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Pain or pleasure?
A poison picked,
A moment missed.

Until you're sick.

Every measure,
Enticed so quick.

Brick by brick.

Hugs of concrete.
I'm drunk
You're somewhere between a sneeze and an ******.
A breath of fresh air, and clear nostrils after you've been sick.
The sunrise, and it's set.
You are bright mornings, and the full moon blanketed by Venus, Mars, and all their siblings.
Somewhere linking here and there, I've found you.
Between love and hate, I keep you.
Did I leave, Or had you left?
I wonder how you remain and yet, never stayed.
Among my expectations and disappointments, I'm empty and full.
Full of imaginings, empty of chances.
Full of love, and grief,
Empty of myself.
Taken by time,
And her elegant thief.
This kinda ***** and says nothing,(?) but I also ******* like it so. W.e
Conceited beings,
So similar to the evil in your genius.
The right parts.
With the wrong reasons.
Sometimes they sound so much better in your head. There is a way for this to work better. One day... Haha.

update, made it a little bit better.. lol
Please hug me, and hold me tight, tell me everything we're in, has been all right.

Just love me, and say and I'm bright, when I speak, tell me I've awoken your night.

So touch me, and my shivering spine. I'll be your simple thing, and you'll be mine.
If our angels, are telling us to part? Then who are we, to say we're not? With these wings, that they have gave, we'll fly fly, fly away, won't come back again. Though if you say you're here to stay, I might just have to stay away. And if these palms still they shake, I might just have to stay that way.
I feel not like I've closed a chapter, but that I've ended the book. One that may have no sequel, one where a new book, entirely separate, is yet to know it's opening moment.
I avoid the ocean,
The waves may crush these bones-
I stay safe upon the shore.

Although I may have loved to swim,

At the beach,
My feet,

Remain in the snow.
I've bled them dry,
How fine how fine,

For once in their eyes,
They now hold no life.

Nor apple seed bloom,
Nor mannequin beheld.

Always too soon,
to be put on the shelf.
Oh how I, the black cat struts.
No now I, can not save this love.
Go I'll try, with absent luck.
Now goodbye, in a grave I dug.
Among the flowers where you were told to wait, and listen to the wind.
The sum of it's parts is always late, but what it brings,
A friend at timid pace,
A friend who knows the place,
A friend to tend the flowers,

You knew while you still wait.
Lurid pressure in perfect hiding,

Heat rises amidst quiet timing.

Covers conceal fingers,
And skin conceals-


Only from the blinded.

Flitting breath from lungs to neck,

Begging tongue,
And baiting breast.

Tentative flesh,
Upon tentative flesh,

What comes next?

Anything I want,

If this is,

Don't judge my #'s
I would like to submit,
What's your kink?
Dominate me,
If you want I'll bleed.
My heart will pump all the blood you need.
Take a sip,
Take a drink,
Take anything.
Passion as it waves.
Tidal breaking in and out.
Day time and it's long night.
I dread the coming drought.

If I don't speak while in tow,
If fish don't bite,
If I don't sink below,
If I don't see the blight.

Maybe in the morning,
There'd be light,
I'm drujnk
He hasn't felt the warmth of another's breath in too long. Many nights are spent with only his air painting clouds beneath his lips. Bathed in the cold dark, the cabin flinches by every ask of the wind, it's floorboards creek under pressuring steps, and yet his body only shivers from it's isolation. Untentative ripples, pure in their commitment to the fall of sensibility and control; never to have those windows repaned again. See now how the guests of wind tear at the neighboring cloth on his body. Colder colder, and ever more lonesome. Here he sits with no hammer, no nail, lamenting and moaning, expecting a ship in the woods to come and set sail with the morning.
I am the candle,
You are the flames,

I give you vision,
You give me strength.

You are the reason,
That I was made,

But if you get too close,
Then I'll melt away.
Older poem
Day old hate, all the pain that's locked away I can't help but not escape. Miserably I stay, with or without you.
One day I'll tear this ******* choker from my neck.
I can't believe I've ever thought it's ever brought me strength.
It's made a joke of every single breath.
Yet still it seems so clear to me,
That there's still some magic left.
ah so choppy. I need less scatter brain. Why do I keep editing it and ******* on it more? Hahaha. holy
Balcony perch,
Romeo's known role reversed,
Juliet below in harmonious search,
What's a name really worth?
We live in trees next to streets, of people we'll never be, always getting cold feet, instead of living life happily.
I remember so much so often. Only to forget.
It's no wonder what it's cost me, so far everything.
I wish that I could hold these thoughts within myself.
Until the end of time holding onto what could have saved us both.
You broke my soul and my spirit followed,
If you listen close you can hear it's hollowed.
I'm skin and bones in the devil's shadow.
I swear I'll drown I'll be dead in shallows.
even though he was the one who ended things
I was the one who chose not to be friends
because one day if he moved on it would crush me
I think that's why they say, all good things must end
I know I loved him more than my life
but is this life of mine worth giving
and now that he is gone and were not close
is this life that I have worth living
I made so many promises to him
we said forever and always when we dated
but now it seems there is no for ever
all these outcomes I hadn't even debated
but what do I do now that were done
do I try and live out my life
do I forget I ever loved you dearly
and let someone else become your wife?
A poem I found from someone who messaged me which reflected what I thought she was thinking .. :'c not my work.
Broken hearts heal like spinal cord repair,
You never walk the same way again.
If the sun is the crown of the earth,
Happily raising life,
From the comfort stillness of sleep,
Then I am a second born moon-
No heir to the throne.

