green Democrats...
          I'm inspired.
America the great?
No, America is hate.
Divided by supremacy
yet, we're called "United" States.
The unfortunate reality
but, I still have faith
that we'll get through this together,
that we'll make it through these days.
Through all these mixed emotions
I just want to say,
this is what it's come to
To all my people who are hurting,
I feel you & your pain.
This is "America" & it's a ******* disgrace.
To Mexican & African Americans & ****,
lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders,
I pray.
Muslims, queers, intersexuals,
stay safe.
Asexuals, low income, & women,
have strength.
To all the disabled and victims of ****
& to those that suffer from constant dismay,
I feel for you,
I feel your pain.
Through love and unity
our strength shall remain.
Sidney Chelle Nov 2018
speak softly to me.
when i ask you to reminisce on the earthy goodness of the soul,
press your holy roller lips against mine,
and sooth the wanting grind of that political burn i call mine.
let me rage out the tremors, let me speak shout the murmurs, and let me be endless if i can.
i know not of broken wings, but i know of hardships, things that poetry just cannot hold without making love or loss or simple sounds the music that surrounds every achen breath.
truly put, i can't stay put. i can't suffer without sharing, i can't commend without caring, and i can't be your everyman without being yours wholly.
love, you are my sanctity, and the kneeling to my unholy.
your brow is burnt with fiery courage. your strong needs me, but not when it comes to holding your own in a clean, clear world broken only by flushed color in the cheeks of angry men.
in a place where hate has started to spring more freely than ever before, in a boxed up life that won't let either of us stop hearing our own echoes and those of liberally fantastic minds, say that you'll be with me when the fire breaks in.
say that i have committed no sin by being and burning faster than i can run towards the ocean, say that i have nothing to fear when the danger is here and at our door and ready to knock;
for me, once more.
there is no end to our thoughts.
there is no end to the readiness i feel towards starting a life with eyes screaming vain freedom and ears holding gentle whispers of "now, we aren't broken quite yet"
i am ready to love you and i am ready to be engulfed in whatever the waves are going to bring.
i am ready, and i am ready to fight for us and you and this country and my country and my county and myself and everyone who's ever held a baby and said,
"you're going to breathe flames one day,
and i can't wait to see it"
let's begin it.
let's do ****.
let's be,
Raylind Nov 2018
Locked in I was
and grey spatter I spit
under fear I crept
for satan's name, used so,
at my dawn and at my wake

my own voice, soft like flowers who tremble
under trees so steadfast

then upon not one, but many
a sunrise, my voice grew up to be wind
      ~my love out-loud in the living room
        prayers and fears to sentence my mouth not one more day

Freedom knew me
my pen knew what it wanted at 11
picking it up at 27
never so brilliantly
has ink bubbled
heart and pen align in love
Clear as day
Sharper than a knife
Thiner than hay
Fields of grey
Sun rays,
Righteous day

Painful truths
Unavoidable decay
Black and white dismay
Broken, make way Make way
Hiding in lies
Abiding in the times
Make way, make way

Starlight shines white
Tonight the truth is bright
Realists fight
Make way, make way
Poorly chosen, alright
Fight, fight for the light
Francie Lynch Nov 2018
Birds don't rain down from heart attacks,
Or aneurysms: we should be waist high
In hundreds of millions of feathered bodies.
Where are they?
Not like us, who fall in the strangest places:
Stop signs, ball games, synagogues, schools.
And we cover them, step around them,
Chalk mark floors and sidewalks,
And eventually pick up the pieces.
But we can't perch on live wires,
Or fly between wind vanes.
Where are the bodies.
Domestic or feral.
Look to the sociocat,
Though innocent,
It prowls by nature.
Marisol Quiroz Oct 2018
you cannot silence my voice,
erase who i am and stand to be.
i will not be pushed to nonexistence,
for my story is not written in pencil,
it is written in ink.

― and i will leave my mark on history
don't forget to register to vote and then actually go vote this novemeber
Alice Oct 2018
Please, may someone save my country?
Save it from the guy that says he would beat up any *** couple he saw kissing
Save it from the guy that says **** woman don't even deserve to be *****
Save it from the guy that says he approves torture
Save it from the guy that says his son would never date a black woman cause he was raised well
Save it from the guy that says people should be fuzilated
Save it from the guy that says he weakened and for that he had a female child
Save it from the guy that says parents should beat up their kids if they started "acting ***"
Save it from the guy that says it's okay to put rats inside of teen girls' vaginas as a way of punishment
Save it from the guy that says women should be paid less than men
Save it from the guy that says the mistake of the military regime was to torture instead of killing
Above all
Save it from all the people that voted for him
Save it from the 97.290.000 that voted for this man today
Save it, or else I don't what to do
Where to hide
Where to cry
Above all
Do not save this country
Just save those people
Those minds capable of agreeing with such terrible things
Save them
And you'll save my country
Save them all, worldwide
And you'll save this planet
Do it otherwise
And we're all dummed
Yeah, let me introduce you to someone worse than Trump. He almost became the president today. Let's only hope he loses the next round of the election.
Much more of a vent than a poem.
God, I can't believe my parents support this guy.
#EleNão #EleNunca
#NotHim #NeverHim

UPDATE: He won. He is the president now. I'm scared.
james m nordlund Aug 2018
While I don't suffer, or suffer from
Normal, eurocentrism, northern malaise,
Nor, academia, a blood disease,
I do mind manners in which doings
And not doings are done or aren't,
As it brings life and light to them,
Or it doesn't, for those most attached
To living or dying are most closely death.

This while acid rain from your closed eye
And an acre of rainforest falls each second.
Thus Earth's tears bleed for all you see is gray.
As machinations of travailing winds,
Miraging, veil, mirror narcissistic nihlistic
False-ego as self, do "..we(e),.." evince to be?
A republican chides, "put another poet
On the barbie", his idea of conservation.

Prump has had his exec. branch criminally:
Edit the official video and script of his
Helsinki news conference where tutin was asked,
"Did you help prump become president and did you
Have your gov't do the same", with tutin's answers,
"Yes I did, yes, I did..." + premeditatedly separate
Latino families at the border to torture them,
Dictate that "if they want to see their kids again
They have to sign away their rights and leave".

He just said, "don't believe what you hear, see",
Almost a quote from Orwell's '1984', in which
Is written, "this dictate of the gov't was most
Important of all, don't believe what your ears
Hear or your eyes see".  Since altright universe
Invaders were installed in the Blackhouse we've
Known things will only get worse, what other
Reason could his "military parade in 11-18" be for
Except military rule, will the American daymare end?
When's Mueller going to be done with his elaborate cover-up (he's purposely not using the REICO Statute that should be, and is necessitated), he's giving immunity to a dozen republican criminal conspiracy felons while only prosecuting, convicting, pleading out a few, before or after RumputiN's visible coup steals the midterms?  If you didn't vote for Hillary, you voted for RumputiN.  "...We(e),..." must protect the vote, vote early, GOTV, and protect the results more than ever, before the country gets used to being drunk on democracy's backslider's wine.  Also: All threads in the fabric of life are needed; "..we(e),...", can't allow it to be torn asunder.  Mothers are that which society builds on, their needs are all of ours; and necessary to meet.  "...Suffer the children...", from the Bible, didn't mean cause the kids suffering; when will remocrats, and even some dempublicans (dinos and DinoS), stop doing most everything asbackwards?   reality
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