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Daniel Cuzzo Dec 2020
Goodbye Army of criticism
making me feel worthless:
for being myself.

Goodbye all my dictators
for forcing me to tread cautiously
on the truth.

Goodbye thoughts that I have
to COMPRIMISE to live.

Goodbye family.
I live with you for now,

From now on,
when your truth
collides with mine
I’m done explaining,
when you’re just listening
to discredit
and reinforce narratives
that bring us all lower.

I’m mandating love from
and might as well start
within myself.

I’ll live as a collection
of cells, energy, wandering,
as long as it takes
to live, love, and be my truth.
No MORE volunteering
to dumb it down.

Goodbye all who cannot watch
leaves fall.  As mine do,
Goodbye, and signal my home.
Because this, officially,
is NO longer it.

I am a tenant.
I’ve said my penance
I’ve long since wanted
better than this
and even when I try
it’s not good enough so:
there’s no other answer
but to spend more time
with those who recognize
the worth of mine.

Genetics has finally
crossed that line.
At this point a test would barely
credit you for most of my DNA.
Continue believing
in weakness of the flesh.
Believe I’M the weakest.
The “reality shows”
are over.
I have no idea
the shape
of a Kardashian ****
disgusted that,
with all the “new age”
words “spell correct”
has dismembered:
re-spelled their last name
from my approximation.

Yet ANOTHER reason
we are not the same.
Not the same,
is not bad,
except when we walk over
everything that the other
holds strong,
and that’s why I’m done.

Grey Mar 2020
The same ones who hate me
tend to try and break me,
Curse and forsake me,
Then cry when they **** me.

Then they see,
That they actually need me

it's too late for that now,
Because I do not break and I certainly won't bow.
They have condemned me for now
But watch them as they come back around.....

For Help.
Hating what is provided and then loving it when it saves them. Weird how that works, right?
robin Apr 2020
and i ache just thinking about it
all those times i needed you and you walked right out the door.
all the soft and tender midnight words i dreamed you had whispered in my ears that were soon replaced with cold lifeless ones.

and i ache

i ache for all the times my heart skipped a beat just to get thrown down the stairs

i ache remembering all those nights that i would lie awake
right next to you.

to be touched
to be looked at
to be held
to be seen
to be felt
in all the throbbing places
inside of
just one little kiss
one kind word
a moment of softness
   some sort of mercy

and i ache. i shiver and shake

        i cry and wonder when i’ll get a break

i cry and wonder when i’ll get a break.
maXiminima Feb 2020
I am a lone boat,
nothing inside,
just an empty void,
keeping myself afloat.

Navigating around,
just waiting someone,
to welcome aboard,
and travel the world.

Years of rough sailing,
can't still find a thing,
the happiest feeling,
that I've been praying.

Waves of loneliness,
wanting me to swallow,
whirlpools of  promises,
pulling me to sorrow.

Poseidon's kingdom waiting,
to see my boat drowning,
wrecked on seafloor unloved,
sunk on trench unappreciated.
eli Sep 2019
if you read this you might find this funny,
texts about a self-proclaimed problematic girl
but isn’t she really one?

did u ever show her that you love her?
do you think she even felt it?
are you sure that you love her?
if yes, then why are you doing this to her?
do you think she deserve this?
words can ****.
and I think you are a murderer.
words cut deeper than a knife
Stxlle Aug 2019
you fall
your pieces shattered
because you are adored by all
but not to the one that mattered

you pick up your parts
scattered on the floor
a work of art
he never adored
This was inspired by Jenny Lind from The Greatest Showman
muteD Mar 2019
No one truly appreciates me
Or the stuff I do .
Everything is all about what I can do
You and you and you ,
I give and give and give
And everyone just takes .
They take until there’s nothing left ,
Until I’m nothing but left -
overs .
Until I’m nothing but a mere carcass ,
An empty shell of
What used to be
And what I used to be .
Someone who used to mean a lot to me said this to me. In that moment, I realized that no one truly gets me. This was said to me with to the intent of manipulating me into doing what that person wanted. As soon as I showed a little hesitation, they hit me where they knew it would hurt.
Rosely Medina Dec 2018
Perhaps someday you’ll come to realize that a dandelion holds just the same amount of beauty as a rose
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