I sneak by the day sky like jealousy,
To only move oceans as teardrops,
Aching for a dream.
Written July 9th, 2016. Read a
notebook of mine and fell in love with a few oldies.
What if I disappeared tonight? What If I quite simply died?
No more worries... And no more lies.. No more truth with nothing to hide.
Pain all fades, cares go away, and now I lie down to forever lay.
What were the words, you had fantasized in? What did you think, while your lips were on his? What did I do to deserve all of this? I fell in love, not off a bridge.

What can I do, that will help me forget? What type of things, can assist a forgive? Where do I go, after all this? Don't fall in love, just jump off a bridge.
To the friends we've lost to insecurity,
To the bodies buried in the cemetery,
Of company,
And their misery.
These anchors may prove more than your shores can bury.

The shipping lanes all close,
And a storm takes on the sea.
Flare guns fire only smoke,
We don't count on a morning's coming,
With cloud cover so thick,
When asked if the morning's close,
The answer is only ever,
Drinking on the phone is still the same as drinking all alone.
Put drinking in your poems,
People won't think you drink to sanitize your wounds.
People won't think you drink with no one else in the room.
I need more drinks.
I still catch myself thinking over you, and drinking over you. Can't stop this itch that is you... I need my fix oh please soon, So petrified I can't move..
These nowhere towns,
Mountain tops snow-capped long through march,
All else,
Enshrouded in brown.

Though people live here,
And seems they aren't broken down.

The paint peels from the motel,
The mother tends to her daze,
The attendant ponders the insects of the sill,
Tumbleweed the only things, un-willing of being still.

Life is good here,
In these hazy,
Nowhere towns.
Really hope I captured that picture I saw... I don't think I fully did but... It was almost there...
Confidence and independence, seems a lack luster sentence, it holds no meaning to me. Like glasses without lenses, I fail to see, how ever I could live a life successfully.
I hope you pronounce "Crisis" like "Cry-sees" I don't but that's the way It should be in this title ahaha... More... Comedy?
Why... Why, why, why, why, why... So many whys, with so few tries. Just sitting around waiting. Waiting not to die, but waiting on, a breath of life.
Where has my sun gone?
Stolen by the moon.
                       You were an eclipse.

I've never seen a cigarette,
Burn out so quick.
And even if when you stared at it, it damaged your eyes. It was worth it, wasn't it?.. Wasn't it?... It literally wasn't.
A wordless poem between our mouths,
A painting of breathtaking and gentle sounds.
The ethereal only you and I can feel,
And a storybook for everyone around.
As if something rough around the edges,
Can't still be ******* splendid.
You think just because it's perfect,
It'll have some happy ******* ending?
If there were a language for walls,

It would mumble,
Per broken jaws.
The sun would shine through fragmented holes,

A windows' lone goal?
To magnify heat,
Til' all was engulfed.

With confirmed dead inside,
None knock, as they've read inscribed:

"Family tree,

"Family business,
Buy one,
One comes free,
Fire wood sale."
I need to stop feeling things,
I don't know if I can,
It seems I've traced the outline,
Of a land mine.
If I stop,
I die.
It just hurts quite a lot inside.
A message from my balding scalp and dying follicles. Just acting out as testaments, of how I had tried too hard. Of how I had tried too hard to figure out all the wrong things. And how I had went all out with them, and then went all out, without. And so now, with all this done, I am all out of everything. Out of my mind, out of control, out.. Of you. Out of the love I was so sure would hold so true. The love I was so, so sure had held.. So, so true... So now complacency and naïveté has brought ME, Out of a body which was once a temple.. MY temple. My hiding place and holy sight. My prayers going forwards towards a brighter future, where everything worked out with the moonlight and with our cosmically charged super stars aligned, and it all worked out with such giggles and bright skies. Bright skies all to spite the moonlight for being a nighttime thing... And we were to be so sweetly enveloped; in figuring it all out, and everything.
I'll use the excuse,
I just like the pretty lights.
But if you're looking for truth,
I escape the day through the night.
I'm not over her,
Though painful,
Without it,


The foundation of my childhood home,
Became the foundation,
Of an inferno.
She is the firewood,
She is the flames,
She is fulminating,
Just as a name.

It horrifies me she will never feel the heat,
Nor see the lights,
As this will never scald her skin,
Nor scorch her eyes.
Edited July 2018... This poems really angry, My bad... aha.
How does one forgive, the thoughts she thinks while her lips were on his? How does one forget, the thoughts he thinks when he's been unable to sleep?
It's three am.
You want the arms of a man you've never met,
It only takes a bit,
Nibbles on the neck,
Only takes a little lip,
To get a little wet.
Beach day soon,
Summer comes as soon as you do.
Oh hello, guess this one was done. 2/22/19

Reference to an earlier poem I wrote. "Beach Day"
His abrasive lips,
her soft longing.
Together part an eclipse,
gently under awnings.
And they'll stay like this,
fire-lit til the morning.
Sharing whatever it is,
lovers do til the dawn ends.
Boy meets girl, girl smiles so sweetly.
Boy falls head over heels completely.
Damaged, from something imagined.
Story books,
With **** poor planning.
Fairy tales, had my heart dancing,
Since I was a boy.
But never has it happened,
The way I thought it would,
No joy.
Or there were, for some seconds.
But realistically,
There are no,
Happy endings.
Deep breath, forget, hate sets before bed, and lays a scar, on my arm, of everything that had went wrong. Don't worry, stay strong at long last the days gone. Safe now, in your head, hate sets before bed.
Have you forced it from your mind?
Have we torched it, you and I?

I guess we've grown from here,
With fire on our side.
I need to escape from the city I'm in, or maybe a break from this head full of sin.
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